How To Write An Apology Letter For Plagiarism And Future Precaution

Plagiarism apologies aren’t that uncommon. From professional settings to academic writing, many people have to write these letters at one point in their life. However, most writers that focus on writing original content never know what it’s all about.

So, what is a plagiarism apology? As the name suggests, it happens when a writer plagiarizes content and writes their peer, the affected, or the superior, in hopes of forgiveness. Now, the integrity of this apology matters more than how you go about writing it.

Therefore, if you are looking to write such a letter, unfortunately, then you need to get it right. The worst that could happen is you end up Googling another writer’s apology and rewrite it as their own. So, let’s find out how to write a sincere apology.

Why Writing An Apology Letter Is Important

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When a writer commits plagiarism, it can cause problems for the people around them. A written apology can save you from further penalties, whether academic or professional. Therefore, the primary reason to focus on a good apology include:

  • Forgiveness from the affected writer/author of the original content
  • Hopes of avoiding penalties in academic or professional settings
  • Forgiveness from teacher, superior, or expert overseeing your work

It’s not ideal to end up in this situation, but in hopes of making the best of it, it’s also important to understand why your apology should be sincere. Therefore, it must contain:

  • The promise of a better future
  • Promise to do better
  • Promise to learn from your mistakes
  • Accepting any penalties or punishment

Since the primary idea of such an apology letter is showing remorse, your writing must portray this. If you’re sorry because you are caught, then the apology won’t fit well. That’s why it must be because you realize your mistake and promise not to do it again.

If you do it properly, then the apology letter will portray:

  • You realize your mistake
  • You will do better
  • You feel remorseful

Therefore, these are some of the major reasons you should be writing an apology.

5 Ways To Write An Apology Letter For Plagiarism And Future Precaution

You need to be sincere in your apology; that’s a given. However, what do you need to do in order to ensure your reader of that? You need to understand the unethical and immoral nature of plagiarism.

So, if you do understand that already, then here’s how you can write an apology letter regarding plagiarism:

1. Apologize To The Educator/Checker

The first person you need to apologize to is your tutor or superior. Here’s why:

  • A teacher’s hard work goes to waste when a student plagiarizes
  • A professional’s superior’s credibility is also compromised alongside your own
  • Both these people have their input in your writing

That’s why you need to make sure you start by addressing your primary reader.

2. Apologizing To The Original Author

In case your plagiarism is from a famed author or a fellow student, you need to address them by name. In the same letter, you need to start off with something such as:

“First off, I’d like to apologize to the (tutor/checker’s name), then I’d like to extend my sincere apologies to the (author’s name).”

Doing this ensures that you understand the gravity of your unethical act. If it’s accidental, then you will lead with something like:

“I would like to extend my sincere apologies to you both (both the tutor and original author) and ensure you that it was unintentional on my part.”

It might take some doing to convince them, but that’s how you should go about it.

3. Formulating The Letter

How do you formulate such an apology letter? Besides being sorry for plagiarism, it can help you in other apologies as well—should you ever need it. So, here’s how to format it:

  • Name of your tutor
  • The first line, lead with an apology
  • Then showcase the plagiarism’s cause
  • Help them understand your predicament

Bear in mind an apology letter is just like any other letter. So, the best way to ensure it is by writing an original letter. Try a plagiarism checker if you’re unsure.

4. Promise To Do Better

The letter should lead towards the end with your promise to do better. If your sincerity is apparent throughout your apology, then this part should be believable too. Therefore, focus on your future and how you plan to do better.

5. Accept Any Penalty

Lastly, close off by accepting any penalty handed to. This might even irk the compassionate side of your superiors and forgive you for your mistakes. By accepting your punishment, you also testify your sincerity.

Future Precaution

In the future, you should avoid using plagiarized content. For this purpose, you can use a plagiarism checker. It will help you to identify plagiarism. You can modify your plagiarized sentences to make them unique.

You should also research your content and then come up with new ideas. The brainstorming technique will helo you to make the content far greater than the previous one.


That’s how you write an apology. However, the most important thing to understand is that you shouldn’t focus on how sorry you are but on how you plan on doing better.

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