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Dragalia Lost MOD APK is a role-playing animation-style fantasy game that brings humans and dragons together! You will also create weapons, develop alliances with dragons, build and improve your own house, and gain experience and rewards by taking part in special events.

Dragalia Lost is a Social RPG with a big focus on ARPG gameplay. For some of our readers, understanding what this implies will involve some digging, but you’re with me, right? A social RPG is a free-to-play game with a specific UI, item system, and character creation. Daily quests, energy systems, loot, and character rolling in a gacha style system of star-graded rarity and power are nearly always present. In most cases, there are additional login benefits and some type of mutual friend system. All of this means that Dragalia Lost is a Nintendo game, but not one that is played on a console. You could be disappointed if you were hoping for a console experience.

Description Of Dragalia Lost

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The Game takes you through a detailed main storyline and multiple side stories, switching between storylines and turn-based fighting.

On your path, you’ll meet the presence of the monsters and they’ll often be walking in a group, making it harder to fight them and when you’re done with them, the Boss usually shows up on the map in the last place and the best way to defeat the boss is to transform into a dragon!

Players control their party of adventurers in battle while exploring the world, also converting into majestic dragons to release deadly attacks.

Not only you can fight but you can also modify your hero through a small building named The Halidom, as well as fighting. You will create the hero’s systems and upgrades here. Dragalia Lost gives you more than 60 heroes, along with plenty of weapons and gear.

It’s a sad thing that Dragalia Lost doesn’t give you a feature of your friends visiting Halidom. Halidom also includes your dragon, where you can train your dragon to transform it into a fight.

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dragalia lost iphone xs castle grounds - Dragalia Lost MOD APK V2.18.2 (Damage x10)

Dragalia Lost is a free-to-play 3D action RPG developed by Nintendo and Cygames. Enter Alberia, a place where dragons and humans have discovered a way to coexist together. As the Sacred Shard’s strength begins to wane, a young prince named Euden sets out to forge pacts with strong dragons in order to rescue the planet. It offers action-oriented fighting in short maze-like instances that may be played solo or with up to three other players in a co-op game. To add depth to the game’s battle system, players form teams of up to four characters, each of whom is fully voiced and has its own distinctive artwork and skills.

The ability to transform into a dragon, which can be done once a bar is full up, allows the player to unleash more powerful skills and take on challenging enemies, and this is one of the game’s main features. With significant quantities of free premium gold given from tasks, you can collect over 60 characters via the game’s gacha summoning mechanism.

Features Of Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost characters - Dragalia Lost MOD APK V2.18.2 (Damage x10)
  • FREE to play
  • Requires Internet Connection
  • Swipe Control
  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Dynamic battles
  • Picturesque locations
  • Various items of outfit

Download Dragalia Lost MOD APK

MOD APK File Size:173 MB
Andriod Version4.4 +
Category:RPG, Action
Updated Date:12th July 2022

You can easily download the game from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the original Dragalia game from HERE.

Dragalia Mod Apk Info

  • One Hit Kill: 1 shot, 1 kill *AUTO UPDATING*
  • True Godmode: Nothing can touch you. Enemy abilities, even if they hit you.
  • No Barriers – UI will show barrier but any damage will ignore the barrier and hit the enemy directly.
  • Instant Dragon – Dragon available instantly.
  • Infinite Dragon Time – Dragon timer doesn’t decrease.
  • Instant Skill – Skill becomes available after 1 hit. Only for normal characters
  • Infinite Skills – Reuse skills as long as you want. Both for dragons and normal characters.
  • Low Enemy Defense– Enemy has 0 defense stat which significantly increases damage done.
  • Enemies don’t attack
  • Infinite Revives – Can revive an infinite number of times (wherever revive is available) and always get max survival bonus *AUTO UPDATING*
  • Fast Speed – Your team is 2x faster
  • Slow Enemy Speed – the Enemy team has 0 speed


Lead a squad with up to four characters and begin your journey through dangerous kingdoms. Be prepared to meet wizards, great warriors, and terrifying creatures! Fight enemies in diverse battles, apply different fighting skills, and evade attacks by enemies.

Dragalia Lost MOD APK will help you defeat your enemies easily.


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