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7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

There are a lot of things out there going by what’s right and what’s not when starting or running a blog. So today I’m going to discuss 7 blogging mistakes to avoid in 2022.

Bloggers especially the new ones make a lot of mistakes which makes hitting desired goals difficult in the long run. Some focus their efforts on the wrong places leaving the actual necessities.

Well, we’re all humans and on this blogging journey, no one said they won’t be mistakes.

So, in this article, we will consider blogging mistakes to avoid in 2022. This can also help you figure out where to spend more time and where not to.

Choosing a Bad Host

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Hosting your blog on a bad host can be likened to building your house on ice. A little heat and everything is gone.

I wish I knew this when I started out as my ignorance led me to lose the contents of a whole blog (13 articles). Need not to mention my traffic all gone no thanks to a cheap hosting company.

One thing about bad hosting companies is, they always come cheap. You pay little to start and you feel really good about it, then along the road, you could be made to start all over again.

Sometimes, it is not about losing your files, the site uptime can also be a problem. We would want our site to be up and accessible 100% of the time but that’s not possible. So the hosting companies promise at least 99.99% uptime which is fine.

Some bad hosting companies can leave your site offline for hours if not for days and the result is losing visitors even business.

Users don’t like sites that are difficult to access or not available for a long time.

Also, a bad host can add to your page load time. Page load time is a thing in today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google takes it very important in placing your site on SERP so, you should take this seriously too (much on page load time later).

If your hosting company makes use of slow servers, this automatically makes your site slow when accessing it. I’ve been there before and no amount of site optimization really made much difference as would a fast server.

Not having a Niche

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A lot goes into making an authority site in today’s blogosphere and all starts with having a niche. Not having a niche is one of the biggest blogging mistakes.

After using the internet for research purposes for a long time now, I have come to like niche blogs or websites, they always have a deeper content structure surrounding a topic and this is good for someone looking to learn about a particular subject.

So, if you’re about to create a new blog in 2022 you should not make the mistake of going for a general blog.

Ok now, let’s say you’re already having a blog and you have content cutting across niches, you can start by repurposing your blog contents. This can be done by letting go of some really off topics and building content around the existing ones.

And you know what, search engines like niche blogs too, they tend to rank niche blogs better on SERP.

Some advantages of having a Niche Blog

i) Targeted Audience: If you have content on different niches on your blog, it is not hard to understand why your blog visitors will have a varying interest.

A niche blog allows you to understand your audience to a larger extent since they are narrowed to a topic and this will pave way for better interaction.

It’ll also bring about a better user experience since users are likely to stay longer and take action on the site.

Obviously, not going for a niche blog is one of the biggest mistakes any blogger could make in 2022.

ii) It Allows Focus: There is more comfort in reading and writing about one topic than having to read and write about something different every time.

We’re all writing, we’re all trying to guide or share information. The more we’re good in a particular area, the more we’re able to give help to our readers who come to our blog to get solutions to their problems. Of course, that’s what all this is about.

The bottom line, niche blogs make our work easier in the long.

iii) Better Monetization Opportunities: After helping a certain audience for some time, they’ll come to trust you and always ready to act on your recommendation. Now, that’s where the money really is.

You could recommend a product (affiliate marketing) and send it to your e-mail list, write and sell your course with little effort and more returns compared to a blog with multiple niches.

Bad User Experience

Tips To Improve Page Load Time - 7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Have you ever found a site difficult to use? Yes, for me I have and this equals bad user experience.

A bad font type can make content difficult to read by some people. How about the page load time? How long must a user wait to access your content?

The theme, a lot of bloggers choose themes that are difficult to navigate by an average internet user.

Page load time is one of the biggest ranking factors for search engines. It’s even a more serious case in the e-commerce sphere.

Let’s see some figures:

– About 16% of customer satisfaction is lost when it takes more than 2 seconds for pages to load.

– More than 11% of the pageviews are lost.

-Almost 7% of purchase won’t go through.

Looking back at ourselves, how do we feel when we’re trying to check out a cart and the site takes too long to load than what we’re used to, sure we all feel frustrated and may give up.

Your user doesn’t have to go through all that to get information.

There are numerous themes available to users of different blogging platforms and we need to be careful with our choice.

First, make sure you choose a theme that’s easy to navigate and also has fonts bold enough to read.

Now, to the page load time. It also starts with the hosting company, choosing a cheap hosting company can make your site slow to access.

There are ways you can also optimize your site to be faster by installing a cache plugin and also using a light theme like GeneratePress and Astra.

Don’t make this blogging mistake in 2022 as user experience is on of the major factors for ranking on Google SERP.

Not Researching

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Newbies usually go about writing about what they feel their expected audience would be interested in and sometimes, that works sometimes it doesn’t. Even if it works for some time it can’t be in the long run.

Also, contents created without research would not bring the desired results.

Reasons for researching:

i) To know whether a targeted audience really searches for that.

ii) If the competition surrounding the keyword is what you can bear.

iii) To make sure the facts are right.

iv) Above all, to be able to produce quality content.

Standing alone

Nobody knows it all. Once in a while no matter how long we’ve been in a field we still come across something we are not quite familiar with.

In the blogging world learning continuously is very important and joining like minds is a great way to stay updated. When you join these discussions, you get to see really common mistakes and misconceptions that will build your experience.

It is necessary for you to read how it takes to be a good blogger. Time to read numerous forums, articles, newspapers, and websites. It introduces you to different styles of both writing and posting and can help you distinguish good and bad content. Reading also improves the thinking process as well. Above all, it gives you a deeper insight into the best of bloggers. You can find like minds on a lot of platforms on social media groups and forums.

Also, commenting on related blogs is at the core of many blogger projects. Comment on blogs that are related to your niche by solving a problem in the comment section but don’t spam else your comment won’t be approved. By commenting at least on 3 blogs in a day you are no just making your blog to be known but also you are getting a backlink and also it will carry you and your site to locations that you have never dreamed of.

Not getting an e-mail list

email list building - 7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

This is one of the most ignored aspects when starting a new blog but in the long run, it’s always regretful.

An e-mail list is a list of your blog’s visitors who have submitted their emails for future updates from your blog.

If you’re on WordPress there are several plugins to help you do this some are Sumo, Mailchimp, and OptinMonster.

I’ve read several on different authority blogs that “Money is on the list”. That’s true, I couldn’t agree more after trying it myself.

If you’re in a niche with several affiliate products then you’re in luck and if you’re about starting a blog, consider a niche with affiliate products and enjoy making money from the list you’ll build over time.

You can also drive a substantial amount of traffic to your blog each time you publish a new post as you can choose to notify people on your list.


content is king 1132259 960 720 2 - 7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

We find some bloggers focusing a lot on SEO while ignoring quality content. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do SEO but quality content should come first.

The whole essence of a search engine is for users to find what they want, what solves their problem not what we want them to see when they search.

So, you need a good understanding of the fundamental principles of writing quality content at least, before you can start thinking about SEO.

Read also => 6 Ways to Improve your Blog Ranking on Search Engines.

With the periodical ranking algorithm update, Google is trying so hard to make sure they make a system that puts quality first. So, it will be very good to avoid these blogging mistakes if you really want your content to rank well.

Choosing the wrong topic

Choosing a unique topic may seem like a great idea to begin with; uniqueness is essential, simply put. However, if you begin writing on a topic and realize that it is not backed by sufficient information or it is not directly related to your blog, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

This is why It is essential to do some research on the topic you are planning to write about, and it should be related to your blog. Let’s say your blog is tech-related, it is very advisable to do some research on the tech-related topic you are planning to write about and make sure that the topic is in demand by the audience you are targeting and you should have enough information that is needed by the audience.

Blogs that do not write on subjects important to their audiences are easily the most mistake I see in blogging.

Not publishing consistently

To be honest, it is not easy to be consistent with anything. It requires courage and dedication. However, when you set plans that you can easily follow then consistency will set in. Set goals on how you publish your posts and be consistent on it. You can choose to publish 3 times a week but If you are the type that wants fast results then you have to be publishing content regularly. The more you publish genuine content the more Google bots crawl your website and this will make your content to be indexed faster and ranked higher.

Not writing comprehensively

Write all your content to the fullest and make sure to explain all that is needed by the audience. If your content lack substance or it is not satisfactory, users easily bounce back and continue their search on other blogs on the SERP. Make sure all your content contains all the necessary information and very straight to the point.

Besides, research shows that longer content tends to have all the information that is needed by a user, and therefore tends to rank well. So, a well-written content of 750 is seen by search engines as more informative than 300 words content of the same topic.

Not updating contents

It is crucial to tweak older content that creates new traffic regularly. If you don’t update your content then your competitor will easily outrank you. That’s why revisiting older contents that perform well and updating them with new information is necessary in order to keep them ranked.

Make sure that you add new info to the content you are updating or remove info that is not needed.

Not linking to other contents

Linking content is a good SEO practice and it reduces bounce rate and increases page views. Let’s say a user visits your blog from a Google search and the user reads all the content but still not satisfied or has questions. Does your blog have content that is related to the questions or does it have other content related to the topic? Now, this is where linking content comes in handy. When you link to content that is related to one another, users can easily visit to check and broaden their research. Also, linking of related contents makes search engine crawlers easily understand the layout of your blog

If you dont have content related to a particular topic, you can easily link it to other related blogs you trust.


The truth is, it won’t get easier in the blogging world in 2022 with the constant updates and changes here and there, there will surely be a lot to learn.

With that said, blogging mistakes in 2022 is a choice as you have the option to improve or ignore them.

If you really want to get it right, you have no reason not to go ahead.

Fix what needs fixing and sit back and enjoy better results.

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