5 Best Phones With Long Battery Life In 2022

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One of the most important features of any smartphone is its battery life. Before obtaining a device, you have to ensure its battery capacity suits your standards. Obviously, no one would desire to own a phone with a short battery life even if other features of a good smartphone are present in the phones.

The battery capacity of a phone will help in determining for how long you can carry out activities such as staying connected to social media, playing mobile games, watching movies, and so on. However, a hidden fact is that smartphones with long-lasting batteries can also come from a popular company.

If available, many users would prefer a smartphone that can last for at least two days without charging. Definitely, most smartphones would achieve this 48 power if not used for any complex operations, but what will be the essence of such a phone?

The good news is that there are now smartphones that can almost offer you this due to their incredible battery capacity and performance. These phones eliminate the need to move around with a power bank and are not bad in terms of other specifications.

This article will consider these phones and recommend the 5 best phones with long battery life in 2022.

Here is a quick glance through our top five picks:

  1. Samsung Galaxy M62
  2. Tecno Pova 3
  3. Infinix HOT 12 PLAY
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 11
  5. Samsung Galaxy F13

Samsung Galaxy M62

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This device is definitely the phone with the best phone capacity from Samsung and has a design that suits its description. It comes with a large 7000mAh battery that charges at 25W (fast charging). It has a record test score of 24:00 (24 hours, 00 minutes) on heavy usage due to the fast rate at which the phone discharges.

Nevertheless, the phone battery is one of the largest and most reliable on the market. Samsung really considered the difficult times such as irregularity of power supply that users are likely to pass through when loading its battery. 

The other features of the phone such as the camera configuration and screen display are not so bad although you cannot compare to that of the Galaxy S-series.

Below is a brief overview of the Samsung Galaxy M62

Test Score24:00
ProsGood design
Cheap and Affordable
Excellent user experience.
ConsUnstable performance
Slow Charging
Quick Discharge
Available PriceStarting price @ ₦115 000

Tecno Pova 3

image 3 - 5 Best Phones With Long Battery Life In 2022

Although this smartphone is yet to be announced in Nigeria, the incredible 7000mAh battery life makes it one of the large battery phones from Tecno. The phone has already amassed quite a wave on the internet due to its amazing battery life.

The smart device is packed with raw performance, an impressive design, and an extended warranty. You should certainly expect an all-day long performance from the battery and as a test score of 38:00 speak the same.

On light usage, the phone can easily last up to 48 hours and has the capacity to charge other smartphones. According to Tecno, the phone can stay on standby mode for 30 good days and give up to 64 hours of calling time.

Below is a brief overview of the Tecno Pova 3

Test Score36:00
ProsExcellent design
Extended warranty
ConsIt does not support the 5G network
It lacks some high-end features
Available PriceStarting price of ₦100 000

Infinix HOT 12 PLAY

image 4 1160x870 - 5 Best Phones With Long Battery Life In 2022

Infinix Hot 12 Play has one of the best battery features and can serve you all day long without ending up in low power. It has a whooping test score of about 24:00 which is not so bad for a 6000 maAh battery capacity.

It also has an amazing mobile performance and is a good choice for gamers with up to 8 hours of gaming backup. According to Infinix, the phone has a standby time of 60 days, 21 hours of calling, and up to 120 hours of music.

Below is a brief overview of the Infinix HOT 12 PLAY

Test ScoreAbout 24:00
Capacity6000 mAh
ProsExcellent Design
90Hz Refresh Rate
ConsSlow charging capacity
Available PriceAbout ₦80 000

Xiaomi Redmi 11

image 5 - 5 Best Phones With Long Battery Life In 2022

With a 5000 mAh battery capacity, the Xiaomi Redmi 11 can be used without charging for several hours. The phone comes with great internet features and a model that supports the 5G internet speed.

However, the 33W fast charging feature seems to be an exaggeration from the company as the device needed more than an hour to be fully charged. This greatly opposed the 45 minutes full charge claim by Xiaomi.

Nevertheless, a test of 16:11 places it on the top list of the best phones with long-lasting battery life to get in this year.

Below is a short overview of the Xiaomi Redmi 11

Test Score16:11
Excellent User Experience
ConsFast Discharge
Slow Charging Time
Available PriceStarting Price of ₦100 000

Samsung Galaxy F13

image 6 - 5 Best Phones With Long Battery Life In 2022

The battery life of a smartphone is definitely a great concern to mobile gamers; this was duly considered by Samsung before introducing the Samsung Galaxy F13. Like the company tagline the phone, it is showtime anytime.

The phone can run any mobile game regardless of the graphics and size of such a mobile game. In addition to this, it offers one of the best mobile and battery performances we found online. It lasted up to 48 hours on light usage and discharge at a quite normal rate.

If you are a gamer, then the new Samsung Galaxy F13 should be one of the devices you should obtain. We could not resist the need of including the phone because we know how frustrating it gets when your phone shuts down when gaming. 

Below is a brief overview of the Samsung Galaxy F13

Test Score18:00
Capacity6000 mAh
ProsExcellent Design
Good Mobile Performance
ConsAverage camera configuration
Available PriceAbout ₦80 000


How do you feel when your smartphone runs down within a short period? Frustrated and annoyed, right?

Sometimes, we go as far as changing the battery but still experience the same issue of short battery life. This is because the battery capacity is not always the determining factor but, the type of battery in the phone.

The phones will list have the longest battery life and best battery performance because a lot of factors have been put into consideration while manufacturing them. These factors are not necessarily priorities when other fancy smartphones are being manufactured.

Feel free to go through the list once again before deciding on the phone that best meets your needs. Do not forget to look at other features of the phones to ensure you are making the best decision.

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