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All Top Features Of iOS 13 (Next-gen OS)

Check out the latest features of iOS 13 for iPhone. The latest iOS 13 is here to give you all the latest features without even upgrading to iPhone 11 😂.

iOS 13 Beta was first released on June 4th, during Worldwide developers conference (WWDC). The beta version is no more as the real iOS 13.0 is officially released to the public on 19th September.

After the release of iOS 13, Apple still went on updating the OS to iOS 13.1.1 (Released to the public on 27th September) of which bug fixes were done.

Which iPhones are supported?

OK, any predecessor of the iPhone 6 won’t use the new OS. Also, the upgrade is not available for iPad 6S and its predecessors.

Check them out=> iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPod touch (7th gen).

Is your iPhone device compatible? well if it is, you can install it and enjoy all the latest features 😎.

iOS 13 Major Features

The iOS 13 is a major update which comes with a significant improvement to the supported iPhone devices.

It has been a long time coming since its development was announced and now that it’s here, it’s worth the wait given what we’ve seen so far.

New features and improvement cut across almost all the tools in the device and if you’re yet to get the update, you should definitely do.

Let’s look at key features in this new OS 13.

Dark Mode

image 28 - All Top Features Of iOS 13 (Next-gen OS)
Source: Apple

It comes with a new dimension to the display called the Dark Mode.

The Dark Mode gives a beautiful new look designed to be eye-friendly as it best used indoors or with low-light environments.

You can turn it on or off in the Control Center simply by tapping the new button. The Dark Mode can also be scheduled to come on at night when the lighting is likely going to be dim.

There are wallpapers specifically designed for Dark Mode which gets activated when you switch to it.


The all-new photos tab and the auto-playing live photos and videos make reliving photo memories easy and wonderful.

It comes with a new interface with options to edit all aspect of the photo like the sharpness, shadows, vignette, brilliance, definition and noise reduction. Also, note that thees options have just been extended to video files for the first time.

Since it’s a new interface, it might take a while to get used to it. But compared to the previous interface, the new one is a lot simpler and easy to navigate. Sorting of photos and videos by days or weeks is also super simple here.


Apple added a little fun to its messaging experience that comes with the new OS.

It displays your name and profile picture which makes sharing your name and picture with other users easily. Also, the Memoji on the keyboard can be used as a profile picture if you want to.

Siri the artificial intelligence engine in iPhones came with various improvements. One of it is being able to read messages if you turn the feature on, even though this is not possible in third-party apps at the moment.

Apple Maps

It is a big change from what we’re used to, the new Apple Map looks more real to the eyes leaving a better mental picture.

Though still not fully rolled out for all locations it is sure to help better when more locations are added.

You can share your location through ETA. You know when you have to tell a friend, you’re on your way. He/She can actually monitor how far or how close you are if you allow that through ETA.

Find My

The new Find My app on Apple is the combination of the previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friend apps. This makes it easy to swipe between panels: Device and Freinds by a simple. It also comes with an improvement on the device part, the new improvement can locate offline devices.

Privacy & Security

image 26 - All Top Features Of iOS 13 (Next-gen OS)
Source: Apple

Apple is very serious when it comes to privacy protection. The new privacy feature on iOS 13 is that whenever an app requests for your location, you’ll be notified immediately and also theres a new feature that allows you to sign in with your Apple ID.

Apart from that, you can also hide your email address from apps you don’t trust or simply choose to have Apple create a unique email that forwards your messages to your real address.

Memoji Stickers

image 27 - All Top Features Of iOS 13 (Next-gen OS)
Source: Apple

You will find many more ways of personalizing your messages. And these stickers are amazing. You can automatically generate stickers base on your memoji character which can be used on messages and third-party apps.


image 29 - All Top Features Of iOS 13 (Next-gen OS)
Source: Apple

The QuickType keyboard of Apple with iOS 13 contains swipe-to-type, a common method to slide over a keyboard to form words. This has been used in previous iOS screen applications such as SwiftKey.

Other Notable Features in The New OS 13

The rate at which the app launches in the new Os 13 has to be one of the notable pieces, apps launch as twice as fast here.

The apps from the Apple store are 50% smaller taking away a lot of hassle when downloading new apps.

Siri can read messages from your notifications to your 2nd generation Airpods. Siri can also recognize a variety of voices from family members using Homepod.

Lots of performance upgrades with much more faster face ID unlock.

You also have a better experience controlling your device using the Siri speech recognition engine which works through an advanced machine learning technique.

These are the most notable features and improvement that came with the latest iOS 13.

You can tell your experience with this new iPhone OS using the comment section.

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