mtn - All MTN Data Plans & Bundles, All Subscription Codes (2020).

All MTN Data Plans & Bundles, All Subscription Codes (2020).

They are one of the best network carriers in Nigeria and has the best data offers so far. MTN data plans are affordable to everyone – whether you are a heavy internet user like me 😉 or you are that user who only uses WhatsApp or Facebook Lite 😂😂😂.

1 mtn - All MTN Data Plans & Bundles, All Subscription Codes (2020).

MTN provides numerous data plans for different kinds of devices like android phones, blackberry, iPhones, laptops, and MTN Mifi. But recently, the number of plans has been cut down to only five, which makes it easier to choose. The weekends and night browsing plans have been stopped for now.

They provide daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plans just like any other network provider. Below is the list of current Data bundles offered by MTN. You can simply dial *131*1# to activate any of the data plans by following the on-screen instruction.


Daily Plans (24hrs) – Best for mobile browsing.

  • 20 MB for N50 – Text “114” to 131
  • 50 MB + 25 MB for N100 – Text “104” to 131
  • 150 MB + 75 MB for N200 – Text “113” to 131

Weekly Plans (7days) – Best for mobile browsing.

  • 150 MB for N300 – Text “102” to 131
  • 500 MB + 250 MB* for N500 – Text “103” to 131

 (*bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00 am.

Monthly Plans (30days) – Best for heavy browsing.

  • 1 GB + 500 MB* for N1,000 – Text “106” to 131
  • 1.5 GB for N1,200 – Text “130” to 131
  • 2.5 GB + 1 GB for N2,000 – Text “110” to 131
  • 5 GB for N3,000 – Text “107” to 131
  • 10 GB for N5,000 – Text “116” to 131
  • 22 GB for N10,000 – Text “117” to 131

(*bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am.

60/90 day MTN Data Plans – Best for schools or small company.

  • 50 GB for N20,000 – Text “118” to 131
  • 100 GB For N30,000 – Text “138” to 131
  • 120 GB for N50,000 – Text “133” to 131 => 90 day plan.
  • 150 GB for N75,000 – Text “134” to 131 => 90 day plan.

Other data plans

Youtube plans: It allows you to stream youtube videos and it is a time-based plan.

  • 1hr stream – N150 (Valid for 24hrs) – Text VP1 to 131
  • 3hr stream – N400 (Valid for 24hrs) – Text VP3 to 131
  • Youtube night pack – N50 (valid between 12am-5am) – Text VP5 to 131

To check for your streaming data balance simply dial *559*18#

Social plans: Allows you to use any of your favorite social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Wechat, Twitter, Instagram, and 2go.

  • Daily (N25) – Simply dial *131*3# and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • Weekly (N50) – Simply dial *131*3# and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • Monthly (N100) – Simply dial *131*3# and follow the on-screen instruction.


Via SMS => Text 2 to 131

USSD => Dial *131*4# for main data balance. Dial *559*63# for data bonus balance.


Simply text “opt-out” to 131.


To roll over your unused data balance, simply renew your bundle before the expiration date or grace period. You have 1,3 and 7 days grace periods for daily, weekly and monthly plans respectively.


By dialing *131*7# on your phone and selecting your favorite data bundle, you can easily gift data.

Note => You will not be charged and you will not be able to share gifted data.

MTN XtraByte

This is a service that offers you to borrow data when you run out of data or when you run out of cash. In other to use Xtrabyte, you must be an active user and have spent at least N200 monthly for 3months (The greater the airtime you spend monthly, the greater the XtraByte offer you get.).

How to activate:

Your balance must not be greater than N12 or else you will not be able to burrow! Dial *606# and select XtraByte or simply call 606 and follow the voice prompt.

To check for your XtraByte data balance, dial *606# and then click on ‘XtraTime Balance’

Note => You can only borrow a minimum of 20 MB to a max of 3.5 GB and MTN will charge a service fee of 15 percent.


This plan is only available to “MTN pulse” subscribers and it is of two packages, all valid from 12 am – 5 am.

  • 250 MB for N25 – Text “NT1” to 131.
  • 500MB for N50 – Text NT2 to 131.

To check data balance, dial *559*96#.

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