Booty Farm cover - Booty Farm Mod Apk V7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

Booty Farm Mod Apk V7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

Booty Farm Mod Apk is an adult-oriented game classified as Not Safe For Work. It is a Role-playing game developed and published by Nutaku. Other interesting RPG developed by Nutaku include Booty Calls, Project QT, Fab CEO, etc.

Booty Farm is a really fun game for single guys who love not only playing games but having new ways that will help them to interact with girls in real life. This game is quite a popular Roleplaying dating game that saw an unexpected rise in popularity.

This game is all about a young cute guy who runs his uncle farm in a rural area. So basically it is all about making farm products and delivering them to the town’s women and in the process, you flirt and date with the hot women.

In short, you’re planting crops. Those crops are used to produce products. Instead, you must send out a combination of products and crops to the town’s women.

In order to enjoy Booty Farm to the fullest, you have to spend some real money to buy diamonds.

But we’re here with this Mod APK to help you enjoy the game with unlimited gold and diamonds for free.

Description Of Booty Farm Mod Apk

img 5ead999a30781 - Booty Farm Mod Apk V7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

Nutaku is a popular Japanese developer who’s producing NSFW online dating games. Many of Nutaku’s games are only meant for adults (18+) and this is why all of Nutaku’s games are not available in Google Play Store. Now you’re acquainted with Nutaku’s popular games right?

Booty Farm MOD APK contains fairly straightforward gameplay. Ultimately, the player’s key role in this game is to manage the farm and interact with attractive girls.

Farm production is somewhat analogous to the normal games of management (You know games like Farmville). You need seeds to sprout, maintain and harvest crops.

Additionally, players will need to grow plants to provide a proper supply of food for all forms of farm animals. Furthermore, some agricultural products may be used as materials for making cakes and many different dishes after being harvested and processed.

Booty Farm’s gorgeous girls have some farming experience and they’ll be your special assistant to run the farm very well. To date, however, players must fulfill the number of agricultural products they need. Remember that, your wise words when chatting with them also increases your experience.

If the farm is dead, it will reduce your experiences with the girls. Furthermore, players need some money to swap things in the shop and each girl has various desires and needs.

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1 maxresdefault - Booty Farm Mod Apk V7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

You are a playboy who has just acquired the old, rusty farm of your uncle who died, and it’s now left to you to fix things on the farm and get it working.

But your first thought is to sell it and return to your urban life. But then you come across Mindy, the sexy farmer, and your new assistant.

Mindy advises you that most of the men in the village went to work in a factory quite far from the village and there’s a shortage of men and the girls in the village are very lonely, so it requires a little “encouragement” for you to consider staying. This might be a perfect chance to make some cash, meet up, and mingle with new girls of interest.

Upgrade & Expand

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The game has two currencies, the diamonds, and the gold. With Gold, you can purchase seeds, machinery from the store, and upgrade factories. On the other hand, Diamonds are used to speed things up.

Good Graphics & Gameplay

booty farm 01 - Booty Farm Mod Apk V7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

Besides the exciting gameplay, Nutaku’s creators focus more on the graphics of any game they create so that it pleases most fans.

Second, they genuinely engage several game scenarios and plots which encourage players to feel emotions on several different levels.

Aside from that, Players will achieve both farm management hobbies and dating hobbies. The game provides a high degree of fun, suitable for those who enjoy dating and farming.


  • 13+ Unique Girls to meet and explore their stories
  • 200+ Uncensored sex scenes and animations
  • Monthly events
  • Multiple choice conversation system
  • Visual Novel style interactions
  • Complex production line system with over 100 elements to manage
  • 4 ways to distribute goods

Download Booty Farm Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:50 MB
Android Version6 +
Category:NSFW, Adult
Version:V 7.1
Updated Date:5th Febuary 2021

You can easily download Booty Farm Mod Apk Unlimited money from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the Booty Farm game from Nutaku’s website Download Now!

Booty Farm Mod Apk Info

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Coins


Booty Farm MOD Apk will provide users with unlimited gold and diamonds. Within a really little time, it can help you hit the peak, helping you to enjoy all the premium features. The more gold the better.

Another fun aspect, when you grow crops and ingredients from your farm, you can use them to produce really fulfilling items, like cakes.

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