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Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords [100% Working]

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get free Netflix accounts that are 100% working in 2019.

Are you a movie freak that doesn’t want to spend a penny on Netflix subscription? If yes, continue reading and learn how to enjoy Netflix account for free. Or you can check out the top Netflix alternatives that are cheaper than Netflix or even free.

What is Netflix by the way?

Netflix is the world-leading online streaming site, there is no doubt about that as they serve over 130 million members around 190 countries. Check out the features.

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  • Customers from Netflix are able to stream from a vast collection of movies, documentaries, and TV programs.
  • You don’t need to wait before DVDs hit the post or be completely downloaded before viewing. Video stream is accessed via the Internet.
  • You can choose from a free, regular or premium package. HD streaming is available on both basic and standard plans, but if you are interested in Ultra HD quality, you have to go for the premium plan.
  • Depending on the plan you choose, the basic plan allows you to stream on one device, the standard plan allows you to stream on two devices and the premium for four.
  • Free 30-month trial.
  • Once you’re signed up, you can watch movies through all your devices be it a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc.

How To Get Free Netflix Account.

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There are various methods on how to get free Netflix accounts for free. All you need to do is follow the steps and enjoy Netflix for free.

Note that: Some of the tricks are completely illegal and you should be responsible for anything that happens!

Method 1: Free Netflix account For the 30-days trial.

On a normal basis, Netflix provides all new users with a free premium account for 30-day. All you need to do is to register with your credit card. You can use this free trial to take advantage of Netflix. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Create a new email ID or simply use your current ID to sign up for Netflix

Step 2: Insert your credit card details. But remember to cancel your Netflix account on or before the trial expires or else you will be charged for a monthly price. To delete your account, simply go to account settings and click on cancel the streaming plan.

Step 3: Follow the above steps again with a new email ID and a new credit card details.

This method is hectic as you need new credit card details but you can also bypass that by creating a new Paypal ID and linking it to your credit card and sign up with your PayPal account. But, Paypal is strict with fake details and they may ban you.

You may be wondering what cookies are right? Relax, ill explain it to you.

Our browser stores the data obtained from the website we visit. This data from the website is known as browser cookies.

The browsers store all of our cookies in .txt formats When we open Netflix’s website for instance and connect with our username ID and password, then the information is stored by default in the form of cookies in our browser.

We can export the browser cookie that is saved by Netflix. and we can easily import the cookie to other browsers and make use of it. We can even use Netflix premium accounts without using the username or password after entering Netflix cookies in any different browser. This method can be used on both mobile phone or laptop.

How do you use these Netflix cookies?

This method is best for PC users.

It easy, just follow these steps.

1: Open your Chrome browser.

2: Download and install “Edit this cookie” chrome extension from extension store or simply follow this link.

image 21 - Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords [100% Working]

3: Close the Chrome browser and open it again.

4: Visit the Netflix website.

5: Open the “Edit this cookie” extension and goto import cookie.

image 23 - Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords [100% Working]

6: Now download the cookie files and copy the cookies txt into the extension.

7: Now refresh the Netflix page and voila you are logged in

Is it safe to use Netflix Cookies?

First, we need to understand what cookies are to get the answer. Cookies are basically small data that submit information about a user’s browser and connect it to websites. Even companies like Google, Twitter, use these cookies very safely.

Such cookies store the history of the browser and display details of the fetch on Google. Therefore, the answer is Yes, cookies are secure, and you can use Netflix cookies because they don’t share the data with anyone. Even Netflix cookies are secure and don’t share your browsing history as well.

Do not log out else your cookie session will expire.

All cookies are working fine. In case you are unable to login, comment down below and we’ll update the cookies. And make sure you share this post with your friends so that they can also get free Netflix accounts and passwords.


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Method 3: Sharing Of Netflix Accounts.

Sharing is caring. You can share your Netflix with your family and friends. As you can see from the above Table of Netflix pricing, the Premium account allows you to play Netflix movies on 4 screens at the same time. This method is totally legal and the best way to enjoy Netflix for free.

$11.99/month can’t be that hard to pay if you can contribute with your friends or family. In fact, this plan is the best and you won’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

You can’t create different passwords for each of the users you’ll be sharing with. Instead, you share your details with your trusted friends.

Method 4: Using Emails & Passwords

You can use the below emails and password to enjoy free Netflix but pls do not change passwords 🤨. Comment below if emails are not working. Enjoy Netflix!

[email protected]8945
[email protected]b689
[email protected]tw23
[email protected]tw45
[email protected]78tw
[email protected]4529
[email protected]2470
[email protected]1098
[email protected]6720
[email protected]3460
[email protected]t56w
[email protected]T78W
[email protected]5620
[email protected] 2631
[email protected] 0980
[email protected] 8256
[email protected] 6357
[email protected]8257
[email protected] 7353
[email protected] 5367

Method 5: By using Virtual Card

A digital credit card is another way to get a free Netflix account and password in 2019. To obtain a virtual credit card, you should visit a bank or an issuer of a card. In most cases, virtual cards are accepted. So relax this method is legal in some instances.

How do you get this virtual card? It’s easy, go and install the DBS app on your phone and follow the steps below.

image 32 - Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords [100% Working]

1. After Installation, sign up.

2. Fill all your details.

3. Click Next and Enter OTP and submit.

4. Now click on sign up and click on get “E-Wallet Now”.

5. You must present a government ID in order to get verified and start using DBS.

digibanking - Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords [100% Working]

6. After that click on get virtual card.

Note that: There are other digital card providers other than DBS. You can search for the one that suits you.

A digital card is much like a real credit card. The only difference is that you won’t get a real plastic card and that’s not an e issue since You can pay for your Netflix.

When your one-month free trial comes to an end, you can set up a new Netflix account with another fresh digital card, and start again and again.


With the 5 methods listed above, you will definitely find a method that will work for you. Comment down below in case the emails and Netflix cookies are not working and we’ll try as much as possible to update them. And mind you, there’s no such thing as Netflix account generator!! they’ll just waste your time with surveys.


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  1. Netflix affords you the one-month free trial to its new consumer after that you need to pay for it. For utilizing free Netflix for one month all that you must create a brand new account

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