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Basketrio Mod Apk V2.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Download Basketrio Mod Apk and enjoy street basketball matches featuring teams of trendy and exciting characters. Basketrio is a next-generation mobile basketball game based on motion capture technology that tests both your abilities and creativity. You can customize your player with exclusive shoes, outfits and personalize player movements.

Basketrio is a skill-centric with real-time 3v3 play, it is now left for you to master your players’ skills and take them to the streets around different parts of the world for competition.

Description of Basketrio

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Basketrio is a brand new game developed by All9Fun, a successful game development studio based in Hong Kong. Although most of their games have seen success in China and not internationally, however, Basketrio is intended to launch internationally, thereby making it a huge milestone for the studio.

To be honest, this is profoundly awesome to see the developers make such an amazing game with the intention to release it internationally.  

The developers’ aim is to offer an easy to play game that allows you to compete in 3 half-court basketball matches that are played at an intense pace, hence making it difficult to master easily. The game is skill-centric and each game will last for 3 minutes.


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Basketrio is all about a street basketball game featuring squads of cool and diverse players.  Each player you unlock will have its own unique stats that are helpful for actions like dribbling, passing, shooting, blocking, etc. You can upgrade your players’ skills as you wish. In addition, you can also unlock special moves.

There will be a variety of different players who will be able to sign up for your squad. When determining who joins the team, each will have their own attributes, skills, and abilities to evaluate. You will be able to train them to better fit your game style once you signed them.  

The game also has a Drive-Assist feature that aims to allow you to make your own combos. Also, a number of stunts are available to provide your players with stylish animations when you dunk, pass,dribble or shoot.

Customization is obviously the major Basketrio feature with a multitude of outfits and accessories to decorate your players’. Customization varies from standard streetwear to stylish apparel. As this is a large part of the game, you should also expect more clothes and accessories to be added over time.

Each character in the game will be able to equip each other with a series of abilities that can be combined, up to a maximum of 4 sets of 10 abilities each. It goes without saying that if they can’t keep up with your ability, some of these moves look absolutely awesome and will encourage you to style your opponents. Moreover, your characters will earn street cred as you execute stylish tricks and win matches, which will apparently play an important role later on.

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Learn different tricks and combos

youtube screenshot basketriogameplaywalkthroughandroidiospart1 1024x576 - Basketrio Mod Apk V2.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Basketrio, is not only about customization, tricks, and dazzling animations; there are combos that you will need to master in order to win against the strongest teams. In order to execute them in the middle of the match with the toughest team, you need to tab on different button sequences that will produce a combo.

Therefore, you have to learn and master these combos. Fortunately, in order to see how their skills work and to practice their combos, the game has a free training mode.

Features of Basketrio

  • Competitive street matches
  • Appealing music and sounds
  • Clean and realistic graphics
  • Full player customization
  • Training mode
  • Flashy Moves and Emotes
  • Ability to improve players’ attributes and skills

Download Basketrio Mod Apk

Mod Apk size1 GB
Android Version5.0+
Updated Date:7th May 2021

You can easily download Basketrio Mod Apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Download the original Basketrio game from HERE.

Basketrio Mod Apk Mod info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Money


Basketrio is a street basketball game from the developer Cube Magic Limited (All9Fun) and it is currently available in selected regions. It is a new game that was released last week, so its limited availability is understandable. Basketrio features a variety of colorful characters in diverse outfits instead of the normal basketball sports outfit, but that’s probably all part of the game since it is street basketball. Download Basketrio Mod Apk and enjoy Unlimited Game Resources.

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