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April 4, 2020
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How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, & Glo NG

Today I’m going to show you how to transfer airtime on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile (Etisalat), and Glo sim using the following easy step-by-step guide😀.

How TO Transfer Airtime On MTN.

image - How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, & Glo NG

MTN Share-N-Sell allows MTN customers to share airtime with their beloved family and friends. You cannot transfer airtime using default PIN, you must change it first. Follow the below steps.

How TO Change Your Default PIN.

Firstly, you have to change your default PIN (In other to prevent others from accessing your service) or proceed to the next step if you have already done that. The MTN Share-N-Sell default PIN is “0000“. To change the default PIN simply send a text message with “default PIN New PIN New PIN” to 777. For instance, send an SMS with “0000 1234 1234” to 777 to change the default PIN to 1234.

You can also change your default PIN by dialing on your mobile *600*default PIN*New PIN *New PIN# and then click on send. For instance, dial *600* 0000* 1234 * 1234# to change your default PIN to 1234.

Transfer MTN Airtime Using SMS/USSD

By sending an SMS with Transfer, Recipient Number, Amount and PIN to 777, you can easily transfer credit from your MTN to another MTN number at any moment. For Instance, if you want to send a credit of N1500 to 07066666666 using 1234 as your PIN => SMS “Transfer 07066666666 1500 1234” to 777. Upon doing that, you will receive a confirmatory message. Simply reply ‘YES’ to 777 to confirm.

You can also transfer airtime to another MTN number by dialing *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#. For instance, if you will like to send airtime of N1500 to 07066666666 and 1234 is your default PIN simply dial *600*07066666666*1500*1234#.

Note that:

  • A service fee is applicable in accordance with the transfer limit. Check out the below table.
S/NTransaction Amount (N)Applicable Fee (N)
  • You can only transfer from N50 to N5,000 per single transaction.
  • The daily transfer limit is N10,000 per person.
  • All customers are eligible.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel.

Bharti Airtel Limited - How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, & Glo NG

In order to transfer airtime on your airtel sim, you have to first set up your PIN. On default, your airtel transfer PIN or Me2U PIN is “1234“. It is highly advised to change your default PIN so as to prevent others from sending your airtime.

How to change your PIN.

Open your messenger app and send “OLD PIN NEW PIN” to 432. Example Send “1234 9854” to 432 if you want 9854 to be your new password,

Now you are registered to Airtel Me2U service.

To transfer airtime, simply Dial *432# and follow the on-screen instruction. OR Send a message to 432 in the following format => 2U [Mobile Phone] [Amount] [Password]. For instance, if you want to transfer airtime of N500 to 07088888888 using 1234 as your password, just type 2U 07088888888 500 1234.

Note that: You can transfer any amount from N50 – N5000 for 5 times in a day and an SMS charge of N10 per transaction applies. You can also transfer airtime from your Airtel to other network providers, all you need to do is dial *432# and follow the on-screen instruction.

Transfer Airtime On 9mobile (Etisalat)

9mobile 1 - How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, & Glo NG

You can easily transfer airtime from your 9mobile account to another 9mobile (Etisalat) user. All you need to do is dial *223*PIN code*Amount*Phone Number#. The default PIN for 9mobile is “0000“. If you want to change your default PIN, dial *247*0000*new PIN#.

Transfer Airtime On Glo NG

Glo Logo New - How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, & Glo NG

Glo NG allows its users to share airtime with family and friends. All Glo users are eligible to use Glo EasyShare.

To share your Glo NG airtime credit with your Glo NG friends, simply dial *131*Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#.

Remember, your Glo NG EasyShare default PIN is “00000“. For example, if you want to share N100 to 07066666666 with your default PIN of 0000, then dial *131*07088888888*100*0000# It is, however, recommended to change your default PIN. To do that, simply dial *132*00000*New Pin*New Pin#.


And there you go, now you know how to transfer airtime on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile (Etisalat), and Glo NG with your family and friends👍. For additional info, you can drop your comment down below.

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