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10 reasons why you should buy an iPhone

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I am the type of person who has to have the latest piece of technology, and I love to keep up with the latest mobile trends. This is one of the major reasons why I have 3 Phones. I’m using both Android and iPhone, however, when most of my friends ask what phone they should have, I usually recommend the iPhone. In fact, even if you ask someone to recommend a good smartphone for you, they will most likely recommend you to purchase an iPhone over an Android device. So now the main question is, what are the benefits of the iPhone over Android?

The majority of people use Android phones because of customization and also in terms of hardware, you’ve got so many different phones to pick from (Be it Samsung, Oneplus, Pixel, and so on).

If your following the tech trend on Youtube or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone vs. Android debate is quite heated. Android fans make some pretty snide remarks about iPhone users, and iPhone fans make some pretty snide remarks about Android users. Each side believes the other has made the wrong decision. Well, I’m not here for such arguments.

Putting aside the petty squabble, what are the advantages of iPhones over Android phones? There are numerous reasons why people prefer an Apple phone. Want to know why some people prefer to buy iPhones over Android phones? Continue reading to learn about some of the prominent reasons for choosing an Apple phone over one from a top Android manufacturer.

1. Security, Security, and Security

Any smartphone user’s primary concern should be mobile security. In recent years, phones have developed rapidly to store and share our most sensitive information. Whether they are used to manage our financial affairs, personal interactions, or business information, these devices contain valuable data that cybercriminals can exploit. To maintain safety, you’ll need to use a security-focused device.

Many users are unprepared for the dangers that come with using smartphones as a single point of contact for all of their critical data. While users bear a large portion of the responsibility for safe behavior, device and software developers bear an equal amount of responsibility for designing secure platforms.

Apple’s iOS operating system has long been regarded as the more secure Operating system. How so? The operating system used by Apple is a closed system. Apple does not make its source code available to developers, and iPhone owners are unable to modify the code on their devices. This makes it increasingly challenging for hackers to discover flaws in iPhone.

Android devices, on the other hand, are based on open-source code, which means that users can easily tweak their phone’s operating systems. Users who tweak too much risk compromising the security of their devices. Then there are the manufacturers tweak too. If an Android phone manufacturer releases a new device with a change to the Android operating system, there is a high chance vulnerability is created in that code and this will allow hackers to exploit it.

However, this isn’t the whole tale. While iOS is regarded to be more secure, hackers may still target iPhones. 

2. Value

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iPhones have a relatively high resale value. If you want to upgrade, an iPhone is fairly easy to resell than an Android phone. Though some Android devices retain their value very well, the cost of upgrading is less expensive for iPhone users.

If an iPhone user intends to keep his phone for a year or so before selling it to buy a new one, an iPhone appears to be a more manageable device. iPhones, particularly the latest catalog retain their value relatively well. So, if you prefer to buy an unlocked phone and then sell it when you want to buy a new one, an iPhone will appear to be quicker and more efficient than most Android phones.

3. iPhones are faster

I’ve been using both operating systems on a daily basis for years, I can say that the iPhone has far fewer glitches and hiccups when I’m multitasking or playing heavy games. With 6 GB of RAM in an Android Phone in 2021, even budget Android phones have passed that level but what is important is the chipset and its integration with the operating system.

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If you’re considering purchasing the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, keep in mind that the A15 Bionic chip inside outperforms any of the Top Android phones that are packed with flagship chipsets. Even though benchmarks don’t entail the full performance of a device, the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max outperformed the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with Exynos 2100 chip in it. The gap is narrower in terms of CPU clock speed, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max scored a higher GPU score than the Exynos 2100-powered Galaxy S21 Ultra.

4. iPhones are easy to recognize

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Most tech geeks can go on and on about the year’s most exciting phones. When they walk into an electronics store, they can choose their personal favorites from a variety of options. However, for those who do not keep up with the latest phone releases, most smartphones appear to be very identical. An iPhone is fairly simple to identify. Unquestionably, some people choose iPhones because they are the only recognizable devices among a wide variety of other options.

5. Easy to use

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Despite the fact that most phone manufacturers use the Android operating system, a lot of these companies fail to simplify their skins for easy use. And this is why iPhone continues to be the easiest to use to this day, all due to its simplified and minimalistic interface. Also, iOS’s appearance and feel have remained consistent over time. This has been one of the iPhone’s advantages over Android phones because it operates in the same manner as it did since its inception.

A lot of people have both Android and iPhone. And when you ask them about usability, they’ll always prefer iOS over Android. Perhaps it’s Apple’s user experience and design that is simple to use or maybe they enjoy how easy it is to get an iPhone up and running right away.

6. Software updates

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iPhone has a major advantage over any Android phone when it comes to software upgrades. If your iPhone is compatible, you can upgrade your iOS at any time. According to a recent estimate, approximately 80% of iOS devices were running iOS 14 – the most recent version of Apple’s operating system, while Android smartphones accounted for only 4.9 percent of all Android devices. According to the survey, the majority of Android users are still using outdated versions of the operating system.

Android is far behind iOS in terms of total software upgrades over the years, attempting to match iOS’ industry-leading five-year software update policy. While there are numerous and varied distinctions between iPhones and Android-powered smartphones, we can all likely agree that at the end of the day, it all simply comes down to how long your gadget has been officially supported with software updates.

No one Phone company can match Apple’s five-year software update policy. The standard on most Android is two years of upgrades. No Android manufacturer gives five years of support on its smartphones as of this writing, except Google.

Google is the only manufacturer that provides a five-year software upgrade as of this writing and the policy was introduced on the latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL phones. This software upgrade policy would not only match Apple’s offer but would also send a powerful signal throughout the Android ecosystem. Hopefully, the other Android makers will follow suit, despite the fact that this regulation is still unofficial.

Android manufacturers have always been obligated by Google to offer at least two years of software and security upgrades. However, Google’s Pixel phones come with a three-year warranty that covers both major Android updates and timely security patches.

Samsung announced in 2020 that all of its flagship phones, starting with the Galaxy S10 series, will receive three years of significant software upgrades. Later on, Samsung made the software update available to a variety of tablets, foldable phones, and Galaxy A series phones. Given how popular Samsung’s devices are, this is a noteworthy change that has impacted millions of consumers throughout the world.

7. iPhones work seamlessly with other Apple products

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If you’re planning to buy a new phone and already own Apple products such as a Mac or an iPad, it makes sense to consider an iPhone. You can use a wide range of third-party apps across your devices from various manufacturers. However, if you use an iPhone and a Mac, for example, you can take full advantage of features built into the operating systems by Apple to make things easy.

You might be surprised to learn how nicely iPhones interact with Macs if you haven’t used one yet. For example, you may use your MacBook to send and receive text messages, as well as receive and make phone calls, thanks to macOS’s Continuity function. You only need to keep your iPhone close by.

8. No bloatware

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One disadvantage of choosing an Android phone, even if you love Google’s platform and its apps and services, is that the carrier through which you purchase your phone will almost certainly add its own apps and bloatware. On an iPhone, this isn’t a problem because you can delete any unwanted Apple apps when you set up your new phone. Many of the apps installed by the carrier on Android phones cannot be uninstalled. When you have a brand-new phone, that doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, if you’re a year or two in and need more storage space, you’re not going to look kindly on those unwanted apps.

9. Support

Generally speaking, both iPhone and Android phones perform admirably and seldom fail. However, everything goes down every now and again, and how you receive help when that happens is crucial. If you’re having trouble with your Android phone, try searching internet forums or contacting your carrier. With the iPhone, however, you can access a wide collection of relevant assistance articles on Apple’s website, as well as seek guidance through live chat or make a genius bar reservation at your local Apple Store to get guidance from an Apple specialist. This type of direct interaction with clients is still unavailable from Google.

10. Apple Pay

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Apple Pay has many competitors, including Android Pay and Samsung Pay, but for the time being, Apple Pay is perhaps the most popular method for making mobile payments. It’s also extremely easy to use. 

Apple Pay is more secure than a traditional credit, debit, or prepaid card. For purchases on your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or iPad, you must use Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Your card number and identity are never shared with merchants, and your card numbers are never stored on your device or on Apple servers.

The risk of a stolen credit card number is reduced because a credit card is not required. Apple, on the other hand, does not utilize the credit card number to complete the transaction, instead of using a token called the “device account number,” which further reduces the risk of credit card information being stolen.

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