netflix alternatives - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

The best Netflix alternatives are all good and will definitely serve all the movies you need just like Netflix. Some of which are free.

Netflix is the world-leading online streaming site, there is no doubt about that as they serve over 130 million members around 190 countries.

Netflix is the best but not the only site that offers subscription-based streaming services, there are lots of websites that also offer streaming services (some of which are free) similar to Netflix and have a lower price label. Today I am going to List my best compilation of Netflix alternatives:



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Amazon Prime Video is one of the top streaming sites (Top Netflix alternative). Also available in over 100 countries around the globe.

The number of collections offered by Amazon Prime Video may not be as good as that of Netflix’s collections but it is, however, sufficient to satisfy its users. Besides streaming movies and television shows, Amazon also offers some in-house shows that can’t be found anywhere else.

Prime Video subscription gives customers an advantage over Amazon’s e-commerce store with lots of discounts and free delivery options.

Price: $8.99/month $5.99/month

You can use amazon prime video from your TV or Laptop using => This link or you can download the app on your android from here and ios from here.


Are you more fond of TV series than of movies? Well, then this streaming service is the best Netflix alternative for you when it comes to TV series. Due to its non-availability in many parts of the world, this streaming service is not as popular as Netflix but it is one of the best alternatives to check out.

There you will find a huge collection of well-known television shows such as X-Files, Family Guy, Frasier, Community, South Park, The Path, Difficult People, etc.

Hulu Plus provides access to content from HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, but an extra fee and you must pay extra bucks to remove ads. Apart from that, Hulu also offers live streaming services.

Price: Hulu Basic plan => $7.99/month $5.99/month, Hulu No ads => $11.99/month and Hulu + Live TV plan =>  $39.99/month $49.99/month.

Hulu website => Hulu.com

Download the Hulu app on Android & iOS.


If you are a big fan of HBO shows like Game of Thrones, Sex and the city, The Sopranos, etc then HBO Now is your best alternative. With over 5 million subscribers, HBO offers the latest TV show episodes.

The subscription fee of HBO Now is pretty expensive when compared with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime video.

Price: $14.99/month

Visit HBO Now => https://www.hbo.com/

Download => Android & iOS

Sling TV

image 18 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)
image 22 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

You can stream Sling TV from anywhere on your mobile device, laptop or TV. Sling TV is an interesting platform that allows you to stream popular TV shows and movies, as well as live TV programs such as sports and news. It is only available in the United States.

Sling TV won’t be great for everyone — especially if you’re used to having more than 100 channels.

It is only available to US users.

Price: Both Orange & Blue cost $35.

Official website => here or download Android app => here.


The CBS All Access is CBS Only TV shows ‘ library. If you’re a big fan of CBS TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Blue Blood, 60 minutes and the others you can buy CBS All Access subscriptions and watch online without any problems. In CBS All Access, you can stream 10,000 Episodes, Live TV + CBS All Access Originals.

Price: $5.99/month for limited commercials and $9.99/month for commercial-free.

Website => https://www.cbs.com/all-access/ OR download Android & iOS apps.


Sony Crackle

image 24 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

The Crackle is a Sony Entertainment Free Platform. The Crackle comes with tons of blockbuster movie titles and TV show episodes as Sony Entertainment is one of the most popular names in the entertainment industry. Everything can be found on the Crackle App from Sitcoms, Mystery Series to Blockbuster movies.

Currently, Sony Crackle is available in the US and Australia and it is 100% free, no registration required!

One of Sony Crackle’s great features is that it allows you to stream content across a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming players, and consoles.

Price: Free in the US and Australia.

Download Sony Crackle on Android & iOS OR visit Crackle website => Sony Crackle


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Tubi provides a bunch of free movies and TV shows with over ten thousand movies and TV shows to stream. TubiTv offers tons of shows from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and more. You don’t need to register or subscribe, just visit TubiTv.com and start streaming but you have to bear with their annoying ads.

Unlike Sony Crackle, TubiTV is available in most countries.

Price: Free

You can stream on the web using https://tubitv.com/ or download TubiTv Android or iOS app.


image 27 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

If you are the kind of person who does not care about the quality of pictures and does not one to spend a dime on streaming movies online. Well, Popcornflix is for you.

Popcornflix is one of the best free Netflix alternatives that offers movies in a variety of genres, like comedy, action, horror, cartoons, Sci-fi, etc.

One thing that I didn’t like about Popcornflix is the quality of their movies and they don’t offer the latest content as Netflix does.

Price: Free

Website => Popcornflix.

Download the Android OR iOs app.


image 29 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

Visit Pluto TV and start streaming 100+ live channels, movies, TV shows, and videos all for free of charge.

They offer movies in a variety of genres like comedy, action, gaming, etc.

you can stream Pluto TV on the following devices; Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony, Web, Mac, Windows and Amazon Fire TV.

Price: Free

Visit Pluto TV on the web, download Android or iOS app.


image 30 - Best Netflix Alternatives To Check Out (Updated)

YIDIO offers over two thousand movies, documentaries and TV shows to stream online for free.

You can stream via the web, Smart TVs, Android, and iPhone devices.

You can go to the SnagFilms website to start streaming OR you can download the app for iOS or Android.


There are a lot of Netflix alternatives out there of which some of them provide features similar to Netflix and some are entirely different. The list above is by far the best alternatives that you don’t wanna miss checking out.

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