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Hotstar mod apk is one of the most popular online video streaming platforms offered by Disney mass media company. Today Hotstar delivers over 100,000 hours of TV programs and live sports. Highly established video streaming service and a high degree of commitment to quality content.

Hotstar apk recently launched Premium membership plans. Membership in the premium apk is a paid monthly program that gives access to all of the exclusive content currently accessible on the network as well as future releases.

Here, we’ll provide you with the Disney Hotstar mod apk latest version download link for free so that you can access to all exclusive content. Check the full details below or head directly to the download section.

Description of Hotstar Disney

disney 1200 3 - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Disney plus Hotstar is an Indian Over-The-Top (OTT) subscription-based service operated by Star India, now a fully controlled subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

Although Hotstar provides some free content such as Star channels and News Channels but comes with advertisements.   

Hotstar also provides subscription services that are primarily Hotstar- VIP and Hotstar-Premium. The paying packages provide a completely ad-free, high-quality content service. The full info of the packages is explained below.

Disney Hotstar Is the biggest streaming app in India

The interactions it gives to users are incredibly fascinating. With updates deemed significant. The developers know exactly what the Indians want in the entertainment world. Today, virtually all common domestic and international platforms continue to collaborate and grow seamlessly with Novi Digital. As of today, Hostar has more than 100M downloads on Google Playstore alone.

Hotstar Disney Plans

Screenshot 20200726 210726 654x1024 - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Hotstar offers two paid plans namely Hostar premium and Hotstar VIP. Hoststar premium is more expensive than the VIP plan and it is due to the features it packs.

Hotstar VIP offers Nollywood movies, live sports, Disney + Content in dubbed languages like Hindi. As for Hostar premium, it offers the latest Hollywood movies, exclusive contents plus all the features of Hotstar VIP.

Hostar Premium doesn’t contain ads and offers streams on multiple devices at high resolution.

You will pay Rs—399 a year to apply to the VIP or you pay  Rs. 299 a month or Rs. 1499 a year for the premium package. You will get a one-week trial free of charge. When you are not interested in extending your subscription then you can cancel within the one-week period. So if you want it, you can select the aforementioned nonstop entertainment streaming packages. Nonetheless, you must know that in case you wish to cancel any plan, your money will not be refunded.

I have taken my time to explain these packages because this mod apk is created with the sole aim of providing the premium packages to users who are still not satisfied with the free trial and still want to know more about the app before purchasing.

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Features Of Hotstar Disney

disneyhotstar - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Hotstar hacked version apk is a modified version of the original app which gives you access to the premium package without paying any dime. Check out the features that you’ll get from this app.

Quality Contents

ES0V93rUYAAAehr - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Disney Plus Hotstar mod apk is remarkably famous for its high-quality content. I guess who needs pirated movies when you can get them here? However, you must be aware that streaming of good quality needs additional data from the internet. When you have decent Wi-Fi connectivity or any form of unrestricted data plan, then you can choose to watch Disney Hostar’s contents at high resolutions.

Download movies

This feature is very helpful to users who have poor internet connection to stream directly or users who want to save movies and watch later.

Skip the intros!

Only a few people enjoy the intro of movies or shows. whereas most people hate it and want to just skip it as soon as the movie starts. okay, the app gives you the option to skip intros and start watching directly from the start.  

Hundreds of movies in vernacular!

You will view the shows and films in whatever language you want. You only have to go to the Preferences menu and choose the language you want. Yep, this feature is excellent as you can watch your local vernacular movies that mostly aren’t available elsewhere.

Stream live sports

If you are tired of watching films and shows. You can switch to the sports channel and stream live Cricket(IPL / International), Live Tennis Grand Slams, Basketball, Formula 1 racing, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Kabaddi, Table-tennis, football, and so on.

A user-friendly interface

The UI of Disney Plus is very familiar if you’ve used any streaming service at all, aside from Disney’s own Hulu. A web-like carousel at the top of the home screen features a selection of Disney’s best blockbusters.

Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic appear as static symbols beneath the brand’s most popular assets. When you hover your mouse over each icon, it will animate, and when you click it, a small animation will display before the branded page opens. While the interface is intended to expand to low-power devices such as USB sticks, we found no difference between any of the dozen or so devices we tested. The interface is tile-heavy, in contrast to the newer HBO Max service, which provides more visual breaks between titles, but it is simple to navigate.

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What devices are compatible with Disney Plus?

Basically anything. Disney Plus offers one of the broadest reaches to any smart device, with support for Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku, Sony, Amazon, Samsung, and LG devices, tablets, computers, and phones.

With a Disney Plus membership, you can watch up to four different shows on up to four different devices at the same time.

Tons of movies, series & shows

Disney plus - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Hotstar is a place where movie freaks spend most of their time, be it movies, series, or shows. You can stream or download Bollywood, Hollywood, and vernacular series or shows. There are hundreds of thousands of movies, series, and shows that can keep you busy all the time. You can also stream reality television shows when broadcasting on Indian national television!

Coupons and exclusive deals

Disney+ Hotstar is also renowned for delivering numerous coupon codes and offers. They can be used for some extra entertainment.


Screenshot 2020 08 17 19 44 01 57 cfbcc17267b0464af8bff0542436bc64 - Hotstar Mod Apk V14.9.5 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Most producers are now releasing numerous new shows, so keeping up with the release of these shows is almost difficult for the subscribers. This is all right! You can take a deep breath as Disney plus Hotstar has a wishlist feature where you can add the expected contents and watch them in your free time.

Enjoy Hotstar originals

Hotstar is also loaded with originals just like in Netflix. Prominent series produced by the platform include 1962: The War in the Hills, Criminal justice, Hostages, Arya, Out of Love, and others. You can explore the featured section, sports, movies, and TV series at any time. Most films feature previews to give you an indication of what to expect.

This streaming platform, like many others, collects information about what you’ve viewed and what you enjoy in order to offer recommendations. This makes finding new TV shows and movies to watch enjoyable and easy.

Disney Plus Hotstar Performance

To begin watching, simply choose the content you wish to watch, and its video player should open. If you’re streaming a series, after you’ve chosen the show, you can choose which episode you wish to watch. Every piece of content I’ve watched so far appears to have a 3 to 5-second wait before it begins to play. On the smartphone app, it takes somewhat less time, consistently taking 2 seconds. When it does begin to play, though, it does so without any buffering. Although the initial wait is minor, it may irritate some users, especially because Netflix starts virtually instantly.

If you’re watching a TV show, you can simply pick Next Episode on the player or let the video player do it for you automatically, which is ideal if you’re watching a marathon. Movies, on the other hand, will simply cease playing once they are finished. For convenience and ease, I really like the skip intros feature.

Finally, you can adjust the video quality of the content being played, which is now standard for most video streaming sites, including YouTube. What I find strange is that they utilized the terms Low, Medium, and High instead of expressing the content’s real resolution. It violates convention in a way that I dislike because I prefer to know if I’m watching things in Full HD, 720p HD, or lower resolution.

Download Hotstar Premium Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:30 MB
Android Version4.1 +
Publishers:Novi Digital
Updated Date:31st August 2022

You can easily download hotstar premium mod apk from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Hotstar Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • All premium features are unlocked
  • Login is not Needed
  • The forced update is disabled
  • The app can be moved to SD Card

Hotstar is one of the best

Hotstar is bigger than Netflix in India because it offers movies, TV shows, sports in vernacular and this makes it India’s largest premium streaming network. 

The features and content of Disney+ are essentially similar to Amazon Prime, HBO, Netflix. With this app, you can watch any Disney movies or shows but you have to select your preferred language in order to get featured content and also to enable Disney to offer you content in your language for both audio and subtitles. Additionally, if you’re on the go, you can simply download Disney content or stream it from wherever you are.

The app provides access to a significant amount of content, with over 100,000 hours of viewing time. There are over 17 languages with which you can view the contents. Therefore, there’s something to entertain almost everyone. Furthermore, you can choose the video quality, with 1080p HD being the best choice.

Hotstar is designed for sports lovers who want to enjoy other forms of entertainment as well. On your Android device, you may watch the most recent TV episodes and movies. You’ll have access to major Indian TV series as well as National Geographic stations. There are also amazing Bollywood films to watch as well as current Hollywood movies.

The app is well-designed, from the main page to any further menus you might access when browsing for information. The tile style makes it simple to see what’s on offer without having to browse too far. The categories are simple, yet there are a lot of them.

Why use Disney Hotstar+?

Disney+ Hotstar Mod Apk is one of the best streaming services that will have you glued to your screen for hours. While the Disney label may lead you to believe that it is aimed at children, there is enough content for teenagers and adults. It features interesting shows like The Plot against America, Criminal Justice, Special Ops, The Mandalorian, as well as old favorites like The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, Five days, Billions, and The Emperor’s New Groove. The mobile app works well, has a familiar, user-friendly UI, and the low membership price makes it even more appealing.

However, the user interface should be improved; there is a small delay before the video is played; 4K content is limited; the way visual quality options are shown is peculiar; the service does not support as many devices as competitors, and there is no skip intro button. These aren’t turnoffs by any means, and I’m confident they’ll be able to update it in the future to address the majority of these concerns. 


Disney+ Hotstar is an impressive streaming platform for almost all types of programs. Hundreds of movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, NatGeo are available to stream. This app provides you with original, family-friendly Disney entertainment in the greatest possible quality, as well as all of the tools you’ll need to set it up at home.

Hotstar Mod apk will provide you with all the features that are exclusive to Premium users. You will stream or download all the shows from India and abroad or simply stream live sports.

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