5 Best rechargeable batteries you can buy in 2023

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With these amazing rechargeable batteries, you can reduce your environmental effect while also saving money on endless alkaline batteries. Buying rechargeable batteries is significantly more environmentally friendly than using disposable alkaline cells, therefore we have compiled a list of the 5 Best rechargeable batteries you can buy in 2023.

Panasonic, Duracell, and Amazon, among others, are industry leaders in this category, so we examined their top products and compared them to the competition.

Because of the shortcomings of the Xbox Series X and Series S controllers, gamers will understand how important and useful rechargeable batteries may be.

Eneloop Panasonic

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The Eneloop is a fantastic battery. According to Panasonic, after ten years of storage, the cells retain approximately 70% of their charge. It’s a reassuring statistic that means you won’t have to worry about keeping them alone in your kitchen drawers.

Each battery is handcrafted in Japan and subjected to stringent quality control testing. Furthermore, Eneloop batteries are all pre-charged with solar energy, adding to their environmental credentials.

The AAA Eneloop has a minimum capacity of 750mAh, whereas the AA has a capacity of 1900mAh.

Energizer Recharge Extreme

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The Energizer Recharge Extreme battery delivers on its promise of greater capacity than most other batteries on the market. The AA edition has a rechargeable capacity of 2300mAh, which outperforms the Panasonic Eneloop.

As a result, if you have a very demanding activity and require a bit extra energy life in a gadget, the Energizer Recharge Extreme battery may be ideal. However, we expect the Panasonic Eneloop to last a little longer, so keep in mind that this is a quick, rapid burst of charge in comparison. Energizer’s product is still a significantly longer-lasting choice than an alkaline battery, providing up to six times the use of a digital camera.

AmazonBasics Rechargeable

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If cost is an issue, AmazonBasic’s AA rechargeable batteries are the way to go. These batteries are pre-charged and ready to use right away. They don’t, however, carry a lot of liquid. During testing, we discovered that their average capacity was 1,800 mAh, which was far lower than their declared 2,000 mAh rating. As a result, these low-cost batteries will last less time than our top pick.

Duracell Rechargeable

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Duracell should offer some outstanding rechargeables, and while its cheaper 1300mAh Plus AA batteries don’t appear to be great value, they have a significant advantage in terms of charging speeds. When you plug them into Duracell’s 45-minute Hi-Speed charger, they’ll reach 85% capacity in three quarters of an hour. Choose the faster 15-minute charging, and you’ll reach 95% in the allotted time. Duracell’s 750mAh AAA batteries charge entirely in the same amount of time.

While both chargers are compatible with different brands of batteries, it’s best to stick with the ones they were built for, and Duracell sells both in convenient starter packs. If you’re willing to sacrifice charging speed for a little extra endurance, Duracell’s 2,500mAh batteries are strong, dependable performers that will still charge in the 45-minute charger in roughly 90 minutes. If you’re frequently caught short on AA batteries, these are the batteries for you.

HiQuick High Capacity 2800mAh Rechargeables

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A simple Amazon search may yield a bunch of smaller brands selling large-capacity 2800mAh batteries at rock-bottom costs, but these HiQuick batteries are the most dependable we’ve tested. Despite having a higher nominal capacity, they perform marginally worse than the AmazonBasics batteries in our test remote control car. However, when tested in a torch, a DAB radio, and an Xbox controller, they worked admirably over time.

They also withstand repeated discharge and recharge cycles, maintaining a constant voltage, and HiQuick claims that they may retain 80% of their charge after three years in storage.

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