Best smartphones of 2022 according to MKBHD

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Marques Brownlee, better known on YouTube as MKBHD, is a renowned tech YouTuber who presents his own Smartphone Awards each year. In these awards, he chooses the best smartphones available in a variety of categories. In contrast to the previous year, when Apple’s iPhone took home trophies in three distinct categories, the iPhone’s flagship smartphone was overshadowed by those of its rivals at this year’s awards.

The MKBHD Awards have many categories for smartphones, just like he did last year. They are as follows:

  • MVP of the year: Google Pixel 7
  • Best Big Phone of the year: iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Best compact Phone: Asus ZenFone 9
  • Best Camera phone:  iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Best Battery life: Asus ROG Phone 6
  • The Design Award: Nothing Phone (1)
  • Best Value Award: Google Pixel 7
  • Bust of the Year: OnePlus 10T

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a number of Android smartphones competing for the awards, although Apple only sells eight distinct iPhone models at the moment, and only five of them were launched in this year alone. Naturally, despite the fact that the awards are determined by MKBHD’s own criteria, he took into account both the technical features and his own personal experience with each device that was up for consideration for the awards.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max won the award for the best “large” smartphone. This is because of its huge 6.7-inch screen. The Asus ZenFone 9 was the best “compact” smartphone. Best Camera phone: The iPhone 14 Pro Max was able to secure victory and take home the trophy in this particular competition. Despite the fact that Marques Brownlee has previously selected the Pixel 6 as the phone with the greatest photography.

The Asus ROG Phone 6 has the best battery life than any other smartphone in the contest. And the winner of the prize for the most innovative design is the Nothing Phone (1)! Because the OnePlus 10T unquestionably failed to meet Marques Brownlee’s expectations in a big way, it deserves special attention as the bust of the year.

MVP ( Best Phone of the Year)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was selected as the best smartphone of 2021. However, what about this year specifically? The Google Pixel 7 is the product that comes out on top in 2022. As was stated earlier, MKBHD believes that the Google Pixel 7 offers excellent value due to its high-quality cameras, display, and battery, in addition to its “flagship software experience,” and even so it is priced significantly lower than other premium smartphones.

Using very comparable justifications, the ASUS Zenfone 9 was also awarded a commendable mention for Phone of the Year. MKBHD awarded third place in this area to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which he describes as “boring” and “expensive,” but at the same time, is one of the greatest phones that one can buy in 2022. MKBHD’s choice was based on how well it performed in this category.


In 2021, the iPhone won awards in three different categories; in 2022, however, it only won in two of the categories. MKBHD, on the other hand, mentioned that he favors the camera on the iPhone because of the exceptional quality it provides when recording video.

When it comes to photos, MKBHD has already mentioned in his videos that the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro exaggerates post-processing effects such as HDR, which causes some photos to look quite unrealistic.

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