FIFA 21 box art Fans react to hideous cover starring Kylian Mbappe - All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21

All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21

As we all know, EA releases a new FIFA football simulation game every year. With more frequent details coming, we gathered all the info about the upcoming FIFA 21 including the features, price, release date, gameplay, trailer, and more.

To be frank, FIFA is the most popular football simulation game and there has been one FIFA title per year for the past 27years! This year, it is going to be available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the upcoming PS5 and Xbox series X next-gen consoles.

So check out what we know so far about it.

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The gameplay of FIFA 21 is on a new level! I’m sure this year’s FIFA won’t be criticized as not changing much as there are four new principal features of the gameplay: agile dribbling, creative runs, personality positioning, and natural collision system.

Agile dribbling

In FIFA 21, Agile Dribbling is a whole new way to maintain close control of the ball. Agile Dribbling aims to offer players the ability to shift the ball from side to side easily and break away from defenders. This feature is inspired by good dribblers, let’s say like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, or Mbappe – it would be much faster to perform agile dribbling with such players than with players that have poor dribbling skills.

Creative runs

FIFA 21 has provided more influence over the action of your attacking AI players. FIFA 21 has also provided different possibilities with Creative Runs to control how your AI teammates move off the ball, including more creative ways to break down the defense of your opponent. For example, you can decide where your teammate is running after a pass (pass that is triggered by a run) by clicking on the Right Stick immediately in the desired direction. This feature works for every pass type.

Another feature of this creative run is the Player Lock– when you press on L3 /LSB + R3/RSB at the same time, your current player with the ball will be locked and controlled by CPU AI while you get the chance to control and move your off-ball player and then ask for a pass. For further control, after utilizing the Player Lock mentioned above, flick the Right Stick any time to turn and lock to another player, taking control of your teammate’s movements all along the way. All these mechanics can be triggered in a very small amount of time. So, you have to be super fast at it and also train well.

Personality positioning

FIFA 21 has concentrated more on incorporating deeper AI Player Personality in both offensively and defensively positioning in order to demonstrate that the skill of the best players on the virtual field suits their real-life counterparts. As for attackers, a new Attacking Positioning attribute would be used in the total ranking of a player. So, expect players that position well in the real field to score more in the virtual field.

Natural collision

No more awkward collision in FIFA 21. The collision mechanics have been improved greatly.

Other fundamental mechanics

Header, tackling, blocking, passing, crossing, and defending have been improved. New and improved players’ interaction and skills.

Ultimate Team

86109 fifa 21 ultimate team trailer reveals eas newest money grab - All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21

For those who don’t know, the most popular mode on the FIFA game is the Ultimate Team.  Your goal is to build the ultimate team using players on the in-game market. Check out some of the features of the ultimate team that we can’t wait to see.

Co-op mode

In previous FIFA, you are able to play Friendlies with your friends in Ultimate Team. But here, you can also team up with your friends and compete with other players. This feature brings together 2 players to compete against other Squad and Rivals with one of their ready-made squads (unfortunately you can’t mix your players). WIN together and EARN together!

Customize your stadium

Ultimate Team allows players to choose some of the world’s stadiums as their home ground, so long as they pack or get one from the market. But this is different now, you can also customize your stadium and improve it.

Core Competitive Modes Improvements

Identifying the correct division for players through single-player gameplay is the main goal of this improvement. This alternate placement approach would contribute to a better overall online experience for those players who are not familiar with playing head-to-head.

Other improvements

  • 100 iconic players name have been added like Pelé, Zidane, Samuel Eto’o, Philip Lahm, Ronaldo, Cruyff, PETR ČECH,  Davor Suker, Xavi and so on
  • updated game menus and meaningful moments of players that reflect their pitch personalities.
  • Fitness and training items have been removed

Career mode

fifa21 feature career mode 16x9.png.adapt .crop16x9.1455w.0 - All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21

After lot of criticism from the community, FIFA 21 brings some exciting features that will excite users.

  • More control over your players’ development
  • An interactive match sim that allows you to jump into the simmed match and save your team.
  • MATCH SHARPNESS – this gives you more insight about your team and their capabilities of winning or losing a match. A new system of ACTIVE TRAINING improves match sharpness.
  • Improved transfer system – Loan to Buy is a new form of transfer that allows you to loan a player and you can decide to sign the player permanently when he lives up your expectations. Contract renewals are improved to the extend that AI-controlled clubs can choose to renew their player’s contracts.
  • New match launcher
  • An improved player feedback system
  • Established Youth Academy
  • Broadcast Improvements – more clubs’ anthem are included. Authentic home goal music – like the ones seen in Chelsea and Inter Milan.

You can Watch the official trailer video for all the features.

FIFA 21  Volta

fifa 21 voltav2 - All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21

The FIFA Volta is a  Five-a-side style competition that was introduced in FIFA 20. FIFA 21 Volta has been improved greatly.

  • Updated skills mode – FIFA has added new skills and also improved the existing once.
  • Shooting and defending mechanics are improved.
  • Volta squads – This is a new way to play Volta! In Volta squad, you can join and play community Drop-In matches, Squad Up with a group of friends, or Play Solo.
  • Unlock authentic kits.
  • 5 new locations have been added – São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Milan. 
  • The Debut featuring Kaká – a 3hr cinematic experience.
  • EA will be adding new gears frequently.

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Other things to consider


An improved lighting system in every part of the stadium creates more detail. Player bodies are re-imagined – next-gen technology actually takes the players’ faces, movements, and body physique to a whole new level of authenticity and realism.


One of the most amazing aspects of FIFA games is the stadium’s environment, and through the years, EA has done a fantastic job of portraying that very well. Anfield of Liverpool and the Parc des Princes of PSG have been confirmed to be featured in FIFA 21.

Player ratings

image 5 - All you need to know about the upcoming FIFA 21
Source: Fifplay


One thing I know for sure is that EA is trying hard on the upcoming FIFA 21 and therefore they’ll try as much as possible to make things more realistic.

The big question is will EA include VAR? 

VAR won’t be a part of FIFA 21 despite being deeply established in the structure of professional football around the world.

The more VAR is used in professional football, the more likely future FIFA titles will include it.

No doubt VAR will produce a more authentic sporting environment, but will fans of FIFA actually want that kind of time-consuming stress in a game?

FIFA 21 trailer

Checkout the officail FIFA 21 trailer

FIFA 21 platforms

When released, FIFA 21 would be available on all the regular platforms, as well as on the upcoming next-gen consoles and Google Stadia won’t be left behind this year.

This means it will be available on Microsoft WindowsNintendo SwitchPlayStation 4Xbox One, and Google stadia.

One important thing, EA claimed that FIFA 21 will be part of the Double Entitlement bonus. This means that PS4 and Xbox One users who purchase FIFA 21 will get a free upgrade to their respective next-gen consoles at a later date. The only downside is that if you purchase a disc copy for PS4, you won’t be able to make the upgrade on PS 5 Digital edition. So, this means that a digital copy of FIFA 21 is only upgradable for the digital edition of PS5 and a disc copy of FIFA 21 is only upgradable for a disc edition of PS 5.

FIFA 21 price and release date

FIFA 21 is arriving for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 9th October this year. The release date for Playstation 5 and Xbox series X is yet to be announced. You may have noticed that new FIFAs tend to be released in late September, and this years’ delay may be attributed to the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and maybe other factors we don’t know yet.

  • The standard edition of FIFA 21 costs $59.99.
  • FIFA 21 Champions Edition$79.99.
  • FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition – $99.99.

The FIFA 21 price in Nigeria starts from N27,000

You can Pre-order FIFA 21 and get it for cheaper price and early acees ahead of the official release date.

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