Apple plans to use its own displays for iPhone and watch as early as 2024

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Apple has yet another method for minimizing dependency on 3rd party partners and suppliers. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to begin manufacturing its own displays for its iPhone and Watch in the near future. According to the source, the shift is anticipated to commence with the version of the Apple Watch Ultra that will be introduced in 2024.

iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch displays are currently sourced principally from third parties such as Samsung and LG.

According to different sources, the company plans to begin the update by first replacing the display included in the most expensive models of Apple Watch before the end of the next year. Apple also aims to add in-house microLED displays to other devices, including the iPhone.

The microLED displays will be the very first screens that Apple has designed and developed in-house from start to finish. The company presently obtains its screens from a variety of manufacturers. These manufacturers include Samsung and LG,  Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp., and BOE Technology Group Co.

The adjustments are a part of a larger initiative to switch from third-party to domestically produced parts, which will offer Apple more control over the design and performance of its devices. If you can remember, Apple has replaced the chips made by Intel Corporation found in its Mac computers with those of its own design and intends to do the same thing with the key wireless components found in its iPhones.

As per Bloomberg, Apple is already testing microLED displays for the Apple Watch, which will deliver brighter and more vibrant colors, in addition to enhanced viewing angles. According to Bloomberg, the displays “make content appear like it’s painted on top of the glass.” 

The company had initially planned to switch to microLED panels as soon as 2020, but there were a number of technological obstacles that needed to be overcome. Apple also planned to use microLED for larger displays; however, the company ultimately decided to prioritize the Apple Watch due to its lower production costs. Apple has invested a couple of billions of dollars into the development of display technology, and the transition is considered to be one of Apple’s “critical projects.”

Bloomberg issues a warning that the goal date of 2024 might perhaps be pushed back to 2025, or if there continue to be production difficulties, there may initially only be a limited supply of the new devices available for purchase. In 2023, Apple will release an updated version of the Apple Watch, but it won’t include many new features.

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