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How to Become a Hacker in 2022

Ask yourself: Why Hacking? before considering the processes or learning curve to become a hacker. I promise you the answer to this question will point you in the right direction.

The field of hacking is incredibly promising. While receiving some good benefits, you can continue studying indefinitely without becoming bored. So how exactly does one become a hacker? What should you do first? What actions are necessary, and what needs to be avoided?

I’ll do my best to respond to these questions in this article because, after all, I only became a White hat hacker 3 years ago. But first, let’s define a hacker so that we know what we should be aiming for.

Who is a Hacker?

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A Hacker is a person who breaches security to access sensitive information. Most of them are very experienced computer programmers who, using their special analytical abilities, can find security holes and gain access to secure systems.

Types of Hackers

Hackers that use illicit means to demonstrate their abilities rather than for financial gain are known as Grey hat hackers.

Black hat hackers: These cybercriminals unlawfully access computers and damage systems by erasing or stealing data. An example would be hacking into a computer in order to steal sensitive information for its own benefit.

White hat hackers: These hackers utilize their expertise to support businesses in building reliable computer systems.

Requisite skills to start out as a hacker

As of right now, you have some information or understanding of what a hacker is and who a hacker is. Every computer programmer and even novice computer users aspire to become a hacker in the modern world. And why not? Hacking is the expertise that allows you to have freedom in the realm of computers. It implies that once you become a hacker, anything is possible, including evil things. Consequently, in order to become a hacker, you must follow the steps below, which explain the fundamental knowledge and computer abilities needed to do so as well as the rationale behind these requirements.

1. Practice with LINUX/UNIX

An open-source operating system called LINUX/UNIX gives computer systems enhanced security. Being one of the most popular operating systems for hacking and offering a wealth of tools, LINUX is unavoidable for hackers. Red Hat Linux, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, BackTrack, and other popular Linux distributions are only a few examples. One of the most popular Linux distributions is Kali Linux, which has been specially modified for hacking.

2. Learn the Mother of All Programming Languages

You guessed correctly, yes! programming in C. The mother of all programming languages is another name for it. The foundation for learning UNIX/LINUX is C programming because this operating system is entirely written in C. Therefore, learning C programming is something you should pursue as a hacker since it allows you the freedom to customize the open-source Linux operating system however you like. Attempt various programming languages as well. You should be proficient in at least two or three programming languages if you want to be a hacker.

3. Develop your anonymity

This is one of the crucial procedures that every hacker should be aware of. As a hacker, you might engage in a lot of this activity, some of it perhaps legally and others perhaps illegally. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to remain anonymous online and how to conceal one’s identity so that there won’t be any traces of you left behind and no one can track you down.

4. Explore the Hidden Web

The dark web is a section of the internet that is hidden from search engines and can only be reached with the use of an anonymous browsing program like Tor, etc. You’ve probably heard that the “dark web” is a hub for illicit activities, and that’s true. However, not everything on the dark web is criminal; it also has a legitimate side. Therefore, understanding what it is and how it functions is essential.

5. Examine potential weaknesses

The system will tremble at the sight of even the smallest weakness. A system’s weakness or flaw is called a vulnerability. Scan the system, network, etc. for these vulnerabilities. Write your own flaws and try to take advantage of the system.

6. Study cryptography

You must be a specialist in the field of cryptography in order to hack effectively. For the internet and networking, cryptography and encryption technology is crucial. It is the application and research of methods for secure communication when third parties are present. Data confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication are just a few of the information security issues that are addressed by encryption. Additionally, the technique of cryptography is widely utilized in e-commerce, computer passwords, and ATM cards. These encrypted codes must be decrypted in order to be cracked during hacking.

Significant amounts of encryption are employed in SSL-based internet communication. An experienced hacker should be able to comprehend how SSL functions and the role that cryptography plays in keeping SSL secure.

See why different encryption techniques are challenging to decrypt by reading about them. Take part in competitions for powerful encryption decryption. A skilled hacker should be able to illustrate how an encryption method has flaws and should be able to create a program that can demonstrate how decryption can be done without knowing many details about the keys.

Recognize the various password-cracking methods. Password cracking may be done using dozens of tools, and utilizing one of them is not hacking. It’s critical that you comprehend how to build a program that can decipher ciphertext in order to become an accomplished hacker.

7. Acquire Knowledge of Multiple Operating Systems

In addition to UNIX, there are other additional operating systems. Since Microsoft systems are closed-source and one of the most frequently breached systems is Windows, learning to hack Microsoft systems is a smart idea.

Microsoft operating systems have a lot of vulnerabilities, according to the National Vulnerability Database.

Installers for the Windows OS are supplied in binary format, making it difficult for you to interpret the code. The digital representation of language and data that computers can understand is called binary code. However, it will be useful to understand how Windows programs are created and how various applications operate on this platform.

One of the most recent flaws in a well-known OS was the automatic startup of Java Web Start programs even when Java plug-ins were disabled. Knowing these operating systems’ vulnerabilities and methodically pursuing them are key elements of how to be a hacker.

8. Learn networking concepts

If you want to be a hacker, you need to have a strong understanding of networking.

It’s crucial to comprehend the processes involved in building networks, but you also need to be aware of the variations between the many sorts of networks. To be able to take advantage of the vulnerabilities on the internet, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the TCP/IP and UDP protocols.

Recognize the meanings of LAN, WAN, and VPN.

You must have access to the networking instructions needed to send an HTTP request. The entrance to the internet is made possible through the HTTP protocol. Therefore, learning this process is essential if you want to overcome the obstacles. The HTTP gateway is frequently used by hackers to get past the system’s security and take over.

One of the most popular web servers is Apache Httpd, and being familiar with it can help you in any projects involving HTTP or other application-layer protocols.

Hackers and security experts use Nmap, a potent network scanning tool, all over the world to find weak hosts. However, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of networking in order to use it properly.

9. Continue Your Training and pay attention to Security Discussions

Continuous learning is essential for success in the field of hacking. Reading hacking blogs as well as engaging in forums are excellent ways to brush up on your understanding of hacking. The emerging hacking methods and technologies that are being used can be learned more about by visiting hacking blogs and forums.

10. Become an expert hacker

The moment has come to delve further once you have a solid understanding of the subjects covered thus far. Try learning about topics like vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, SQL injections, and many others by diving deeply into hacking principles. Learning is never-ending in the realm of hacking because security changes every day as a result of system updates. As a result, you must stay current on the newest tools and techniques for hacking or securing systems.


The detailed info listed above can teach you how to hack and guide you down the path to becoming an accomplished hacker. Being selective and acting responsibly will help you avoid using this expertise to compromise the security of crucial institutions, which may put you in a difficult situation. Always keep in mind that there is a counter-hacking tool for every hacking tool. Be a responsible hacker first and foremost, and then be a clever hacker.


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