Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

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Zona Cacing MOD apk is a snake-like online multiplayer game. In this game, you grow the size of your worm by eating multicolored yummies and different powerups from other players or those that automatically appear on the map in the game. The game’s aim is to eat as many yummies as you can and become the longest worm on the server you found yourself.

In concept, Zona cacing.io is very similar to the popular snake game Slither.io and it is typical of the classic arcade game Snake. Zona Cacing mod apk is indeed a simple game that can be played by anyone.

Description of Zona Cacing

1 screen 0 - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

Zona Cacing.io – Ulang Rakus is an online game offered by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. The game has clean graphics inspired by the good old Snake game where a user has to control a worm.

Zona Cacing.io – Ulang Rakus is one of the most popular action games we have seen lately and it is inspired by the very famous Snake game that most of us played on Nokia classic phones. I know you will be wondering why I said Zona cacing is one of the most popular action games. Ok, here it is, most people nowadays are not interested in action games that are always noisy with guns and tense to play. People like me (believe me we are many) just wanna play a multiplayer game that is easy and can kill time while in the office.      

Besides, tons of Mobile game developers have been spinning-off some of the most popular classic games.

This game has a comparable plot as the original Nokia snake game, but on a much larger map where the worm is surrounded by obstacles and other worms. There are several obstacles that you must not bump into and you must avoid getting eaten by other players.

Like I said earlier, Zona Cacing is very similar to Slither.io and it is a multiplayer game where players on the same map struggle to become the longest worm. You can check the leaderboard and know the highest scorers. The score is dependent on the worm’s length, which increases as you eat yummies, different powerups, and defeat enemies.

It is a PVP game, so watch out for other players, or else you will be eaten and you will start from scratch.

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Zona Cacing: Gameplay

img 61939f5706243 - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

While this game is quite basic, some of the techniques below can be implemented for good strategies:

  • Always look for food while playing, the more you eat, the longer the worm will grow, however, dont play roughly when looking for food. 
  • Dont collide with enemy worms while you are looking for food else you will die. Instead, make the enemy worm collide with your worms, so lure opponents by going around so they collide with your worm and finally die.
  • Eat your opponent’s leftovers, that way your worms will grow faster.
  • Lastly, always eat boost and use them appropriately

There are things that need to be bought in this typical online-based game, and of course, requires real money, but for those of you who don’t want to top up the coins, then you can download Cacing MOD Apk and enjoy unlimited money.

Eat anything on your way

Zona Cacing Mod Apk is similar to the classic snake game in terms of playability. You’ll start with a little worm that you must develop by directing it to a food clump. The worm is always moving and ready to consume whatever it comes across. There will, of course, be plenty of food available.

It would appear that growing your worm to the size of an anaconda would be simple. However, this is not the case. On the arena with you are various-sized AI worms that you must outplay. They’ll not only want to get to the food before you but bumping into them will also kill your worm. To be fair, they will die if they come into contact with your worm, and their deaths will earn you extra points.

You can get potions in the arena in addition to food. These potions will help you obtain extra points by acting as a booster. A booster can speed up your worm for five seconds, and potions can give your worm a magnetic power that draws food. You can also collect coins while eating, which will help you play longer even if you die.

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Features of Zona Cacing.io


img 61939f57ba985 - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

Just like the way food is spawned randomly on the map, awesome boosters are also spawned and can be used in handy. These boosters when eaten and activated can significantly improve the strengths of your worms.

Pick these boosters to beat your opponents when you use them. Some boosters can double your worm speed and can be effectively used when you are the target by many opponents. There are other boosters like the yellow portion which gives you a broader view of the map. The list goes on and on.   


img 61939f587e970 - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

Zona Cacing Mod Apk has a pretty simple concept, and the game design follows suit. It does, however, provide customizing choices. For starters, you can dress up your worm in a variety of colors and designs starting with the basic color white. You can modify the color of your skin by selecting one of several options. You can even personalize and select any number of colors at once. Also, you can modify the appearance of your worm. Both the customizable color and the faces, however, cost cash.

You can alter the color of your arena as well as the worm’s color and face. The background option, unlike the worm’s outfit, is somewhat limited. The same may be said regarding food selection. There are just three choices: cheese and vegetables, gummies, or orb-shaped candy.

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Online PVP

img 61939f59556bc - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

Play this game with online players from around the world, start by joining other players in a new match or joining an existing one where you can play with hundreds of ridiculously large and long worms. Use the tips we provided above and take them down in thrilling fights while you race on the Leaderboards for the top rankings.

Zona Cacing: Simple controls

Zona Cacing Mod Apk has straightforward mechanics. To control your worm, simply move your fingertips over the screen. Note that the joystick movement is disabled by default, and you can only move your fingers in the center of the screen. Make sure the Lock Joystick Movement button is unchecked so you may move around your entire phone screen.

Zona Cacing: Clean graphics

img 61939f5a03c25 - Zona Cacing Mod Apk V4.0.0 (Unlimited money, all skins unlocked)

The graphics are far better than some of the PVP action games we have come across. The dark background makes the colorful worms look clean. The worms are colored and you can customize your worm. These colors allow users to recognize other people’s worms.

Play Zona Cacing on web browsers

Without downloading it, you can play Zona Cacing.io – Ulang Rakus using your internet browser. On any internet browser, you can open it, just visit here. Meanwhile, there are advantages to downloading the game, such as the option of customization P.S. you can play while offline with several AI-controlled worms.

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Download Cacing Mod Apk Mod Menu

MOD APK File Size:63 MB
Android Version5.1+
Category:Action, Casual
Updated Date:8th September 2022

You can easily Download Zona Cacing Mod Apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Zona Cacing Mod Apk info

  • All skins unlocked
  • Unlimited money

Why play Zona Cacing?

Zona Cacing Mod Apk is a free mobile arcade game from Casual Azur Games that is both entertaining and addictive. You will be in charge of a happy, brave worm as it slithers through a large arena filled of food and boosters. Unlike traditional worm games, however, this one pits you against other worms who will try to get to the meal before you. To become the board’s leader, you must grow the largest worm in the arena. Other elements of Zona Cacing Mod Apk make the game more enjoyable.

One thing I don’t like about this game is there is no multiplayer option. The AI worms will be your sole competitors. Instead, by logging in, you can compete with other players on the leader board. You can also store your levels with this option. Furthermore, you can use your social media accounts to share your score and level with your friends. Other than that, Zona Cacing Mod Apk Mod Menu is a fantastic game for casual players. The game is really straightforward. It’s not too difficult, but not so simple that you’ll become bored after a few minutes. While the game lacks in complexity, it is quite amusing. You will have a difficult time once you begin playing.


Zona Cacing.io – Ulang Rakus is a modern Snake Game with compelling slithering. The main objective of this game is to grow by eating yummies or opponents’ leftovers, you can also eat boosters. It is both an offline and online game with so much fun.

Zona Cacing Mod Apk mod menu is a basic game but can be very addictive and quite challenging if you are after topping the leaderboards. Download Zona Cacing Mod Apk and enjoy many skins unlocked and unlimited coins.

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