gsmarena 001 2 - Infinix creates a 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber

Infinix creates a 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber

The 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber will boost performance & reduce temperature by 3°C

Infinix isn’t the most popular brand of smartphones. However, the company has been bringing interesting technological advancements to its products. Although Infinix mostly focuses on mid-range smartphones, we anticipate that its product lineup will soon expand. After all, the business is laying the groundwork for a powerful 180 W ThunderCharge system. Additionally, it has now debuted its brand-new Infinix 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber technology. The technology arrives to boost the device’s performance and lower its temperature.

The INFINIX 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber will lower temperature by 3 degrees

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Infinix claims that their 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber Tech lowers the temperature of the chipset by 3 °C when compared to conventional designs. The technology of the company enhances contact between the microprocessor and the actual vapor chamber. Usually, the phone VCs are flat. To connect the chipset and vapor chamber, thermal paste is needed. There’s a “bump” in the 3D VCC design. Just a tiny space remains between the chamber and the chipset. It’s interesting to note that the bump increases the VC’s internal volume. It can therefore store more water.

There are no specific issues with the design. The vapor chambers consist only of passive components. These rely on a wicking substance to move the condensed water from the cold to the hot portions of the phone. It may reevaporate in these warm places. The regular flow is disturbed by the bump. To fix it, the Infinix Research and Development Team had to devise a method. The answer involved using a sophisticated capillary structure and cutting-edge welding technology.

Infinix now wants to make additional design improvements. As a result, we are unsure if it is prepared to launch on any upcoming device. The 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber Technology aims to be developed thinner devices. As a result, it may efficiently cool additional heat-producing components while improving performance. The company is also looking at new materials and fusing the center frame of the phone with the 3D VCC.

A new flagship phone from Infinix called the Infinix Zero Ultra is in the works. The 180W ThunderCharge System might be included. Will 3C VCC technology be prepared for it? Only time will tell.

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