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GB Instagram Apk V8.90 Latest Version (July 2022)

GB Instagram APK Latest Version is constantly becoming popular day by day and the reason behind this popularity is due to the fact that lots of features that are needed by most Instagram users are not available in the original Instagram app and this resulted in the development of GB Instagram Mod Apk (GBinstaMOD) which offers these features. The full features of this Mod Apk are listed below.

GB Instagram free download is one of the best Instagram Mods that provide you with better access and features through the original site. This modified app is no different than the original app but it offers a wide range of features and enhancements that the official apps do not seem to provide.

Do you want to download Instagram photos, videos, and stories? You can download and install GBInsta instead of the original Instagram if you want to download videos, photos, and stories without installing any third-party software. You may install it free of charge on your Android, iOS, and Windows devices via the link given below. Before downloading the APK, you should keep in mind that a rooted Android device is not needed, it can be installed just like the official app.

Description Of GB Instagram Apk

Being an active Instagram user, I spend most of my time watching Instagram videos and stories. But there is no way to download some of the stories or videos that I like, in this case, GB Instagram apk will do the job plus provide tons of features for me.

Instagram allows us to upload/share stories, pictures, live videos, messaging, and also edit photos/videos. Yeah, we can’t seem to think of anything in our lives without Instagram, it has become an integral part of our social life. But if we look at the official Instagram app, being such an amazing social media app, we can see that there are certain aspects that the app lacks. Features like being unable to download images and videos, copy comments, view full profile pictures, etc

Instagram is different; the sharing of media like pictures and videos are often used and not so often used for sharing of information like news or what so ever texts format kind of info. If you want to share something on Instagram that you can use the status feature or even go live.

Instagram is a pretty quiet and nice place that allows its users to maximize their personal space on social media.

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Instagram’s photo filters are crucial to the platform’s success. What attracted people to Instagram in the first place was their capacity to convert anyone into a professional photographer. Each of the 40 filters offers a unique appearance and feel, allowing you to choose the one that best represents your profile.

Posts with video

Video is wonderful for generating engagement, but it also allows you to offer more detailed, in-depth content that can’t be delivered in a single image or series of Stories. Originally limited to 15 seconds, video posts now allow you to generate long-form, high-production-value videos of up to one minute in length, resulting in a high level of engagement. You can also schedule Instagram videos using third-party apps, much like regular Instagram postings.

Instagram Stories

Instagram has benefited greatly from the introduction of Stories. The feature, which debuted in 2016, was initially regarded as a rip-off of Snapchat’s immensely successful model. However, with people increasingly looking for tools to increase engagement with their brands without having to make massive investments in creative content, Stories, with all of its features included, has skyrocketed in popularity.

Stories show as small circles at the top of your followers’ feeds and vanish after 24 hours, making it a more entertaining and less stylized experience.

Highlights from the Stories

Instagram Stories is a fantastic tool, but it only lasts for 24 hours. While the Stories’ transience is what made them so popular, users have indicated a wish to save some of their favorite stories for later usage. As a result, Instagram came up with the Stories Highlights feature. This allows you to store your favorite stories and keep them for as long as you wish on your account. Instagram saves your Stories Highlights at the top of your profile page so that they are visible to your followers and anyone else who views your Instagram profile.

Instagram Live

Since its launch, Instagram Live has been a part of the Stories function. Initially met with some skepticism about how to exploit this feature, a lot of users have embraced it with enthusiasm to generate buzz around their fans. Users feel a sense of rush to view your live broadcast before it vanishes because of its transient nature. 


Instagram TV is the most recent and, arguably, one of the most intriguing additions to Instagram’s features. You must first create an IGTV channel before you can add an IGTV video to your feed. This is simple enough; you simply link your Instagram account to your new IGTV account. The IGTV icon in the right-hand corner will now appear in the grid of your Instagram profile.

Your videos don’t have to be professionally shot, and they can be about whatever you like! It’s similar to your Instagram Stories, but it doesn’t have to be as polished or well-curated as an Instagram post or video.

Filters for augmented reality

AR is already being used in numerous areas, despite how futuristic the concept may sound. When a camera is used, AR superimposes virtual effects onto real photos and video. These AR effects are known as face filters on Instagram. They’re colorful, adorable overlays that you can use on your Instagram Stories images and videos.

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Quizzes and stickers

As new features are added to Instagram Stories, it becomes more professional and detailed. Stickers are one of the most widely utilized Stories tools. These features, which range from emoji sliders to polls and GIFs, can help you communicate with your audience in unusual ways and enhance engagement.

Features Of GB Instagram Apk

I’ve used this app before and haven’t encountered any issues. It’s safe and 100% working.

Check out some of the features of GBInsta Latest Version:

1. Download all sorts of media: Say no more to Instagram restrictions to download media files. With this app, you can download media files posted on stories or whatsoever.

How cool is it if we can download the photos and videos of our friends? With all this in mind, the modders have incorporated this functionality into Instagram MOD APK. It’s easy to use this feature to download the media directly to your device.

2. Disable videos auto-play: This is a +1 advantage. No one likes this Instagram feature that plays videos automatically. It drains our data and this sucks. With this Mod you can disable videos auto-play. It is your choice.

3. Download expired media: We all know as per Instagram rule, statuses get expired after 24hrs of upload but with Gbinstagram latest version, you can still view and download expired statuses. GB Instagram apk download latest version now and enjoy this feature.

4. No more adverts: Yeah this feature is real. You are free from seeing Instagram Ads between your feeds.

5. Hide view stories: What it provides is literally an idea of being sneaky with your friends. When you turn on this feature, your name will not appear on his list if you view this status. An amazing feature, isn’t it? Gb Instagram Apk download latest version for this amazing feature.

6. You can enable sound when a video starts: We all know that Instagram videos always start without audio. Say no more with GB Instagram latest version.

7. Dark Mode:

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Other features of GB Instagram

1. You can now hide your typing status when sending a DM.

2. Copy texts from status, comment or bio.

3. Inbuilt Translator

4. App lock feature

5. Follower Tracker: Get track of who follows/unfollows you. Serves like an analytic right?

6. Copy comments link directly.

7. Zoom pictures.

What we like about GB Instagram

The platform’s user interface and simplicity set it apart from all other social media in the industry. Furthermore, the “LIVE” feature is the most common and distinctive among users. Users will live chat with their friends and LIKE and COMMENT on their posts.

Instagram Reels is a section where you can find all kinds of fun and useful content, such as short videos, design, food, Vlogs, and so on. It is the most widely used of the days.

For your information, GB Instagram apk has tons of features and the major problem of watching Instagram Reels is that uses a lot of data, which can be reduced using GB Instagram Apk.

Aside from that, it’s a fantastic Social Media Platform. I will recommend it to any user because it is the best social media app ever because it allows us to interact with our friends via videos, images, and other media. Furthermore, it has more capabilities than the original Instagram which is extremely beneficial. Take a look at this fantastic App.

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Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version

MOD APK File Size:40 MB
Andriod Version4.2+
Updated Date:12th July 2022

You can easily download GB Instagram Apk latest version from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

You can download the original Instagram app from HERE.


Despite its many features, Instagram’s popularity stems from its ability to promote engagement among users who are constantly being bombarded with the best videos, photos, and moments on the internet. Run a simple search to uncover content related to any of your interests, and tag your posts with hashtags to make them more noticeable. You can now get a different perspective on the world from a more local perspective, and look at other users’ photos instantaneously, no matter where they are.

Obviously, Instagram will always be a simple photo-sharing tool for many users. But it’s also a unique method to express yourself and travel the world while staying in touch with people you care about and with whom you share interests.

Instagram is one of the best photo/video-sharing social networks, there’s no doubt about that. The app interface is very simple and fun. Instagram has tons of users and it’s therefore very good for running businesses. But the official app lacks lots of features that if present it’ll make it even more fun to use. This is why GB Instagram Apk is created in the first place, i.e to provide fun features.

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