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EZCash Mod Apk V2.0.7 (Free Gift Cards)

EZ Cash Mod Apk (which is formerly called EZ Money) is an Android app that allows users to earn free Gift Cards and In-Game money for popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, Fornite, and so on. Even more, you can earn a free Amazon gift card for free. EZ Cash Apk is basically all about earning coins and exchanging them for gifts.

Description Of EZ Cash

This amazing app is offered by Golden Stream and ready to help gamers earn free money seamlessly.

With EZMoney Apk, you can earn free Free fire diamonds, V-bucks, PUBG UC (Unknown Cash), and gift cards every day. All you have to do is watch videos. No bullshit surveys or any hidden tasks! Pretty simple right?

EZ Cash Apk Is Good For PUBG Mobile Gamers

PUBG is considerable more than just a videogame. it isn’t all about playing it with friends and wining CHICKEN DINNER!. There are a lot of items you need to buy in PUBG to make you look professional. You can’t get premium items easily. You are aware of the fact that PUBG sells different items right? Therefore, gamers must have enough PUBG UC to purchase these cool premium items. But most people don’t have enough PUBG UC to buy these items. Hence, you need to buy PUBG UC with real money or simply use the EZMoney apk app to earn free PUBG UC.

How to get free coins on EZ Cash

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  • After downloading EZMoney Apk, open the app and log in. You will automatically earn 50 coins for signing up.   
  • Now click on the daily reward for free coins, watch the ad, and receive some coins. Do that every day for free coins.
  • There are a lot of ways to earn free coins and the best and easy way is to watch video ads. Others include referring your friends, daily coins for login in, scratch and catch, and check-in streak for login in every day for 7 days.
  • After you earn coins via the various methods I mentioned above, you can now go to redeem area
  • Redeem area gives you the exchange rates to various game currencies. If you want to convert your coins to PUBG UC, you can check the exchange rates and redeem them.
  • And that’s it. SIMPLE AND FAST.

Features Of EZ Cash

Easy, Secure, And Fast

EZMoney Free Gift Cards & In-Game Currency is very simple to use and it is the super lightweight (10 MB only). All you need is your phone with an internet connection and email address.

Earn Coins Daily

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You will earn coins by just login in daily. This is one of the easiest ways to earn coins. All you need to do is open the EZMoney apk app every day and click on daily coins. Very easy right?

Free Gift Cards

EZMoney has Many Gift cards to offers its users anytime any day. The gift cards they offer currently are  Google play gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Amazon gift cards Steam gift cards, Xbox gift cards, and PlayStation/psn gift cards.

Free In-Game Currencies

This is the most interesting feature of EZMoney. You can convert your coins to PUBG, Free Fire, and Fornite currencies easily. Hence you can now buy skins and outfits without spending your real money to buy them.

Lowest Payout

img 61b654c25d880 - EZCash Mod Apk V2.0.7 (Free Gift Cards)

EZCash got the lowest prices for payouts! As small as 900 coins! It is always made in an easy way to exchange your coins with a prize. You can also be able to follow your prize request and the app will keep you updated with your rewards at all times.
If something goes wrong with your payout, you’ll be compensated within 24 hours!

Earn Coins For Watching Ads

Yet another easy way to earn coins is by simply watching ads. All you need to do is click on watch ads. 30 secs isn’t that hard!

Scratch & Catch

img 61b654c318494 - EZCash Mod Apk V2.0.7 (Free Gift Cards)

Earn coins by playing scratch and catch. You will get 3 scratchable squares when you click on scratch and catch. All that is needed from you is to scratch any of the 3 squares for a chance to win. Scratch & catch is limited to play though (2 hrs wait time).

Referral system

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Earn lots of coins by referring EZMoney to your friends. Once they join using your referrer ID, you will be credited once they reach the required threshold.

Download EZCash Free Gift Card Apk

APK File Size:30 MB
Android Version4.2+
Publishers:Golden Stream
Updated Date:2nd January 2022

You can easily download EZCash free gift card apk from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download from Google Playstore Download Now!

EZ Cash Mod Apk?

This app has no MOD and it is easy to earn coins with it that are worth money. If you can not watch ads, log in daily, and refer your friends to earn coins then you have a real problem.


EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards is a free app that allows users to earn coins by watching ads and exchanging them for in-game currency, Google play gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Amazon gift cards Steam gift cards, Xbox gift cards, and PlayStation/psn gift cards.

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