5 Best Home Gadgets For Your House 2022

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Giving your home a new technological outlook is a great way of making it smart. It will save time and reduce the stress of maintaining your home. If you are in search of the gadgets to achieve this, then you are on the right page.

There are more than a thousand of gadgets that can be gotten to improve your home smartness although we will only be looking at the five best home gadgets for your house in 2022.  

On our list are well integrated devices with great features that can be accessed and operated easily. Ranging from Samsung smart monitor M8 that has fascinating colours to the interactive fitness mirror that keeps you fit and make your indoor workouts great; you surely have a wide range of options to select from.

Without much chatter, let’s get down to the deal of the day

Best Home Gadgets In 2022

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

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This gadget is particularly essential to remote workers who worked from the comfort of their beds. The world is fast approaching digitalization and meetings are held through divergent online platforms. To avoid disruption during virtual meetings and events, then you need to get a device that can handle the job perfectly.

Without a doubt, the Samsung smart monitor M8 is the right device for the job and even better with the slim features that enhances portability. The smart TV can be compared to a PC and comes in various widths depending on your choice. We will recommend the 32 inches TV for home use.

Smart Monitor M8 also comes with amazing features like the slim-fit camera that can be easily utilized to get clear and beautiful video meetings. This is due to the inclusion of a strong UHD panel that automatically enhances the colors of images generated on the screen. Installation of video conference apps on the TV is quite easy as it supports all major conference apps including Google Duo.

Furthermore, Samsung smart monitor M8 connects wirelessly to any PC or laptop; that is, cable through the use of Wi-Fi. It can also connect to iPhones and IPads through its AirPlay 2 feature and supports both wireless mouse and keyboard for easy navigation.  

Overall, the monitor provides the best replacement for your large screen smart TVs and is a portable addition to your home office.

The only disadvantage of the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is the price as it costs over ₦700 000 to acquire. You can obtain it in major online retailers and Samsung Electronics outlets close to you.

Interactive Fitness Mirror

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The magic mirror as it is referred to by some users is truly a magic in the room. The mirror is a reflective surface which allows you to closely observe your fitness session as well as connect with several online trainers. Imagine having all your fitness classes without stepping out of your room.

The mirror comes with an app that let you take part in online fitness classes such as boot camp, yoga class, weight training, and so on. Each class is supervised by a coach that can be seen on your screen as he guides you through your daily workouts.

However, this feature is premium and you must subscribe to access it. Gaining access to the app will cost about $39 per month. The app also lets you enjoy some other features such as calorie monitoring; time spent for each workout, and can save your progress.

It is also advisable you have enough space in your room (at least 132.2 cm by 59.2cm) before proceeding to purchase this smart gadget.

 This gadget costs about ₦550 000.

Samsung Galaxy Projectors

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Trying to get a sound sleep after a hectic day might require a great deal of energy at times; but, what if you can get a bit of help from a soothing device? This is where the Samsung Galaxy Projectors step in.

These projectors come in different design with the best smart speaker and ambient light to serve you some of the most fascinating view to propel you to sleep. There are several lighting modes you can choose from and they support Bluetooth connection.

Because there are called projector does not mean they will require a screen to work, they need no additional screen to be used as they emit the light. They also rotate easily and come with a remote which gives you full control of the device.

Therefore, you should not miss the importance of getting a good night’s rest if you can get one of the Galaxy Projectors at a starting price of ₦10 000.

Smart Faucet (Water Tap)

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What about having an automated taps in your kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets? We take a great risk when we open our taps with dirty hands, wash our hands, and close the same tap with our hands. By so doing, we introduce the germs we have washed back to our hands.

The solution to this is to get a tap faucet that can be controlled with just sensors and we have the exact one for you. Smart faucets are the best taps around the globe with highly sophisticated technology. These taps like the Meons can be controlled by just waving, through your voice, on its apps, or manually.  

The voice assistant follows an instruction like “wash hands” which is quite amazing. In addition, you can set the water temperature from cold to hot or from hot to cold depending on your preferences.

You can get your Smart Faucet on major online retailers in Nigeria at a starting price of ₦20 000.

Robot Vacuum And Mop Cleaner

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Robot Vacuum and Mop cleaners are automated objects that clean your house in your absence and presence. These devices are quiet and effective and save you the stress of having to bend to get the job done. The robots save time and clean your room perfectly.  

All you have to do is set the vacuum and mop robot and let it do its job on the specified space.

These amazing automated devices can be gotten for as low as ₦10 000 on Konga and other major retailers.


Getting these gadgets will make your house smarter and makes it easier for you to gain control of your home. Moreover, there are some other smart gadgets you can get in addition to the one we have listed to further improve your home smartness.

We have also recommended some of the best websites to get each of these devices although almost all of them are available on all major online retailers and marketplaces in Nigeria such as Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Ubuy, OLX, and so.

Some of these websites also offer discounts, so, be sure to check the prices of these items on quite a few of them before purchasing them. 

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