7 Best English Learning Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

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Downloading English learning apps is an excellent way to help you learn English more rapidly if you are a beginner who aspires to speak English fluently. Students in some schools and institutions throughout the world are strongly encouraged to download educational applications such as these rather than social networking and gaming applications.

We are of the opinion that the English-learning app can provide students with a significant amount of additional information regarding the content that they have been taught in school. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you can continue reading to find out more about the top app on this list for learning English.

1. Duolingo

The popular mobile application Duolingo can teach users a variety of languages and is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. You can transform your iPhone into a language study lab with the help of Duolingo. With this app, you can learn the fundamentals of the English language.

If you want to get the most out of Duolingo and maximize its potential, one useful strategy is to construct sentences using the vocabulary terms as you learn them. Be sure to speak your new sentences aloud after creating them in the app so that you can hear how they sound.

While Duolingo is wonderful for expanding one’s vocabulary and learning the fundamentals of the English language, it does not have much to offer those who are already proficient in English.


2. Hello English

The next one is “Hello, English!” It is a well-known and free program that helps users learn English by providing them with access to 475 interesting videos and audio lessons, offline support, a 10,000-word dictionary, and teachers who can assist them. In addition to that, it makes use of various fun instructional approaches, such as headlines from the news, videos and audio clips, and even digital books. The Hello English app satisfies all of the English-learning needs of its users in an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and secure.


3. FluentU

People often refer to FluentU as “YouTube for language learners” due to the fact that it is the most popular English learning app for both Android and iPhone. Students are guaranteed to get the most out of the material thanks to the database of videos that come with English subtitles.  It is simple to choose from the many videos that can be quickly searched using a variety of phrases, themes, and categories, among other things.


4. AnkiApp

AnkiApp is a powerful study tool that enables you to construct flashcard decks that are unique to your needs and then utilize those decks to assist you in your studies.

Anki is compatible with all platforms, including your own computer as well as your Android phone, which is one of the things that sets it apart from some of the other apps that can be found in the App Store. You can also modify already existing decks or create your own, and you can even add photos and audio to each each card.

An additional beneficial feature of Anki is that it places you in charge of the content that you study; hence, it is suitable for students of English of all skill levels.

You can give it a shot by including some of the significant words, phrases, and grammar rules that you have been studying in a deck that you have constructed specifically for you. If you don’t feel like creating your own deck, you can always go to the AnkiWeb website and download shared decks for free if that’s what you like to do.


5. Busuu

Award after award has been bestowed upon Busuu for its excellence as an English language learning app. Busuu is the answer if you are looking for an English learning application that combines teaching with ease of use and entertainment. The emphasis is placed on English grammar and vocabulary. The most beneficial aspect of Bussu is that it does away with difficult timetabling. Students have the opportunity to receive immediate feedback on their abilities through the use of a short Grammar Review. Only qualified native English speakers are allowed to contribute to Busuu’s content creation process.


6. Xeropan

The next app on our list is called Xeropan, and it is one of the most useful applications for learning English that can be used online. This app is great because it can be used by a wide range of people who all have different degrees of English proficiency. This is one of the app’s most appealing aspects. In addition to that, it is an interactive app for learning English that takes the shape of a game and leads the user through the process of language study.


7. The British Council

Getting a firm grasp on grammar is a lot easier with the help of this one. The British Council features a wide selection of different types of lessons and games. There are a variety of lessons available, beginning with fundamental concepts such as imperatives, questions, the simple present, and gerunds and progressing all the way up to more complex topics such as modal verbs of obligation and necessity. After you have finished, go to the “test” tab to evaluate your performance and determine how far you have progressed.



As you can see, there are a lot of different approaches to studying English. It isn’t always required to commit words or phrases to memory, practice a lot of exercises, and make use of some of the interesting English learning apps that are available. You can choose any one of the options I’ve listed above if you’re searching for a wonderful method that will help you learn English in a way that is both effective and fun. Because every app has its own unique user interface and set of capabilities, we strongly recommend that you make use of the application that is ideally suited to meet your requirements.

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