coding featu - How To Select The Best Laptops For Coding in 2022

How To Select The Best Laptops For Coding in 2022

coding lappy 1160x653 - How To Select The Best Laptops For Coding in 2022

If you are into coding and thinking of how to select the best laptops for coding then this write-up is just for you.

The best laptops for coding should give you an amazing experience and make everything run smoothly for you since nobody wants to invest in a laptop or PC that makes the whole coding thing much more difficult for them. Imagine buying a PC that dies quickly or runs t programs really slow? Of course, that will be terrible. That is why you need to carry out enough research so you can pick the best of the best and not the type of laptop you would immediately come to regret.

All laptops are not the same since some are usually more powerful than others and serves divergent purposes. For instance, a laptop to be used for coding would be different from a gaming laptop since it might not be powerful enough to run some games.

Without much talk, how do you actually select the best laptops for coding? What do you need to check and what do you need to be aware of? Let’s head on to that.

Factors To Consider To Choose The Best Laptops For Coding

Before picking a laptop you want to use for coding, there are a few things you need to consider and these include the following:


This does not just apply to a coding laptop. Any good laptop should have a good processor to function well and prevent your laptop from constant glitches.

A processor typically sends information to your computer to carry out tasks based on what you might have asked for. The faster your processor, the faster it delivers specific information to your computer to carry out tasks you want. You can switch between different windows, rename filesand create documents with ease when your processor is very fast.

For coding, you should aim for a laptop with a processor between Intel Core i3 or higher or its equivalent in other models.

An Intel core i5 is highly recommended as this is optimal if you want to enjoy the perks of a good coding laptop.


Just like the processor, the bigger the size of the RAM, the better it is for coding. Your RAM is actually responsible for how your laptop performs. It stores up different applications or programs temporarily that are running on the laptop. The higher the size of your RAM, the higher the amount of programs or applications you can run at the same time on your laptop.

As a programmer or someone that codes, you might be dealing with programs that are heavy and would also have a few applications running simultaneously so you need to be aware of the RAM of a laptop before you select it.

Your laptop’s speed is also dependent on your RAM and hence, a small RAM size will cause the laptop to be sluggish and a slow laptop will in fact affect your overall performance.

We will recommend that web developers go for laptops with a 4GB RAM while software developers should aim for 8GB.


Let’s face it; it is burdensome to be carrying around a laptop that is big and heavy. As a programmer or someone that codes, your laptop is like your tool and most of the time you will be walking around with it. A 14-inch laptop should be perfect as anything bigger would be difficult to carry around.

However, this criterion is up to your own preference since you may prefer a system with a larger screen.

Battery Life

You really would not want your laptop to keep going off every now and then especially when you are trying to code or during a big project. You need to check out the battery life of any laptop you want to purchase.

One thing to note is that you should always check out reviews from other users on the battery life of a laptop you have in mind.

Do not just rely on the words of the manufacturers about the product; obviously, no one will underrate his products. Conduct personal research based on people’s reviews.

A battery life of at least 5 hours should be okay, anything less would be terrible as you would spend most of your time charging your laptop and you will not be able to work that much once you unplug your laptop since it will switch off real quick.


The storage capacity of the laptop is another important factor you should put in mind while searching for a laptop to use for coding. The bigger the storage capacity, the faster your laptop will be.

Normally, most computers come with an internal storage of 250GB that is enough for a start; however, if you can afford or find a computer with about 500GB of storage then do not hesitate to go for it.

Coding is better and faster on a laptop with good internal storage so be sure to be on the lookout for laptops that meets this requirement.

Operating system

You need to pick whatever operating system you are familiar with or the one you would love to be familiar with.

You can pick between Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating system. Windows and Linux typically offers a unique range of Operating systems. Mac OS is a bit limited but it also has a lot of amazing offers.

In the end, you have to pick whichever one you think suits you and your preferred style or budget. Mac laptops are generally much more expensive than Windows laptops so it depends on your budget and preference.


If you are into coding then you will definitely spend all of your time on your keyboard. You have to be really careful about the kind of keyboard you pick.

You need to take a look at the overall feel and texture of the keyboard to avoid stress or issues while you typing codes. If possible, you should go for keyboards with background light so you can find it easy to locate the keys when you’re in a dark room.

The more compact your keyboard is, the better for you


If you want to code, you should not rush in and pick any laptop that comes to mind. Check the specs and its features.

You can use the above list of factors to judge the different laptops on your mind, so you can effectively pick the best laptop from the list.

If a laptop meets most of the above requirements, then the laptop would be good enough to help make your coding experience better.

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