ios 16 feature - Apple iOS 16 Beta Version: Features To Test Out

Apple iOS 16 Beta Version: Features To Test Out

ios 16 1160x774 - Apple iOS 16 Beta Version: Features To Test Out

Apple released the first public beta version of its newest software update for iPhones after about a month when it unveiled iOS 16 at WWDC 2022. Users who wish to test out new iPhone features before anyone else can sign up for the public beta program and download iOS 16 from Apple’s website.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, which means it is not the final product and could possibly contain some bugs. In the event that you are interested in trying out some of the new features, the following list will walk you through some of the most important additions that iOS 16 has to offer:

An iMessage Can Now Be Unsent Or Edited After It Has Been Sent

Editing or canceling a sent iMessage is one of the new features that iOS 16 brings to the table. Apple will give users 15 minutes after a message is sent to either edit it or cancel it. In addition to this, users will also see the “edited” tag on a message that has had its previous version modified.

Brand-spanking-new Lock Screen

The appearance of the lock screen on an iPhone has, for a number of years now, been fairly conventional. This will no longer apply as the iOS 16 will introduce a plethora of personalization options as well as widgets that can be customized. Now that iOS 16 is available, the display on the iPhone will undoubtedly have a new appearance.

iPhone Users Now Have Access To A Fitness App

No Apple Watch? No issue since now you can keep track of the sacred ‘rings’ of Apple Watch on the iPhone. iOS 16 will deliver Apple Watch’s fitness app to iPhones to allow users to view estimated calories expended, step counter and access other features.

Lockdown Mode For iPhones

Apple will make it tougher for malwares to infest iPhones with the new Lockdown mode feature. Lockdown Mode gives an extreme, discretionary degree of protection to some individuals such as journalists, activists among others who may be individually targeted by digital attacks like NSO Groups’ Pegasus.

Lockdown Mode will make sure that most message attachment types other than photos are banned. Incoming invites and service requests, including FaceTime calls, are denied if the user has not already issued the initiator a call or request.

Continuity Camera: Use iPhone as a Webcam

With MacOS Ventura and iOS 16, customers will be able to utilize iPhone as a camera on Mac machines. This feature, dubbed Continuity Camera will make video conversations feel much better on the Mac.

Those are some of the features you should ensure you put to test if you applied as a beta tester for the iOS 16 and do well to note any bug you observe and also suggest possible improvements to the company while giving feedback.

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