5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone

shazam.0 - 5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone

What’s this song? Who sang this song? Or what’s the best song Identifier for Android & iPhone? These are some of the most commonly asked questions that we all have about listening to music that we don’t recognize or can’t remember. By reading this post, you’ll get to know the 5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone.

Whether you’re in a public place or club and you heard someone playing a new song, or you might get a song stuck in your head and you couldn’t remember the song’s name or the artist; whatever the situation, these apps can help you identify the songs you want to know easily.

Best Song Identifier apps available on both Android and iOS

The following are the best apps available for Android and iPhone users to identify songs around you. On the play store and app store, you can download them. For each song identifier app, I have included a download link.

#1 Shazam

Shazam is one of the world’s best and most popular music identification app. The app is user-friendly and can use a single tap to identify lots and lots of music. In addition, this popular song identification app can also play music and videos, display lyrics, recommend the latest music tracks, and so on.

Shazam offline mode - 5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone

Even if the app is not opened, Shazam can automatically listen to music and identify songs. It also saves songs that it has identified and the next time it hears it, even if it is offline, it will show the same result. This app is so popular that it even has a show called’ Beat the Shazam’ about this app. This tells us that not just another app, this app is a multi-tool for all music lovers and helps you with your music needs.


  • One-tap music identification
  • Play both music and videos
  • Connect and share with friends on social media
  • Auto-listen feature
  • Offline identification mode for saved songs

Download for Android | Download for iOS

#2 SoundHound

Soundhound is another popular app with many features. As a result, this app is still one of Shazam’s biggest competition. One of this app’s best features is its’ voice control ‘ feature. You can simply say’ Ok Hound’ and activate the app. Then, without touching your phone, you can ask it to find artists, tag music and others.

image 2 - 5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone

Unlike any other app, Soundhound allows you to actually sing any song or hum the tunes of songs you can’t remember. This also makes finding music much easier and faster.


  • Activating and controlling voice
  • Sing any song to identify them
  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Connect with Spotify

Download for Android | Download for iOS

#3 MusicID

For both Android and iOS, MusicID is another simple and easy-to-use song identification app. You can quickly identify nearby songs. There’s also a note feature to jot down the song or artist’s name, or when and where you’ve heard the song, etc. The app also shows original album art so that in their albums you can really see what the artists are creating.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Note feature for quick noting of song info
  • Original artist album arts

Download for Android | Download for iOS

#4 Musixmatch – Lyrics for music

Musixmatch is a popular app with the largest collection of song lyrics in the world that is mainly used to synchronize such lyrics with Youtube, Spotify, etc. Besides this, Musixmatch can be used to identify songs. This app listens to nearby songs and identifies it with lyrics, title, artist, etc. The app also has the ability to identify any song with a single line of lyrics in addition to this. The app also offers additional features such as a song’s lyrics translation, organizing identified songs in the Spotify playlist, etc.


  • Easy song identification
  • The largest collection of song lyrics
  • Synchronize Lyrics with apps like Spotify, Youtube, and many other music players.
  • Translate song lyrics into other languages in real-time

Download for Android | Download for iOS

#5 Genius

genius logo feature - 5 Best Song Identifier For Android & iPhone

This is another music player that comes with a lot of unique features. There are around 1.7 million songs with lyrics.


  • Sound wave feature. Once you press the sound wave button, the genius listens and identifies the song playing in your immediate surroundings and instantly detects and shows you the song’s name and lyrics in seconds.
  • Highlighted lyrics. Even if you don’t remember the song’s exact name, you can type any line you remember, genius will find it out for you and the lyrics will show you.
  • Annotations. You can see the annotations for that particular line when you tap the highlighted lyrics.

Download for Android | Download for iOS


These are so far the best and most used song identifier apps for android & iPhone we could analyze.

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