Common LG Stylo 6 Problems And Their Solutions: Ultimate Guide

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LG Stylo 6 Review - Common LG Stylo 6 Problems And Their Solutions: Ultimate Guide

LG SYLO 6 is a smartphone launched by LG in 2020, one of the top smartphone manufacturing companies right now. The price of this smartphone is in range according to the features installed in the phone which is quite acceptable.

On the other side, Lg stylo 6 problems can be discussed side by side. In this article, we have discussed Lg stylo 6 problems and their solutions.

Although the performance of the phone depends upon the use of a user, any issue complained about by the user is sought out by the company by personally monitoring the device to make the device work smoothly.

LG STYLO 6 Features

LG STYLO 6 comes in the following features:

  • Display of 6.3 inches IPS LCD.
  • Resolution of 1080-2400 pixels.
  • Processor is Media TEK HELIO P35 (12nm).
  • Havre triple set of cameras, the primary camera of 13MP, the second one in 5MP Ultra-Wide, and the last one is the depth camera of 5MP.

LG Stylo 6 problems

Although this phone has many interesting features, there are also LG stylo 6 problems and bugs which we discuss below.

Cellular Network Issue With LG STYLO 6:

The cellular network issue with LG stylo 6 is one of the major issues of LG STYLO 6. There are many network problems with Lg stylo 6 like if you turn on cellular data, but the phone does not get connected to the internet and sometimes does not receive proper signals.

Follow the given steps to get better results:

  • Remove Sim card and re-insert it.
  • Turn on airplane mode and then turn it off to get results.
  • Reset network settings.
  • Reboot your phone to solve the issue.
  • Check whether the issue is not due to any recently installed app.

If the still problem persists, then there may be hurdles between your phone and the network supplying tower.

LG STYLO 6 Touch Screen Issues:

LG STYLO 6 phone comes with 6.8 inches IPS LCD display. You cannot use it without any protection because of the huge touch screen and slippery backside.

From LG stylo 6 touch screen issues, another touch screen issue with it is its black screen which may be due to physical damage, software issue, bad LCD or power button.

LG STYLO 6 App Not Working:

LG STYLO 6 also has some app-related issues. Sometimes, Lg Stylo 6 apps and games are crashed instantaneously or some Lg Stylo 6 apps take a little bit of time on opening.

One of the “Lg Stylo 6 app not working issues” is that Lg stylo 6 Apps are not being downloaded from the play store and if downloaded, show difficulty in installation. Troubleshooting steps in LG STYLO 6 and google play errors are also common.

Sluggish Interface:

The slow and sluggish interface is also a common problem of LG STYLO 6 resulting in the slow opening of apps, hanging down of the mobile, and frozen screen.

When you do not close your apps running in the background and are not being used, they affect RAM resulting in a slowing down of the phone.

Bluetooth Connection Issues:

Bluetooth connection issues are also reported in LG STYLO 6. The Bluetooth option becomes disabled and does not show any connection with another device.

However, this issue of smartphones can be resolved in minutes by simply following the steps given below:

  • Go to the mobile setting.
  • Go to the system.
  • Go to the advance settings option.
  • Check the updates, if there is any, then update it.
  • Go for reset option and reset Mobile, WIFI and Bluetooth.

Poor Battery Life:

LG STYLO 6 has also some poor battery problems like going down of battery and slow charging. This problem can be fixed by following measures.

  • Turn off your GPS if not needed.
  • Uninstall apps like phone cleansing. These apps keep running in the background and consuming batteries.
  • Apps downloaded from sources other than Play Store should be deleted because these apps may contain a virus that runs in the background, thereby consuming a battery.
  • Customized settings applied in the smartphone also consume battery, so use generalized settings.
  • High screen illumination also lower battery percentage.
  • Any apps installed in smartphones to increase battery life are of no use, simply uninstall them.
  • Putting the mobile on a power-saving mode also drains the battery.

If still problem persists, then go for mobile factory settings or change the battery for better results.

Camera Issues:

Camera issue in any mobile is an issue that must be solved. Here are some measures.

  • This issue may due to any fault in the operating system of mobile, so wait for an update.
  • This may also arise due to the installation of a third-party camera app. If any type of app

is installed, then quickly uninstall it.

  • Interchangeable lens usage can also be the option to get better results.
  • Open the camera app and clear caches.
  • Any change in the camera settings may have caused this, reset the camera to its default settings.
  • Switch off the use of camera filters.
  • Cleaning the camera lens can also give some positive results.

If still the camera of the mobile is not working, then it must be a hardware issue.


LG Smartphones company is making quality smartphones for a period of time. Lg stylo 6 problems and errors may also occur in the way the user used the smartphone. It’s not necessarily all company’s fault.

In this article, we covered some of the major Lg stylo 6 problems faced by the users of LG STYLO 6 smartphones and also proposed some of the solutions to make phones work in the best possible way.

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