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First Bank Transfer Code: Easily Transfer Money.

The first bank transfer code is very easy to remember okay, let’s get down to business. Dial *894*amount*account number#, and follow the on-screen instructions. Very easy right?

Note that: You must first enroll for FirstBank USSD Quick Banking Service. Just follow the below step by steps guides (You don’t need this Once you have your FirstBank account linked to your debit card) if you are not yet enrolled:

3 1 - First Bank Transfer Code: Easily Transfer Money.
  • Dial *894*0#
  • A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed
  • Select your preferred debit card
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN for the selected debit card
  • Create a new 5-digit PIN – This is your Firstbank transfer pin.

How to Perform Other Transactions using 894

894 is a fast, useful, secure and easy way to carry out your banking transactions like; transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more…whenever and wherever, using any type of phone without an internet connection.

How to register and use first bank 894 code - First Bank Transfer Code: Easily Transfer Money.

#1 How To Buy Airtime:

  • Self Recharge: Dial *894*Amount# and enter your PIN.
  • Recharge for others: *894*Amount*Phone number# and enter your PIN.

#2 Check Account Balance:

To check for your account balance simply dial *894*00# easy as ABC ?.

#3 Check Mini Statement:

Just dial *894*Account Number#

#4 Firstbank transfer code:

Dial *894*Amount# and enter your secret PIN.

For any inquiries, you can easily contact First Bank Via 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), or email [email protected] or visit any branch close to you.

You can also check this => All Banks Transfer Code – USSD Banking Codes.


  • To register: *894*0#
  • Top up for self: *894*Amount#
  • Top up for others: *894*Amount*Number#
  • To check balance: *894*00#
  • To transfer: *894*Amount*Account number#
  • Mini-statement: *894*Account number#

It is very easy to carry out almost all of your transactions with the First bank transfer code. it is secure and hassle-free.

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