Brain Out - Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

Brain Out Mod Apk is the kind of puzzle game that can extensively test the depth of any gamer’s brain. It presents many levels that require a non-trivial task to be solved. All puzzles require logic and critical thinking.

One thing about this puzzle is that the solutions don’t seem to be obvious so all possible dumbest solutions should be considered by the user.

The gameplay is beautifully complemented by funny graphics and humorous music, which lovers of complex puzzles can relate to.

Description Brain Out

3 maxresdefault - Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

Brain Out is offered by Focus Games and it is regarded as one of the most complex puzzle and quiz games currently being played by most users. The justification for this isn’t so much because you need good logical thinking to answer most of the questions and most of the questions don’t require ordinary answers and this is mostly due to the fact that most of the questions are totally unorthodox.

Playing Brain Out Mod Apk will make you think outside the box to wrap your head around the many bizarre and misleading scenarios you’ll be presented with.

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Brain Out Game Play

screen 4 - Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

This game brain testing is based on 3 levels which include simultaneous testing of your EQ, IQ, and both. All stages are accessible anytime, and there is no cooldown so you can play without stopping through the entire day.

All the scores are recorded in the account and kept there. It means you can play automatically on your smartphone and tablet, and sync results.

All the questions are not that hard if you apply logic to them. But whenever you find a difficult one, you can use Keys to get a hint or simply skip the puzzle.

Keys are the game’s most valuable item and can be used to get clues and skip any question. You are going to have a small number of keys in the game by the beginning. But you can buy them with real money or you’ll get unlimited keys in this Brain Out Mod Apk with which to solve any hard puzzles.

Unexpected Questions

brain out level 183 answer 400x640 1 - Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

Brain Out is a growing mini-games library that will test your brain and help you develop your brain competencies.

Mathematical or physical problems are not difficult to solve. Instead, you have to handle fun tasks that include counting hair on a boy’s head, fixing fans, finding mother hen, searching for the bride’s lost wedding ring, escaping from jail, and more than a hundred more!

Some tasks require creative solutions and a non-trivial approach. Brain Out is the best teacher for your reasoning, reaction pace, consistency, and your memory ability.

BrainOut is an amazing puzzle game

2 screen 0 - Brain Out Mod APK V1.6.5 (Unlimited Keys And Hints)

This game includes a collection of games designed to enhance attention, calculation, response speed, attention to detail, and several other primary learning skills of a child.

There are games where kids pick the item not belonging to the majority of the party, and games where kids pick the item only a little different than the others. If you are trying to further improve your child’s attention to detail, there are many puzzles built for this very reason.

Features of Brain Out Mod Apk

  • Gameplay Totally Unimagined
  • Game process is easy and simple but humorous
  • Funny sound and humorous effects
  • Unexpected questions that requires unexpected answers
  • Hint can be used in times of difficulties

Download Brain Out Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:56 MB
Android Version4.2 +
Developers:Focus apps
Updated Date:11th August 2021

You can easily download Brain Out Mod Apk Unlimited keys from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Download the original Brain out game from Google play Store Download Now!

Brain Out Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Hints

Try Brain Out now

Brain Out is a creative and entertaining game with brain-teasers that will put your quickness, inventiveness, and memory to the test. Its quirky -but correct- solutions will force you to think outside the box.

Brain Out provides a large database of trivia questions and puzzles that will put your mind to the test, including EQ and IQ tests, as well as other exciting challenges. Unlike comparable apps, Brain Out will test not only your logical thinking skills but also your imagination and ability to think outside the box in order to successfully answer its odd challenges.

Brain Out offers a simple User interface with challenges that you must complete in order to progress in the game and unlock new puzzles. If you’re having trouble figuring out the answer, hit the key in the upper right corner of the screen for help. Similarly, if you run out of hints, you can watch an advertisement to receive more.


Brain Out Mod Apk is an addictive, complex, free puzzle game featuring a collection of challenging logic puzzles and multiple riddles that test your brain. It assesses your ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory, and creativity to think logically.

If you don’t want to get tricked, don’t answer the quests in the normal way. The most interesting thing in this trivia game is the solution subverts normal thinking.

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