Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1 Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

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Dead Target Mod Apk is an amazing first-person shooter game that becomes very popular and this is due to the cool 3D graphics and the fact that it is a war game.

In this game, an unknown virus infects humans and rapidly turns them into zombies. It is, therefore, a zombie apocalypse shooting game that requires you to kill these deadly zombies and collect/unlock weapons as you play.

But it is not easy to unlock or buy some of these weapons without money/gold. In this Mod, you’ll have access to unlimited money and Gold so that you can buy high-end weapons and kill the zombies effortlessly.

Description of Dead Target: Zombie

CbtTvBM - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

With more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, Dead Target is one of the most downloaded zombie games of all time.

The game is published by VNG GAME STUDIO, a publisher from Vietnam. Let’s get some fascinating stuff about this game first.

Dead Target puts you in the center of a fictitious World War III, as the sole survivor of a zombie invasion. You must destroy all of the zombies that wander the world, hoping to discover some trace of life that will aid in the world’s restoration.

This first-person shooter will make you feel the dread of the most awful zombie onslaught imaginable. If you don’t want to become a zombie yourself, look for first-aid kits to treat your zombie wounds. To defeat the super warriors in Dead Target, you’ll have to put your aim and instincts to the test: one mistake move will leave you vulnerable to hordes of zombies who only want to kill you.

You’ll find weapons that can be improved as you progress in your quest for survival, as long as you shoot at specific places on the zombies. The more money you earn and invest in upgrades and other power-ups for your next assignment, the better your aim will be.

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Dead Target: Plot

Dead Target Mod Apk - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

World War III erupted in 2040, and the world was shifting towards modern technological warfare. Global warfare progressed into a new age when the Defense Minister signed a deal with CS Corporation to carry out the DEAD TARGET initiative.

They inject a virus into prisoners and soldiers which turn them into crazy evil warrior killers and use them to attack other countries. But, if the President refused to obey the instructions from CS, they’ll cause a zombie outbreak. Starting with the zombie invasion.

A special defense unit was recruited to move into the frontlines to collect intelligence until the army could launch the offensive attack – Operation Apocalypse.

But unfortunately, everything went south, you and Agent M are the only survivor along the way. There’s no reason for dumb mistakes that can pay with your sweat. There’s no way to escape from death, smash a section through the dead zone, rescue agent M and render a direct route to the reinforcement position or you’ll follow your dead brothers in arms. Beware of the environment around or else you’ll die.

Kill or get killed

545101325 - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

This game is somewhat similar to Dead Trigger but in Dead Trigger, you are allowed to move around and kill the zombies. When it comes to gameplay, Dead Target sucks!! I mean you get good 3D graphics but you are just in one place shooting zombies!

But one thing I like about this game is that the zombies pop up in any direction and you can’t guess. That’s the fun part. You just have to keep shooting them till you kill them. Remember never to underestimate the powers of a slow-moving zombie. They are strong from the inside and sometimes you need to shoot them with more bullets to kill them.

You have no option but to survive and to do that, you have to kill all the zombies at your sight, and the more zombies you kill, the more gold you earn but that’s not an issue since this game is modified with unlimited gold/money. So dead target mod apk download is a great idea for those that want to finish the game easily.

Dead Target: Controls

dead target mod apk - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

The center of the screen is always shot in a first-person shooter game. Bullets will always fly and land in the middle, regardless of whether you move left or right or forward. Each thumb has two primary controls in DEAD TARGET, one on each side. The left thumb controls the view, while the right thumb controls the fire. In the case of automatics, a single tap with the right thumb fires a single shot or a brief burst. To empty the full clip, keep your thumb pressed on the screen for a longer period of time. The fast switch screen is on the left, and there are two extra controls on the right, one for reloading and the other for switching weapons. All of the controls are on the bottom side of the screen.

Futurisic weapons & good graphics

33d807acf48821eb0f92131abf9c20b8 - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)
3 maxresdefault - Dead Target Mod Apk V4.91.1  Unlimited Money (Gold/Cash)

Dead Target mod apk has great 3D graphics which makes playing more interesting. In this Dead Target MOD APK unlimited Gold/money you’ll definitely enjoy the realistic lighting effects along with the music.

In this game, all the guns and firearms have various sounds and reflect their real-life equivalents. Choose From different futuristic weapons by unlocking them with your unlimited Gold/money.

The more you play, the more levels you unlock, and also the more weapons you unlock. But that’s not an issue as you can max out all the weapons with the unlimited gold we provided in the Mod.

And because Dead Target Zombie Mod apk is packed with several firearms including rifles, grenades, machine guns, assault arms, shotguns, grenade launchers, etc. You can purchase them all and update them so that you can easily finish the game levels.


This section of the game provides a nice break from the repetition and chaos of murdering. At the end of the 20-minute countdown, you will be given free turns. Paid turns are also available at 3 gold each. The number of paid spins is unrestricted.

Special Items

To make the game more enjoyable, you will be given some unique items that are not available in actuality. No Reload, for example, signifies no magazine swaps. As you hit the fire button, your weapon fires an infinite torrent of bullets. You can gain an advantage in the game by using special equipment. Gold can be used to acquire these items. Some, such as No reload for one mission, are given out at random. A grenade is another unique item. Onsight, kills everyone.

Watching videos can earn you money

The game’s publishers did an excellent job by not inserting advertisements in the game. This elevates the gaming experience to new heights. Additional turns are added to a casino spin by watching videos. Every day, three times. In addition, every 25 hours, you will have six to eight chances to watch a video and receive rewards. In exchange for watching a 10- to 30-second video clip, you will be rewarded handsomely. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Features ff Dead Target: Zombie

  • Futuristic guns and gadgets
  • Compete with your friends on the game leaderboard
  • Variety of Zombies; small, big, slow, and fast ones
  • Amazing 3D effects
  • Variety of maps
  • Upgrade your weapons

Download Dead Target Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:127 MB
Android Version4.2 +
Updated Date:8th September 2022

You can easily download Dead Target Mod Apk unlimited money/gold from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Dead Target Mod Apk MOD Info

  • Unlimited Gold/money;
  • Infinite Aid kit
  • All weapons unlocked


Dead Target Mod Apk is obviously one of the best and most downloaded FPS games available on Google Playstore and you will enjoy this game more with Dead Target hack version Mod Apk.

The unique aspect of this game is that the creators will keep you hooked up with the latest missions. You don’t have to pay any penny to have access to all the futuristic weapons.

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