Alienware Teases an 18-Inch Gaming Laptop Ahead of CES 2023

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held next month. It will take place in Las Vegas from January 5th to January 8th. The upcoming tech expo is scheduled to feature a variety of companies presenting their products. Dell’s Alienware brand has begun teasing the debut of its upcoming product ahead of the event.

The key feature of Alienware’s next offering is confirmed in a short video teaser published on Twitter. The smartphone will have a big 18-inch display. It will be Alienware’s first 18-inch gaming laptop since a limited edition model with two GPUs, four hard drives, and an upgradeable CPU was introduced in 2015. The brand concentrated on 14-inch and 17-inch form factors.

The teaser video doesn’t reveal anything about the new 18-inch gaming laptop.  The product is shown in the video imprinting the number 18 on a field of grass. Aside from that, the device contains no information. More specifics will be teased by the brand in the run-up to the launch event.

Alienware’s upcoming offering is expected to include powerful and cutting-edge features. It might have a 4K display with a fast refresh rate. The machine will also have an improved cooling system and powerful internals. The laptop may include a variety of gaming-related features. Lastly, Alienware’s 18-inch gaming laptop is expected to be priced in the premium bracket.

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