Recover Deleted Files From Android - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

Today I’m going to show you the easiest ways on how to recover lost data on Android (With or without root) and iPhone.

One thing about most Andriod devices is that sometimes you can mistakenly delete all your files on your Android phone. Be it photos, audio MP3 files, apps you have installed, text messages, emails. It all happens at one point in time. Fortunately, all sorts of Andriod files can be recovered even when deleted as long as you follow the below steps!

One thing you should know about an Andriod device is that whenever you delete a file, it does not actually get deleted instantly but rather it creates an unused space on your SD card or phone memory for new files to be occupied. Once a new file occupied the unused spot then the files are permanently deleted from your Andriod device. This is why when it comes to file recovery on an Andriod device, timing is very crucial. DO NOT at any point move or save any file or even switch off your device.

How To Recover Lost Data On Andriod Device (USing PC)

Time is always key in this tutorial: don’t save or switch off your Andriod phone else you cant recover them. You have to first search for your backups that’s if you have one (Like Google automatic Backup) or otherwise follow these steps on how to recover your lost files. Turn off your internet connection so that no automatic updates are available before things go south.

Easy Steps:

A PC program is the best way to recover deleted files that were saved on an SD card. There are many of them online and your success varies but we highly recommend EaseUS. Many users report recovering their files successfully and we have also been able to recover some of the data we have deleted for our test. The software is easy to use and offers a free version.

1st method: Easy Steps (Requires phone root!!)

Connect your Andriod device to your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Next, open EaseUS. The program has a rather self-explanatory wizard interface.

1) First, the EaseUS app will detect your device and ask for permission to turn on USB debugging on your Android device, click on allow. EaseUs will now have access to analyze all your data files.

image 8 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

2) Next, you’ll be asked to root your Andriod device in other to restore all lost data.

image 10 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

3) If your device is already rooted you are Ok it won’t show you that, instead the Easeus application will start to scan your device data such as photos, contacts, music, etc. Pls make sure that your device has enough battery power.

ug msa free 2 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone
Credit: EaseUS

4) The interface shows all the data files (messages, contacts, audio, videos gallery, and documents) you have on your device. Mark files that are deleted and click on recover. You can click on the “only display deleted items” to only see deleted data and save a lot of time.

ug msa free 3 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone
Credit: EaseUS

5) Make sure you recover your lost data on your PC and not on your device!! If you recover them on your device and you still got some lost file to recover, they’ll be replaced and deleted permanently by the ones you recovered earlier.

ug msa free 4 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone
Credit: EaseUS

2nd method: Easy steps (Doesn’t require phone root)

Download Recuva => HERE

1) Connect your SD card to your PC using an adapter. Next, open the Recuva app. The program has a self-explanatory interface.

2) Next, you will be asked what type of file you are trying to recover eg photos, videos, text files, etc. If you are using the professional version, you can also create and recover a disk image first.

image 12 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

2) Next, you’ll be asked where the lost data should be looked for. Simply select and start the process from your microSD.

image 11 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

3) If or when the program finds your files, the green or red dot next to it will show the file(s), which will let you know the state at which they can get restored.

Check first whether they can be used on your PC, as they can get corrupt!

You can run advanced mode for the deep scan.

image 15 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

It should be noted that Recuva can not detect Android devices as removable drives. It is therefore unlikely that you will use this software to restore deleted files from the internal memory of your device.

However, there is still hope if your phone is rooted. You can install a mass storage enabler application in that case. Recuva can detect and scan your phone after it has been enabled.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android (No root)

This method doesn’t require you using a PC nor rooting your Andriod phone. All you need to do is download the app Dr fone and recover your lost photos. Easy as ABC!

Steps to recover photos with Dr.fone App

  1. Download and Install the Dr.fone App.
  2. Once installed completely, Open the App.
  3. Tap on the Quick Recovery Button from the screen.
  4. The scanning process will now start on your device.
  5. After the scanning process gets completed, then it will show you the list of all the deleted photos.
  6. Just select any of the photos of your choice. That’s all.

How To Recover Lost Data On iPhone

One of the most reliable ways to fully restore your lost or deleted data from your iPhone is to use an effective data recovery program to help you recover the lost data and recover it from your iPhone. Fortunately, there is a powerful iPhone Data Recovery app that can recover all kinds of data directly from iPhone without backup in just a few minutes.

* This method is done only if you don’t have an iCloud backup.

Supported Devices:

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS

Supported File for Recovery:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Reminders
  • Contact
  • Messages
  • Call history
  • Notes
  • WhatsApp messages
  • iMessages
  • Voice memo
  • Safari bookmark
  • Videos in apps
  • Photos in apps
  • Kik messages
  • Calendar



How To Directly Recover Lost Data Using Windows.

Step 1: Download and install and connect iPhone to PC and select “Recover from iOS Device”

The download file can be found on the links above. Download the program and install it on your computer accordingly. Run the app after installation and the main interface is as follows:

iphone1 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

Step 2: Begin Scanning Your iPhone Device

The program automatically scans your device once the mode has been selected. Sometimes it depends on how many files your iPhone has. Once the scanning is complete, you can preview the recovered files and have the option to recover only selected files. To start the recovery process, click the Recover button.

iphone 2 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone

Step 3: Preview and selectively recover all scanned data

All recoverable files will be displayed after scanning. Check the detailed files box and preview files for some categories. Click the “Recover” button to get lost data.

iphone3 - How To Recover Lost Data On Android & iPhone


You can potentially restore lost files due to jailbreak, virus attack, sudden deletion, etc by using EaseUS Andriod / iPhone data recovery.

Most of the time backups are the easiest and fastest way to recover our lost data but at times we forget to create one. This is why it is important to back up your phone monthly to prevent irreversible data loss.

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