5 Productive Ways to Get Famous on TikTok Rapidly

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TikTok is one of the best video-sharing platforms you can come across online at the moment. With over 500 million users on the social media platform, it was ranked third among the most popular apps in the world falling behind YouTube and Facebook.  The popularity of the app has been on the increase in recent years due to the amazing in-app features that can be accessed on it.  

Today, a lot of people have utilized the platform to build popularity and have gotten famous by posting catchy and mind-blowing videos on the app. The most interesting thing is that many of these people are not celebrities but gathered massive followers through TikTok. Day after day, their followers grew from hundreds to thousands and into millions. As a result, famous TikTokerers could be acknowledged as celebrities on social media.

There is a misconception about the types of videos that can be posted on TikTok and this is not supposed to be. You should know that you can upload virtually any type of video on this platform to showcase your talents be it, singing, dancing, or cracking jokes. You can also make short videos that are capable of engaging people and upload them on the platform.

The platform is also a good way to earn revenue for your creativity although we are not going to this aspect today. Rather, we will be looking into 5 productive ways of getting famous on TikTok rapidly.

Why Does Everyone Have TikTok?

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Before we proceed into the main theme of this article, you might be wondering why it seems everyone now has TikTok installed on their smartphones. You should know that TikTok is just like every other social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on which allows people to have a good time watching thrilling videos uploaded by content creators.

The liberty given to content creators to express themselves on TikTok is better than that of most prominent social media platforms. Therefore, content creators find the platform to be more tolerating and the audience sees it as the best place to have fun at the moment.

Having clarified this, let’s move on to the deal of the day.

5 Productive Ways to Get Famous on TikTok Rapidly

Becoming a famous TikToker can be difficult or easy depending on the type of content you create; however, there are ways you can increase your chances of being known and earning money. We will look into five of these possible ways in the subsequent paragraphs.

Rationalise on the best niche for you  

You don’t just create a TikTok account and start posting every garbage video you have; it does not work that way. However, you need to also know that no idea is garbage but, if it does not work for you and you continue pushing it then it will become one in no time. 

For instance, if you cannot sing but, created a notion that you can and started posting videos of your songs then you might find it difficult to become a famous singer on TikTok. In fact, you will be known more as a comedian or comedienne rather than a singer. 

Visualize yourself in a field you can handle and make your audience know the kind of person you are. There are several things you can focus on such as marriage, sports, comedy, acrobatics, and so on. Do not limit yourself but, at the same time, go for content that works for you.

You Have To Be Consistent

Consistency is key in whatever we do in life and applies also, to managing a TikTok account. You have opened the account to post videos for the world to see therefore, you must be able to live up to the regularity of the process.

The competition on the platform is intense and viewers will appreciate better the person who can supply them with regularly amazing videos. If you run out of ideas for new videos, you can check on similar videos or jump on trends to remain consistent.

Connect Yourself To The Audience

Understanding what you are offering your audience and what they expect from you is another important way of getting famous on TikTok. The easiest method of achieving this is by studying your audience through their reactions, opinions, compliments, and remarks in the comments section of your videos. Once you make them (your audience) know that you are always responsive, they would feel closer to you and would be eager to view your content.

This will make it easier for them to share your content and more people will be able to appreciate them.  

Forming A Network With Other TikTokers

Another way to become famous on TikTok is by networking with other TikTokers, especially the popular ones. When you link up with them, you will be able to reach out to their followers and some of them might follow you back. This is a form of promotion and it might cost you some cash or any other benefit the other TikTokers might want in return for their service.

Create Contests and Giveaways

People are naturally attracted to freebies and prizes so; use them to your advantage. This method can help you generate a lot of followers on TikTok and can be set up easily. To begin, initiate a challenge on the platform for everyone and set the reward for the winner since your contents are open to all TikTok viewers, this will allow them to follow you and participate in your contest.

By so doing, you will get more exposure and viewers would like to learn more about you and your videos. Creating contests and giveaways is one of the best ways to gain more followers since a lot of people will be interested in the contest.


The methods stated above are five of the best ways you can become famous on TikTok although your content will play an important role too. If you have confidence in your content and think they are exciting enough, then you should not have a problem with utilizing our five tips.

If there is any other interesting way you have utilized or currently using to increase your popularity, we would not mind if you share it with us in the comment section.

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