How To Monetize Facebook in 2022 (The Complete Guide)

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Did you know that Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms in the world where you can connect with friends from distant locations? However, Facebook is not just a social media network but also an avenue to generate income and revenue.

An average person would want only think that the sole purpose of using Facebook is to follow trends, read posts, offer engagements, and, most importantly, connect with different people worldwide. Technically, this is where most people are missing the point.

Business-minded individuals usually use Facebook to sell and promote their products and services as well as run advertisements to build a good marketing network. Additionally, anybody can make money from Facebook regardless of the business they engage in if the right methods are employed.

How Is Facebook Capable Of Making You Money?

facebook m - How To Monetize Facebook in 2022 (The Complete Guide)

As stated earlier, Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with millions of people using it daily. Among this large number of users are people willing to pay for certain services online.

Take for instance; you might be a makeup artist or a web developer whose services will be needed by Facebook users, but you never can tell if you are not utilizing the app. Reading and understanding the contents of this article will make it possible for you to generate income from Facebook.

How to Monetize your Facebook Page

You can make money in full, and as a content creator, it’s a viable option for both your wallet and your audience. The audience is there—Facebook logs more than four billion video views every day!

Make sure it’s worthwhile to monetize your Facebook Page before you start. Do you have the audience to support it, is what we mean? Facebook monetization is not something you can start right away because there is a higher entry barrier than with some other social media platforms.

How do you determine whether you qualify for monetization?

It’s very simple to see if you can make money from your Facebook page. You only need to follow a few easy steps and meet the eligibility requirements. How? Read on!

Go to the Facebook Creator Studio, where you can upload content and monitor the success of your videos. Keep in mind that Creator Studio also functions as an Instagram tool, so if you have experience using Instagram, you may already be familiar with it.

Go to the right-hand column on the Home Page and select “Monetization” from the list. From there, you can look at the “Overview” section to find out which kind of monetization you approve of. Verify your information is accurate before clicking “Set up Monetization.” Then just sit back and watch the money come in after receiving a confirmation email from Facebook for Creators, am I right?

How many fans and views are required to earn money on Facebook?

The steps to start making money on Facebook are simple to implement, but getting there can be more difficult. Here are the various tools needed for monetization, the requirements you must meet, and what they can do for your Page.

In-stream ads

Because it’s the biggest, certification for it is the most difficult to obtain. You must: in order to obtain ads before, during, and after your Facebook videos (for which you will be compensated!).

Rather than a personal profile, create a Facebook page. The admin of the Page is also you.

Facebook Page Monetization requirements

Have at least five videos that are all active and are each longer than one minute. A minimum of 600,000 minutes of views over the previous 60 days are also required. Yeah, 600,000. Three of your minimum five videos and at least 60,000 of those minutes must have originated from Live broadcasts in order for Live videos to be monetized.
Have at least 10,000 fans.

Facebook fan base subscriptions

It makes sense to use a subscription model if you have a loyal fan base. This entails paying a monthly fee in exchange for access to exclusive material; it’s a beautiful way for fans to support their favorite creators. You will be paid 100% of the subscription amount, less any applicable taxes, if they subscribe on a desktop. You only earn 70% of what they pay if they sign up using an Android or iOS device because the remainder goes to the mobile provider.

To join in on the fun, you must:

  1. Meet Apple’s App Store Subscription Guidelines as well as Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy and Fan Funding Creator Terms.
  2. Have more than 250 regular visitors or at least 10,000 followers.
  3. Have either 180,000 minutes watched or 50,000 post engagements during the last 60 days. A Page in a nation that qualifies, like the US, UK, Germany, or India.
  4. The only way to activate your subscription is by invitation if you live outside of an eligible nation.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Account

Create and Run A Facebook Group

When you know how to manage groups on Facebook, making money out of them would not be difficult. All you need to do is choose a particular niche and create a Facebook group to discuss issues related to the niche and watch your members grow over time.

You can then proceed to generate money through paid surveys, sponsored content, selling your products, services, and involvement in affiliate marketing.

Selling Your Products And Services

This is one of the easiest methods to earn money on Facebook and is utilized by millions of marketers on the platform. This method is called Social Media Marketing (SMM) under digital marketing. The best way to achieve this is to implement the feature recently introduced by Facebook, termed marketplace.

The Facebook marketplace serves as an open space for you to place your products for sale to buyers within your region. You can also buy products from the marketplace since everybody can access the online space.

You can also share some of your products with your Facebook friends and other members of the platform and get customers that are willing to engage your service or buy your products.

Selling of Accounts

You can also generate income from Facebook by selling an active Facebook account. This method also falls under the category of easiest methods to get money on Facebook. The first thing you do is to create and build a Facebook account with a significant amount of followers and acknowledgment by others on the platform. Then, put up the account for sale.

You should note that those willing to buy these accounts would prefer old accounts and will pay you based on the number of followers the Facebook account has generated. On the other hand, you can also sell your Facebook group or page to those willing to buy.

The formula here is also the same thing. These groups and pages must have at least thousands of followers and members before they can be worthy of purchase.

Become An Influencer on Facebook

At the moment, influencers are those earning big on Facebook. You can also become one if you are ready to go through the necessary stages. Influencers promote the services and products of other brands to the open public, thereby generating attention and attracting more customers on the company’s side.

If you wish to become an influencer on Facebook, create a Facebook account and amass a good deal of engagement on your posts and lots of followers. Once your Facebook account possesses all these qualities, it will naturally attract individuals and big companies that would show interest in promoting their businesses with you.

Afterward, you get the opportunity to charge them as high as you want to depend on the amount of traffic and engagements they are targeting.


Facebook has a lot to offer to its global users at the moment. As we get the privilege to interact with others, we can also utilize it as a means to make good money. This can be by selling our products and offering our services to those whom are willing to deal with us.

However, the final decision is left for you to take. We would advise you never to use Facebook as a means to hurt others in a bid to make money. It really does not worth the damage you cause.

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