Archero Concept Art 1 1815x1024 - Archero Mod Apk V3.11.4 (High damage, Unlimited Money)

Archero Mod Apk V3.11.4 (High damage, Unlimited Money)

Archero Mod Apk is an addictive action-adventure game in which players take part in resisting waves of monsters. This game actually has no compelling storyline, but you’re going to play as a lone Archer, and your primary objective is to defeat all the monsters on the map.

Archero’s main gameplay pattern entails clearing an area of enemies before heading on to the next level. Each area is unique, with various obstacles such as holes, walls, and spikes, as well as enemies attacking in different styles. You can move by tapping on the screen while standing still causes your character to attack the nearest opponent. You may also move a small distance to reposition your aim at the nearest enemy, as you might want to target an enemy and continue aiming at it as it moves further away from you, even though another enemy approaches.

You’re going to have to struggle to survive till the next stage or else you are going to start afresh.

Description Of Archero

archero mod damagegod mode moddroid 1 - Archero Mod Apk V3.11.4 (High damage, Unlimited Money)

In Archero, you are the only TOP Archer in your kingdom and you have no choice other than to resist the countless waves of evils till your last bow. Your strategic gameplay and powerups are the only things that will help you in the oncoming waves of monsters/devils. They’re endless, so they’re not going to stop until they kill you. Therefore, you will continue to fight with them and prevent that from happening, or else you’re going to start the level afresh!

This game is a survival arcade game that focuses solely on player interaction. Since there isn’t a boring moment in Archero, its gameplay concepts will keep you engaged 100% of the time to the best of your ability. Player interaction is the most important tool for creating a positive environment, and everything here is clearly geared toward your ability and finger coordination.

Archero appears to be a simple action arcade at the first level, but this is not the case. Just like I mentioned earlier, you’ll guide a single archer as he progresses through the levels, battling endless enemies. Since you can only shoot while you are standing, a player would need to establish a nice mix between moving and firing pretty quickly. Moving too fast to avoid enemy fire would allow them to spread, while standing and shooting is a sure way to get shot.

You have no choice other than to surviving

tai archero mod android - Archero Mod Apk V3.11.4 (High damage, Unlimited Money)

At first, you’re going to find things incredibly easy.  However, as you advance new stages, new creatures with increasingly strong powers will begin to appear in huge numbers, enough to intimidate any average gamer.

But you have no option other that to fight them and kill them all.

You need to conquer these groups of different evils at each level. They can pop up from anywhere. So be vigilant!

As you advance on the map, there are a lot of pitfalls and barriers.

One more thing, As you advance through each level, you’ll have to fight more and more irritating monsters that are stronger, as well as strong enemy bosses that aren’t likely to be taken down easily.

Great game, great controls

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The controls are super easy, as you control the player by simply tapping on the screen and move to effect the character’s movement.

One thing you need to remember before playing this game is that you can not strike while moving. This makes the game a little bit tougher, but one thing that makes the control easy is that the arrows are fully automatic and precise.

Upgrade your Archer

Like most games, you start from the bottom with almost no skills or powerups but with time, you develop and upgrade your player with the items/skills collected during gameplay or you can buy them with your real money. But in this Mod, you don’t need that as your player comes with unlimited money and gems.

Additionally, the game creators are continually expanding players’ toolkits by introducing new characters, such as archers, to choose from. Some are pre-installed, while others must be purchased using in-game currency. Also, each character has their own special abilities, such as double arrows, increased damage, and so on.

As for the weapons, you can upgrade them with the money you get from each monster you kill or each level you completed. But that’s a waste of time as our MOD comes with high damage and you can increase the damage rate or range of each weapon. With that, you can easily complete each level regardless of the number of monsters you find.

Several chapters

In Archero, there are multiple chapters to finish as well as several unique events. Each of these chapters is organized into 50 levels with grid-based layouts: you’ll confront a difficult final boss after surviving 9 levels by defeating all of the foes on each level. And, to top it off, after you reach the 50th level, you’ll face a special boss.

The Graphics is not bad

Archero guide featured - Archero Mod Apk V3.11.4 (High damage, Unlimited Money)

The graphics are very colorful and cartoon-like and this makes it friendly for all ages.

Each stage consists of different monsters and each of the maps is also distinctive. This is to tell you how fairly good the graphics are.

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Features of Archero

  • Activate Special abilities to help you advance through these monsters.
  • Discover the amazing realms and hundreds of maps.
  • Thousands of creatures never seen before and mind-boggling challenges to overcome
  • Level up and equip yourself with strong weapons.

Download Archero Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:120 MB
Android Version5.0 +
Updated Date:15th June 2022

You can easily download Archero Mod Apk unlimited money and gems from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the original Archero game from Google Play Store Download Now!

Archero Mod Apk Info

Archero Mod Apk unlimited Gems comes with:

  • Unlimited money and gems.
  • All Characters unlocked.
  • All Weapons are unlocked.
  • god mode.
  • Speed
  • High damage

Is Archero worth playing?

Archero Mod Apk is a unique twist on the action arcade genre. In this game, players take on the role of a lone archer and fight their way through many rounds, dodging enemy fire and dispatching them with a variety of ranged weapons while avoiding being trapped or overpowered.

This game is an action survival arcade game that focuses solely on player participation. Because there isn’t a dull moment in Archero, its gameplay aspects will keep you engaged 100% of the time to the best of your ability. Player participation is the most important instrument for creating a positive atmosphere, and everything here is clearly geared toward your talent and thumb-eye coordination.

The ability to customize your hero is one of Archero’s fun parts: when you first start playing, you’ll have no special powers, but as you level up and collect enough coins, you’ll be able to choose one of three random skills. There are numerous skills to learn, and you’ll uncover new ones as you move through the chapters. Although you lose these abilities when you are defeated, this Habby’s game allows you to enhance other aspects of your character indefinitely, as well as gear your character with other equipment that you can level up.


I’ve been playing this game for about a week now, and all I have to say is that It is addictive and I love it as it kills this lockdown boredom.

Another interesting thing is that each stage is constantly changing up so it won’t be repetitive.

So the bottom line is that Archero Mod Apk is a nice dungeon crawler game with easy controls, good graphics, and loads of fun.

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