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Gang Clash Mod Apk V3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Gang Clash Mod Apk is a strategy game where you line different types of fighters for a huge street fight!. By huge I mean a large number of gangs you need to take down in the street fight and they may double or triple your very own gang population.

With such a huge number of gangs to fight in the streets, you need to prepare very well, get yourself equipped with a variety of fighters and upgrade them as well.

Description Of Gang Clash

Gang Clash MOD APK 2 - Gang Clash Mod Apk V3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Gang Clash Mod Apk is a simple strategic game offered by IEC Global Pty Ltd. Like I mentioned earlier, your gangs line up in a street fight with your opponents’ gangs that are larger than yours.

Regardless of your gang numbers, the Strength Bar, which is divided into four zones — Poor, Nice, Awesome, and Great, influences your gang’s power and hence determines whether you’ll win or lose the battle.

An arrow travels continuously across theStrength bar before it is halted by pressing the “Battle” button. The more you halt the arrow to the perfect zone, the better the odds of winning the round. Halting the arrow on any other zones yields terrible odds of winning.

So this means that the strength bar is crucial and with a perfect strength bar, your gangs will fight with perfect strength till the end!

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Numbers doesn’t matter in Gang Clash

img 5eb81723dc432 - Gang Clash Mod Apk V3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

In Gang Clash Mod Apk, having a large number of gangs isn’t as crucial as having a perfect strength bar. The enemy gang would outnumber you in virtually all stages. So Focus on developing their skills instead of relying on bringing figures to the squad.

Talents update is also important. In total there are nine Talents, covering things like Melee Attack, Attack Speed, etc. Upgrading skills contribute to quicker and higher harm to your enemies by your gang. You may have the numbers, but a bigger squad would be on you.

Buy new gangs

gang clash buying new units 400x713 - Gang Clash Mod Apk V3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

The only unit you can use when you start off in Gang Clash Mod Apk is the Hooligan. All you have to do is to get better units in order to improve your odds.

When you unlock new stages, new units are unlocked and you can buy them with your cash or simply watch an advert. Sadly you don’t get these new units immediately. They are only purchased and added to the list of your current units.

New units are typically stronger than the old ones, so this means that 1 new unit is better than 2 or more old units. Unless if you’ve upgraded your old unit star.

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Different gangs to choose

Gang Clash’s got a variety of gangs. You begin with a basic Hooligan, who uses his fists to fight rivals as his main weapon.

As you advance, new characters like the Chair Throwers, who dominate the backline and concentrate on crushing the enemy’s head by throwing a chair are unlocked.

The most interesting character is the bomber, who throws black round bombs and blows the enemy.

Combine Units & Get Stronger

Upon picking up one of your gang, you’ll certainly notice that they have a star rating. By merging a similar gang, you will increase their star ranking. For example, two 1-star Hooligans may be combined to produce a single 2-star Hooligan. You’ll find the two Hooligans are now sharing a single spot on your squad. Two 2-star Hooligans will then be merged to create a 3-star Hooligan with four of them sharing a single spot.

Use your brain & setup a good strategy

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You may have loads of strong units, but you probably won’t survive the higher stages of the game if you don’t place a good strategy.

Be sure you place your gangs in the right positions. For example, chair throwers are best placed in the back and melee units like the Hooligan and Big Brother are best placed in the front.

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Features of Gang Clash

=>You can combine the members of your gang to create more powerful gangs

Merging so many of your entry-level gang members to generate more powerful gang members is one of the finest methods to enhance your gang. Who will be able to deal the most harm to your opponents?

=>At the end of each task, you’ll be able to purchase more gang members

If you want to keep your gangs from decreasing when you start merging some of your recruits, use part of the coins you earn by performing tasks to buy brand-new gang members. It’s a good idea to buy a few fresh gang recruits before starting each assignment to replace any gang members that were dead or merged.

=>Each opponent’s gang you kill will win you money

Each time you kill a member of a rival gang, you will receive 10 coins. As a result, you won’t have any trouble gathering enough cash at the end of each round to buy more gang members.

=>There is no need to be concerned about a countdown clock

You’re in luck if you want to spend some time planning an effective strategy before pressing the fight button to start a gang war because Gang Clash doesn’t have an obnoxious countdown clock. As a result, you’ll have as much time as you need to devise a battle strategy.

=>It has straightforward, easy-to-understand controls

If you prefer to hop right into a game without having to deal with complex controls and game mechanics, you’ll appreciate the fact that there is only one button to worry about. The battle button, which you’ll need to push when the time comes to fight.

=>Each level will get progressively harder as you go

While the first ten levels of Gang Clash are quite straightforward to accomplish, you should note that each level becomes progressively challenging as time goes on. If you want to have any chance of beating your opponents once you reach level 100, you’ll need to think carefully about your fight strategy. Who will have the most powerful gang members who will not give up without a fight?

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Download Gang Clash Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

MOD APK File Size:46 MB
Andriod Version4.1+
Developers:IEC Global Pty Ltd
Updated Date:15th June 2022

You can easily download Gang Clash Mod Apk from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

You can download the original Gang Clash game from HERE.

Gang Clash Mod Apk Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • No More ADS

Tips n Tricks

Small upgrades have a big impact

Gang Clash is an easy game to play. A Strength Bar controls the characters and is separated into four zones: Poor, Good, Awesome, and Perfect. An arrow moves across the bar until it is stopped by hitting the “Fight” button on the screen. The closer you can get the arrow to perfect, the more likely you are to win the round. When you stop the arrow on the poor, your gangs will fight terribly. They move slowly, inflict little damage, and the round is over before you realize it. Stopping on Perfect, on the other hand, causes your team to fight as if their lives were at stake. You will easily win the round even if you are outnumbered two to one in terms of players.

Again, focus on upgrades

If you fail to stop the arrow on perfect, you can repeat the level at any moment and for an unlimited number of times. Because the player can only choose to continue the round when the meter is on perfect, there is no consequence for restarting the level, which considerably lessens the game’s difficulty.

Just like I clearly stated above, having a large number of followers isn’t the most crucial factor. Almost every level will have the opposition gangs outnumbering you. Rather than concentrating on increasing the number of gangs on your team, concentrate on boosting their abilities. Your team’s talents are upgradeable assets. There are nine different Talents to choose from, including Melee Attack, Range Attack, Melee Attack Speed, and so on. Upgrading skills allows your characters to deal more damage to their opponents while also leveling the playing field. You’ll have a better team than they do, despite the fact that they have the numbers.


Winning a street gang fight is very easy but it requires some strategy and the correct use of the strength bar. Also, remember to unlock new gangs and make sure you merge them and upgrade their skills.

With this Gang Clash Mod apk, you don’t have to worry about ads or any money to unlock new gangs. Enjoy the game!

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