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WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the best instant messaging app. It has significantly lowered SMS and phone calls since its launch. Because it links people from all around the world, the app has made life easier for its users. The official app, on the other hand, has several limits. Users cannot, for example, disguise their online status.

Furthermore, you can only send a total of 30 photos at a time. The worst part is that while you can send files, you can only send up to 100 MB at a time. FM WhatsApp Apk, for example, is a customized version of the app that overcomes these limits. FMWhatsApp not only removes restrictions but also provides more functionality and even customization choices. FM Whatsapp  is worth a try if you want more than what the official WhatsApp app provides

FMWhatsApp Mod Apk is essentially a customized version of WhatsApp with added capabilities. One of these is its extensive theme library. Other modded apps have their own themes, however, this one has a larger collection than the majority of them, like GB Whatsapp for example. Users will get additional options to escape the original app’s dull vibe as a result of this. This version also allows you to customize your experience by hiding the second and blue ticks. You can also modify the style of the ticks and bubbles. FM Whatsapp Apk also allows you to hide or reveal statuses.

Description of FM Whatsapp Apk

FMWhatsapp latest version was developed by Fouad Mokdad hence the name FM. Like I said earlier, this app is no different from GBWhatsapp. This MOD packs lots of features that will make your Whatsapp messenger more interesting to use.

FM WhatsApp is essentially a customized version of WhatsApp with added capabilities. One of these is its extensive theme library. Other modded apps have their own themes, however, this one has a larger collection than the majority of them. Users will get additional options to escape the original app’s dull vibe as a result of this. This version also allows you to customize your experience by hiding the second and blue ticks. You can also modify the style of the ticks and bubbles. This software allows you to hide or reveal statuses

Apart from the Fun part, FMWhatsapp Apk 2022 also allows you to bypass some of the limitations set by Whatsapp. Such limitations include the number of images you can send at once, max file size, allowed file types, number of pinned chats, and so on. Isn’t that interesting and fun?

Features of FM Whatsapp

Like I always use to say “Mod Apk is far better than the original Apk app” but that’s relative. As we all know that an original app gets updates, respects users’ privacy and it’s very stable. FM Whatsapp Apk also gets updates but it is a bunch of clones and privacy breaches, and it’s not stable. Meanwhile the features it packs lure people to download and have some fun. These features are listed down below.

You can view deleted messages/statuses with FMWhatsapp

I bet this is the best feature for eavesdroppers LOL. With this feature, you can actually view any message or status that was deleted and with that, you can have your CIA update regarding the deleted msg or status.

Freeze or hide your last seen

In the original WhatsApp, when you hide your last seen, you can’t see your friend’s own and vice versa. But in FMWhatsapp Apk, this limitation is bypassed as you can hide your last seen and still be able to see your friend’s own or you can freeze your last seen and it will look like you were offline the whole time but in reality you are online. The Last Seen is always a problem for some people in relationships or students being monitored by their parents. I’m going to show you how to enable this fantastic feature.

Screenshot 20200403 195819 1024x552 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

FM Whatsapp allows Full customization

Screenshot 20200403 202837 1024x556 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

You can change the looks and feels to your own taste. You can change the launcher icon, font style, change the notification icon, colors, and so on.

Customization of the app itself is possible. For example, the header, chat divider, rows, floating action button and the status section call all be fully customized to your taste. In fact, you’ll feel like a developer or a hacker.

On the Home Screen

This is the sea of personalization. We’ll take a look and see how deep this goes.

Set My Name in the Header

If you enable this, the default FMWhatsApp  Apk app name will be updated with the account name you specify, followed by the status.

Activate Instagram-style stories

This option allows you to utilize WhatsApp Statuses in the manner of circle tales to replace the tabs on your home screen.

Airplane Mode should be turned off.

On the header part, there is an airplane mode icon by default. FMWhatsApp will not be able to send or receive SMS if this option is enabled.

Disable the “WhatsApp” icon.

You can hide chats of your choice in this FMWhatsApp Apk app. This option allows you to turn off the feature. I’m guessing you won’t turn it off.

Setup of colors

The tab background, page title text, page selected title text, selected tab underlining, unread messages counter, and unread counter text can all be changed here.

Home Style Rows

This feature allows you to customize the look of the FM WhatsApp app’s home screen. There is a list of themes from which to choose: Try them out one by one.

Text Size on the Main/Calls/Contacts Screen

The font size in the main/calls/contacts panel can be adjusted using this slider. This does not include the size of the chat text.

Image & Video Mods

You can send more than 10 media files at a time and also seen media files in full resolution.

Screenshot 20200403 204008 1024x551 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

Send messages to a new number without saving it on your phone

One of the best features right? We all find it daunting to send messages to a new number not in our contacts.

So we have to save the number in order to send messages and this sometimes can make your contact list filled up with the numbers you don’t really want especially if it is someone you meet online and want to ask him/her something, which most people consider as a big problem. You will enjoy this cool feature in the FMWhatsapp apk.

Screenshot 20200403 204304 1024x554 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

FM Whatsapp offers tons of themes

Apart from the recent dark mode that was introduced to the official Whatsapp and the application of a background image to your chats, nothing else you can do to give your original Whatsapp some looks.

In FMWhatsapp 2020, there is a Theme Store that will allow you to download new themes to your taste.

Show blue ticks only after you reply to a msg

We all know that blue ticks mean “Msg was seen”. But this is not the case here. When you enable this feature, blue ticks will show only after you respond to a message. Isn’t that fascinating? So this means that you can view any message without the sender noticing it.

Screenshot 20200403 204755 1024x538 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

No more media preview, your data consumption is minimized!

FMWhatsapp has removed the feature that will show you a preview of a media while it is downloading. This preview feature consumes data.

The FMWhatsApp does not load media preview of any kind. Literally, when you try to open any media file it does not show you any previews, it just loads the file directly within a few secs.

Send large files with FMWhatsapp

The official max file size that can be sent is 50 MB. But in FM Whatsapp, it is set to 1 GB. Whoa!! You can literally send a movie. Furthermore, you can send more than 10 files at a time.

Post longer statuses

Before using this Mod, whenever I see a long status posted by my friends I begin to wonder how is this possible?. I now come to realize that it is actually a Mod they are using.

The official limit of status is 140 characters if I’m not mistaken but in this mod, I think it is up to 240 characters or more.

You can copy & paste statuses

Sometimes your friends’ statuses can make a lot of sense and there is a need to copy it and repost it. With this feature, you don’t actually need to screenshot a status or retype it. Easy peasy.

Tons of emojis

We all know that every company has its own emoji design and looks. For example, Whatsapp and Facebook Emojis are entirely different when it comes to their looks despite the fact it is owned by the same company. In FM Whatsapp Apk, you can change the emoji variant to your taste and feel the coolness.

Screenshot 20200403 205126 1024x552 - FM WhatsApp Apk (Anti-ban) [2022] Download Latest Version

Regular Updates

The original Whatsapp is updated regularly and with these updates, lots of people using a MOD version are at risk of getting banned. Relax, the developers of FMWhatsapp are regularly updating their Mods with new features and also to avoid such a ban.

100% Anti-ban

Whatsapp is banning users that are using a Mod. Say no more to this as FMwhatsapp is updated regularly.


Other exclusive features on FM Whatsapp

  • Multiple chats
  • Disable badge counter
  • Hide view status
  • Increase forward limit up to 250!
  • Enable always online
  • Hide media from gallery
  • Choose who can call you
  • Hide blueticks in groups
  • Hide who’s typing in groups or individual chats
  • Lock your FMWhatsapp apk
  • Custom wallpaper per contact
  • Hide the forwarded tag when forwarding a message
  • Hide contact profile picture

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Download FM WhatsApp Apk latest version

MOD APK File Size:51 MB
Android Version4.1 +
ModifierFouad Mokdad
Updated Date:1st September 2022

You can easily download the FM Whatsapp apk download 2022 from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Is FM Whatsapp safe?

FMWhatsApp Apk can indeed be regarded as a secure application. There have been no reports of the app being compromised with malware. The APK we provide is completely safe, as evidenced by the results of numerous antivirus tests. However, keep in mind that we’re talking about a WhatsApp MOD, which means there are a number of risks associated with utilizing it, but since it’s modified by Fouad Mokkad and because it works with WhatsApp Messenger’s infrastructure very well, I can safely say this app is pretty safe.

Privacy concerns

FM Whatsapp Apk Data and Privacy are expected to be built on the same code base as the original WhatsApp. However, because its creator has no ties to the official app, no one can guarantee that the MOD is completely safe in terms of how your data is being handled. We can’t also confirm that your chats will be kept private. According to its creators, it uses the same servers as the original WhatsApp, but this isn’t a reason to feel safe for two reasons: they could be copying information to their own servers, and in any case, your chats would be on WhatsApp’s official servers, the security of which we can’t guarantee despite the fact that not even WhatsApp Inc. has access to them.

FM Whatsapp Frequently Asked Questions

Will Whatsapp banish me for using FM Whatsapp apk?

NO, Just make sure you update it from time to time.

Can the developers view my messages?

Yes. Since there is a privacy breach in the first place and MODDED app/games are vulnerable – this is the reason why they are not available in the store.

Can I use it together with the original WhatsApp app?

Yes you can.

Is FMWhatsApp Available for iPhone Users?

Not at the moment but lots of request have been sent to the modifiers.

Do I need to root my device?


How can I update without losing my data?

Just install the latest one and it will override the existing one.


FMWhatsApp Mod Apk is an outstanding edition of Modded Whatsapp messenger as it allows you to enjoy a new and flexible User Interface, hide your last seen while seeing your friend’s own, and other features I’ve mentioned earlier. FMwhatsapp also comes with thousands of themes in its inbuilt library.

One thing I noticed when I was using it is that it is slower when compared with the original WhatsApp app. But nevertheless, FM Whatsapp Apk download 2022 will be a great idea if you really want to enjoy all the features mentioned above.

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