Apple’s VR Headset Could Include Gloves For Finger Gestures

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Apple files several patent claims, but not all of them will result in a commercially viable product. The majority of the time, businesses register for patents to protect innovations for the future, however, such technologies can eventually make it into the completed project. Apple continues to win patents relating to the use of gloves for skin-to-skin contact detection in augmented and virtual reality, which has been the subject of long-running rumors regarding the company’s AR Headset and AR Glasses.

Apple’s New Patent Tips AR Gloves That Could Work in conjunction with the Headset and Glasses for Certain Activities. According to Patently Apple, the VR gloves could enable users to perform tasks such as moving a cursor, scrolling, opening a document, making a selection, and more. When using the Apple Glasses, the activities may necessitate skin-to-skin contact. Furthermore, the camera or radio frequency-based technologies on the headset might be used to track a user’s finger movement.

image 21 - Apple’s VR Headset Could Include Gloves For Finger Gestures

The new patent also describes a system that detects skin-to-skin contact using two Apple Watch-like devices. According to the patent, one wearable will be designated for sensing while the other would be designated for gesture implementation. The patent also depicts a ring rather than a watch that might be used in conjunction with the VR Gloves for specific activities..

We should remember that it is up to Apple to decide when and if it will use the patents it has secured. The product does not have to see the light of day anytime soon. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted on the latest developments concerning Apple’s VR, so stay tuned.

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