Cover Fire Mod Apk V1.23.12 (Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked)

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Cover Fire Mod Apk is an interesting action game that chiefly involves shooting. This game basically involves shooting with a sniper gun and other types of weapons. In this game, you are to lead the battle and become the best shooter.

Choose your favorite weapon and carry out sniper adventures. Explore the world where there’s no government, just a tyrannical corporation ruling the world. Take on the game’s incredible sniper obstacles as you witness the spectacular high FPS gameplay.

Description of Cover fire

img 5f32f9fa4b914 - Cover Fire Mod Apk V1.23.12 (Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked)

A vibrant and convincing action shooter game built with Apple’s 3D Touch in mind. Cover Fire by Genera Games is one of the most popular offline games.

Cover Fire brings immersive gameplay that requires the use of modern weapons to overcome different challenging missions. The game’s HD graphics, in particular, draws an absolutely realistic and immersive experience. Everywhere, the spectacular action scenes bring players the experiences hardly any shooter game can do. With the various weapons, too, the way of attack is extremely realistic.

Among a lot of games in Google Playstore, this game is quite popular. The most spectacular thing about the game is it offers both offline and online modes.

Cover Fire Game play

Cover Fire is an amazing FPS game in which players lead a team of commandos battling evil super cooperation (named Tetracorp) that is invading different parts of the world, forcing people to slavery, and securing all of the earth’s valuable resources. Fortunately, our small band of commandos is on hand to stop them and restore peace.

Overall, Cover Fire’s control mechanisms are well-suited to touch screens. You target your weapon by moving your finger to the left side of your screen. The trigger button is located on the right side, although you can not move your commando because it always moves to the closest cover automatically.

The story mode in Cover Fire contains over 60 chapters in which you must interact with various characters of your team in order to succeed in battles.  Furthermore, each character gives you access to a variety of weapons, including rocket launchers, machine guns, snipers, and more. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll have access to a variety of new skills and commandos.

Cover Fire is a fantastic shooter that features not only stunning graphics but also a wide range of weapons and scenarios. Every mission concludes with a super slow-mo point of view similar to the popular ‘Sniper Elite’ game.

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Features of Cover fire

Some games can easily get gamers bored due to a lack of interesting features. But this is not the case here. The developers have provided features that are full of fun. Like new missions, realistic graphics, a variety of guns, and so on. Check the features below.

Game modes

img 5f32f9fb4d76d - Cover Fire Mod Apk V1.23.12 (Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked)

There are a variety of game modes. You can play the Campaign mode, Sniper FPS Black Ops, or action mode. However, you can still join the ongoing online events when you are connected to the internet. Besides these modes, you can play multiplayer and tournaments as well. It has more than 11 chapters in a campaign mode that have to be completed. You will be able to access new snipers, guns, rocket launchers, and much more machinery as you proceed in-game. You’ll unlock loads of new skills as well as soldiers.

Your main objective in any of the modes is to kill all the enemies using your shooting skills. The sniper FPS Black Ops mode is quite more intense than the campaign mode because in this mode you have to fight against time. Defeat every enemy before time runs out.

Play offline

In order to render the game more open and fun for Android users, you can play  Cover Fire without needing an Internet connection. This game can be played absolutely offline, so you can enjoy the game wherever you find yourself.

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Variety of weapons

img 5f32f9fc2a449 - Cover Fire Mod Apk V1.23.12 (Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked)

As far as it is a modern welfare game, modern weapons have a tremendous significance in many gamers’ hearts. no matter what, developers try hard to provide a great aesthetic design to these weapons. Pick from a variety of guns like pistols, shotguns, snipers, and so on. The guns sounds and firing mechanics are super realistic.

Create your own squad

Establish your strong assassin squad, each with its own special skills.

In-game store

Cover Fire is both mainly an offline game but there are in-app purchases in the form of energy, tactical gears, guns, and chests which are mostly gotten through in-app purchases. The game has a pretty fair reward system. You are rewarded when you finish missions and rewards chests are refreshed on a regular basis. However, some missions are extremely difficult and may require you to buy some heavy weapons or even pay to refill the limited energy or wait until It refills. All these in-app purchases are unlocked in this mod apk. You don’t need to spend a penny to buy them.

Graphics & controls

img 5f32f9fcd7d2b - Cover Fire Mod Apk V1.23.12 (Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked)

The graphics are at the maximum level. In each mission, the scene is a true work of aesthetics. In terms of gameplay, it’s definitely one of the best shooters on the Store and a great asset to the shooting game landscape.

Apart from the visuals, the game ‘s most amazing aspects is the controls, particularly in sniper missions.

Use basic touch controls to easily move your player to the required destination, continuously and accurately target your enemies to deliver well-targeted shots.

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Download Cover Fire Mod apk highly compressed

Package Size:308 MB
Android Version5.0 +
Developers:Gerena Games
Updated Date:8th September 2022

You can easily download Cover Fire Mod apk and data from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the official game from Google Playstore Download Now!

Cover fire Mod apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited money
  • Vip 5 unlocked
  • Unlimited energy

Why Cover Fire is the best Offline action game

Cover Fire is free to play, it does not require internet access, it offers optional in-app purchases, and it is extremely violent. You have the option of participating in an online competition, playing in a multiplayer game with others, or going through the campaign missions offline. You may buy new weaponry including handguns, automatic weapons, army sniper rifles, and so on. Kudos to the HD graphics, as all weapons look alike with the ones in real life. 


I couldn’t think of a particular drawback to Cover Fire Mod Apk, to be reasonably frank, it really redefined the shooter category as it is expertly developed. The reason Cover Fire is developed so nicely is that its developers understand that mobile gamers deserve the best possible graphics.

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