How to Play Nerdle Game Online?

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Not long ago, social media was buzzing with Wordle screenshots, and everyone was sharing strange black, green and purple squares. 

I guess it was just six months ago, and now I read somewhere that the Wordle game was so much popular that New York Times acquired it. Inspired by the success of Wordle, the New York Times planned to bring a numerical version of Wordle and name it Nerdle. Luckily the idea clicked. Now sometimes it becomes hard to say which one is more popular: Wordle or Nerdle?

What is Nerdle?

As I stated earlier, Nerdle – an online game, is the numerical or, more specifically, mathematical version of the Wordle game. It was created for math fans. Even the creator explained Nerdle as “Wordle equivalent for math fans.”

Just like Wordle, here you have to guess, but the difference is that you will be guessing the equation of the day, not the word of the day. Each guess will turn the tiles into different colors like:

  1. Green tiles will say, right guess at right place.
  2. Purple tiles or boxes will mean right guess at the wrong place, whereas;
  3. A black tile will indicate that your guess is wrong.

Each try will bring you closer to the equation, and combining all tries will make it easier for you to guess the right equation.

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Rules to Play Nerdle Game Online

Rules are pretty simple if you want to play Nerdle game online. I had no idea about this game, but when I tried once, I guessed the equation on just the third try. So that means the rules are easy, and everyone can play this game.

  • You will have six tries.
  • Each try will have eight boxes or tiles where you can put just one character from the characters set.
  • The characters set you have is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, 9, 0, =, +, -, * and /
  • To solve the equation, the standard order of operations will be utilized.
  • The order of the character will matter. 20+30=50 will not be considered the correct answer if the correct answer is: 30+20=50.

Keep in mind these rules, and then you’re ready to play the Nerdle game online to start impressing your friends by solving it in the least tries.

How to Play Nerdle Online Like a Pro?

As I explained, there would be one equation that you will have to guess in six tries. Keep in mind that the equation should be 100% similar, with similar order of all the characters. If an equation is similar and the order is not correct, you won’t win the Nerdle.

  1. Start with an equation where you will try to use maximum unique characters. As you will enter the equations, tile colors will change. Using maximum unique characters will give you more green and purple boxes.
  2. On the second try, use all the purples and other characters that you couldn’t use on the first try.
  3. After the second try, you will now have all the purples and greens.
  4. On the third try, try to find the actual equation. This try will take more time because it won’t be a random equation. Rather, you will be guessing the equation of the day in Nerdle.
  5. If you fail on the third try, don’t worry because you still have three more tries.
  6. Once you have guessed the right one, all the tiles will turn green. You can copy the results and share them on your Social Media feed to show the world how genius you are who solved the Nerdle online in just three attempts.

End Words

Nerdle is a trending online game. You can play Nerdle online by simply in your browser. There are lots of websites offering this game for free. Spare a few minutes and solve the Nerdle and keep your mind sharp. The Nerdle solving skills, I must tell you, will help in solving almost impossible problems in just a few minutes.

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