Apple Set To Inflate Prices Of The iPhone 14 Pro And Pro Max

iphone 14 feature 1160x653 - Apple Set To Inflate Prices Of The iPhone 14 Pro And Pro Max
iphone 14 1160x725 - Apple Set To Inflate Prices Of The iPhone 14 Pro And Pro Max

According to recent reports, Apple is planning to increase the price of its new products which implies that the upcoming the prices of the iPhone 14 series may be way higher than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 13 series. Digital analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that not all models of the iPhone brands would come with a bigger price tag, except for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Prior to this, it has been generally rumoured that the price of Apple’s next-generation products will be on the pricey side. Nevertheless, users expect higher specification qualities like the camera sensors and other on other parts in the expensive iPhone 14 products.

On the contrary, some other sources claimed that Apple might not increase the price of the iPhone 14 series, especially the entry-level models. This is because of the identical look they may have to the iPhone 13 series and the company does not know how the public will react to this if it is too pricey. It was further revealed that Apple might use the processor of the iPhone 13 in the iPhone 14. However, since the release of the iPhone 5C, Apple has never reused any processor in a new model. 

Should Apple Increase the Price of the Pro and Pro Max Models Of The iPhone 14 smartphone?

The price of the iPhone 13 is currently around $999 in the United States while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently at $1099. Given a hypothesis, if all the prices for the Pro models were to be increased by 10%, then the expected price of the iPhone 14 Pro could be up to $1199 in the American digital market. In European countries, the iPhone 14 Pro would be available for more than 1259 Euros while the iPhone 14 Pro Max would available for purchased at around 1400 Euros.

Therefore, the price of the iPhone 14 series would be mainly determined by the market prices of the iPhone 12 series. Yet, many users still expect the iPhone 14 to have a significant advantage over the iPhone 13 such as including a 1TB memory and improved camera quality.

The iPhone 14 series has been tipped to be released before the end of September considering Apple’s release pattern. Once they are available, users will be able to purchase them.

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