The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

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When money is limited, having some free cloud storage is a welcome relief.
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We are recording more of our daily lives than at any other moment in history now that most of us have incredibly high-quality cameras on our phones.

Saving all of those images and videos for future generations takes up a lot of computer memory. This is where cloud storage is useful.

We’ll look at where you can get free cloud storage and how much storage you can get without spending any money in this article.

When you capture pictures and videos with your phone, the images and videos are stored as data. People often gather so much data that their phones, and even their home computers or laptops, run out of memory.

You can upload the data to a third party, who will then host it in the cloud, using cloud storage.

The “cloud” is essentially a collection of data centers spread around the globe. Those data centers have the capacity to store considerably more data than anyone could imagine storing locally.

What is Cloud Storage and How Does It Work?

Welcome to the world of access from anywhere, at any time. You can keep your data safe on a faraway physical server with cloud storage. It eliminates the need to carry a storage device, makes sharing and transferring simple, and eliminates the requirement to purchase your own storage device.

What are the benefits of cloud storage?

Cloud-based storage, It has several distinct advantages versus offline storage.

  1. You’ve improved your security and control.
  2. In the event that your device is broken or lost, the risks of losing your data are reduced.
  3. Collaboration and sharing are simple.
  4. When your storage needs to be upgraded due to the increased growth of your files, it’s very very simple to scale up.
  5. Anytime, everywhere you can access your files from numerous devices.

Is it necessary to pay for cloud storage?

Not really necessary to pay for cloud storage nowadays, but it is up to you to decide. Meanwhile,  For personal use, there are a plethora of free possibilities. You can obtain up to 200 GB of free storage quite quickly. If you require more storage, all cloud providers will provide you with the option to upgrade at a very low rate.

If you need corporate storage, however, you should choose a subscription solution with greater protection and additional access and permission tiers. The premium plans come with more advanced features.

In 2022, below is a list of the top free cloud storage solutions.

These days, there are a plethora of free internet storage solutions. These cloud storage services are simple to use, and you can get up to 200 GB of free storage. We’ve assembled a list of the best free cloud storage services after conducting extensive research.


MEGA Link Downloader download MEGA files at maximum speed - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Mega is a well-known cloud storage provider that gives a generous amount of storage for free. It has been giving away 20GB of data for free since June 2021, with the option to win more when you complete some of their milestone or refer your friends and family

Mega claims that free plan customers receive the same fast transfer speeds as premium subscribers, with no performance limiting, which is wonderful to know.

This cloud storage process is also transparent in that Mega makes the sync client’s source code public so that security experts can examine it and assure that the program is free of bugs.

End-to-end encryption is available for your files, with user-friendly apps for your Android, Windows, Linux, Ios, Mac, and Linux. The mobile apps also include voice and video chat facilities, along with messaging, which is also encrypted.

Google Drive

asset drive icon512 - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

It would be insane not to include Google Drive in a list of the best free online cloud storage options. Because of its easy connection with Google Docs and a substantial 15GB storage limit for free users. Google Drive is one of the finest free cloud storage alternatives.

If you have a Google account, you don’t need to do anything because Google Drive storage is included by default. This storage applies to Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google applications, including Google Photos, our favorite online photo backup. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s something to think about if you already have a lot of photos on Google’s servers. This makes it the greatest free photo cloud storage.

It also serves as a repository for any documents created with Google Docs, Google’s sophisticated collaboration software. All of the Google Docs products and features are available for free.

There are certain privacy concerns that may be off-putting and explain why it lacks MEGA in our ranking. Google has been known to analyze your files without your permission and cancel your account if they don’t like what they find. If your primary concern is privacy, bear this in mind, especially because Google Drive does not support file encryption.

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15b - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Dropbox is the king of cloud storage, and its syncing capabilities make it the best cloud storage for synchronization. It’s the company that made cloud storage appear feasible when it first started in 2007, and while it isn’t the finest cloud drive available today, it’s still worthy of a spot in our list.

Even though Dropbox provides a free account, you only receive 2GB of free storage, which is nothing near MEGA’s allowance, and it won’t be enough to store your whole photo or video collection.

Its capabilities are also rather simple, although it does allow you to publicly share your files. 

On the free plan, there’s not much else you can do, but Dropbox serves as a straightforward file storage solution. It works, which is excellent, but don’t expect anything special.

Amazon Drive

amazon drive nube total d - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Amazon has a clear advantage over some of the smaller businesses due to the huge computing capabilities at its disposal. It can provide affordable storage, which is exactly what Amazon Drive does.

However, don’t anticipate exceptional quality just because of the brand. Although Amazon is a multibillion-dollar corporation, Amazon Drive is a middle-of-the-road offering. it’s quite simple and lacking in features.

There’s no encryption for your files, so expect Amazon to have complete control over your privacy. If this is a concern, you can improve your privacy by encrypting your Amazon Drive files using a service like Boxcryptor.

Photo storage is unlimited. Although it isn’t the greatest online photo storage, it made our list. You can construct a shared “family vault” to combine and store family albums in the cloud, in addition to having limitless photo storage.

The best part about Amazon Drive is that it’s free for anyone who has Amazon Prime, Amazon’s all-in-one membership service that includes free shipping, TV, and more. Amazon Prime members receive 5GB of file storage as well as unlimited photo storage.


1 Degoo is a Dirt Cheap Cloud Storage Solution with a Focus on Encryption - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Degoo may not be a huge star, and it was only founded in 2019, but the Swedish company has made a significant effect on the cloud storage industry in a relatively short period of time.

So, what made it so appealing that it swiftly gathered a massive user base and was ranked in our best free cloud storage rankings? The headline storage size is a key attraction, as you get 100GB for free, which is a lot of space when compared to competitors.

Degoo also has 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption to keep your files safe, as well as two-factor verification using your Google account. It also has some cool features for uploading and saving images, such as AI algorithms that help you find your finest photos.


5x5KLFF5nNJ6zx3FuUan6G 1200 80 - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

MediaFire is the greatest cloud storage solution for users when it comes to a maximum uploading limit of 4 GB and easy management of files and media files. Your need is for a platform that can make things easier for you, and Mediafire fits the bill with a variety of capabilities that can handle all of your file needs. Over 150 million individuals use their services to share, collaborate, save, and access important data at any time.

MediaFire gives you 10GB of free storage to begin with, which you can boost fivefold by doing things like introducing friends or following the company on social media. You’ll get 50GB of free cloud storage in the end, but you’ll have to put up with advertisements.

The service has been around for a long time, so it’s had plenty of time to iron out certain bugs, such as file management speed and ease of use, though its security is still lacking in comparison to the competition.

MediaFire allows you to upload and download files up to 4GB in size. Apart from the stunning web version, the service is available for Android and iOS users via well-designed apps that include useful features like automatic photo and video syncing and streaming choices.

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One Drive

onedrive portada - The Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2022

We’ve already discussed Google Drive, and Microsoft’s cloud storage option is very similar, combining online storage with Microsoft’s ever-popular Office and Outlook services.

Users on the free plan get 5GB of storage. This storage can be accessed using Microsoft’s mobile and desktop apps, as well as through a direct connection with Office apps. You can, for example, save Word documents directly to your OneDrive storage.

Because of this level of integration, OneDrive’s made it onto our list of the best cloud storage for collaboration.

OneDrive used to have a security issue, but Microsoft now provides AES 256-bit encryption for files. Microsoft’s track record in this area is shaky, especially in light of its alleged involvement in the PRISM program.


Because the goal is to obtain the top free cloud storage, it is critical to comprehend the aspects that distinguish the best cloud storage. Many cloud storage providers offer not just free online storage but also a variety of additional services. There are several cloud storage options available on the market that not only offer the best user experience and incredible features but also allow customers to take advantage of free services after signing up. However, the other cloud storage services mentioned above are also worth joining up for because they all provide unique features and free storage.

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