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Choices Mod Apk V2.8.6 Unlimited Keys and Diamonds

Download Choices MOD APK Unlimited Keys and Diamonds and enjoy all the perks. Choices is a simulation game and one of the most popular Mod Apk. When it comes to gameplay, it is very similar to Episode: Choose your story. I gotta warn you, this game contains adult content and it is, therefore, appropriate only for 18+.

In this game, every choice you make determines your fate and can thereby change the storyline.

You can easily customize your player in the game with many story choices and solve mysteries while finding love.

The game has a rather interactive atmosphere in which the graphics are amazingly clean. Everything looks nice and clean, with a lot of choices to choose from in different plots.

Description Of Choices

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Choices: Stories you play – is a game with different storylines that all depends on your choices. If you’ve ever played the same genre game like Episode: Choose your story – then it’s very simple to get used to the way this game is played.

In addition to the incredible storylines it offers, players also need to get or buy Diamonds and Keys that can allow you to play the game on a whole new level. The choices you select to build your story demand that you obtain a number of diamonds and keys. If you are heading to the official edition, you may need to buy them with real money, although compromised Apk options have unrestricted functionality free of charge. Furthermore, in the next head take a peek at all the functionality of the game below.

This interesting game can offer you a massive amount of stories to discover and appreciate. They’re designed by creators with different content types, plots, and characters that will always get you excited.


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Choices: Stories You Play – has a number of unique stories and are updated on weekly basics. The stories are grouped into numerous genres including sorcery, passion, terror, fact, fiction,… and also the adult genre. And what is really interesting is that you can pick whatever story you like without finishing it in sequence. The stories are going to make you feel intrigued and try to figure out what could happen if you alter your choices.

Some of the unique stories include

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Perfect March

Sign up with Eros International, a matchmaking company and play the game to find the dream match with various people. In the story, you can choose either to be a boy or a girl. To attract your partner, you have to customize yourself to a perfect look and fall in love with this amazing storyline. You can investigate a mystery with a twist you won’t see coming. Figure out the secret secrets and change your dates as your fantasy boy/girl suits you.


You are applying for a job with Adrian Raines, a genius billionaire, and CEO. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller!

The Freshman

You are going to be a freshman student at Hartfield University. The storyline is all about having friends, finding your college date. In this storyline, are you going to date Katelyn-a party pirl, Chris-Football Champ, bookish James or all?

The Crown & the flame

Throughout this plot, the enemy stole your kingdom, and you raise an army to retake your crown. Begin rebelling, and reclaim your own kingdom.

And many more storylines… more are added on a weekly basis.

Download Choices MOD APK Unlimited Keys and Gems 2021

MOD APK File Size:80.5 MB
Android Version4.1 +
Category:Simulation, Adult
Updated Date:1st July 2021

You can easily download Choices Mod Apk from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the original Choices game from Google Play Store Download Now!

Choices Stories Mod Apk Info

  • Unlimited Keys and diamonds
  • Most outfits and hairstyles are now unlocked
  • Free Choices

MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN TO FACEBOOK IN ORDER TO PREVENT LOSING YOUR PROGRESS! Connecting to Facebook enables your games to be saved. If you are unable to login to Facebook or you are not prompted, it simply means that your saved files are not loaded and you have to reinstall the MOD.

In case if the game is frozen on the loading screen, you will need a license and to have the license, you have to go to the play store and start downloading the original game, so as to have the license. Make sure you cancel the download once it begins. Now reinstall Choices MOD APK Unlimited Keys and Gems 2021 and enjoy it.


Choices Mod Apk is a simulation game of story collection of interesting genres such as comedy, drama, horror, and several other genres for several specific people. You are going to lead the life of somebody you choose. And try to make choices that determine the player’s fate.

Many choices in the game may require you to use diamonds, and these diamonds are very hard to get without actually buying them with your real money. And without the diamonds may not be able to make some choices that you actually want. Do not be worried, we got you covered with our latest Mod that gives you the liberty to pick stories for free. Enjoy Choices MOD apk unlimited diamonds 2021.

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