iPhone 14 Pro Set To Have Live Wallpapers With Always-On Display

image 19 800x519 - iPhone 14 Pro Set To Have Live Wallpapers With Always-On Display

Apple has yet again revealed one of the stunning features to expect in the iPhone 14 to the digital market as it claims the phone will feature an always-on screen display.

According to research, the iOS 16 wallpaper has new dedicated features that can automatically divert into standby mode which darkens any image to reveal the configured widgets.

This will work for the first time with an LTPO panel that has the capability of going from 1Hz to 120Hz respectively.

Note that this functionality will make it possible to display different kinds of notifications, especially on the lock screen such as messages, music widgets, battery warnings, alarm notifications, software update widgets, weather widgets, missed calls, and other important widgets and alerts.

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According to GizChina and 9to5mac, there is still more to know about how this smartphone’s screen works. It has been stated that this feature might work similarly to most Android devices.

Major Details On The New IOS 16 Wallpaper That Works With The iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-on Screen

It will work in a way that when the smart device is turned off, the screen display thereupon turns black and displays the necessary widgets that have been configured by the user.

There are rumours that there will be a variety of wallpapers included in this smart device that have not been used in any of the iPhones previously released. The wallpapers on these predecessor devices are not static but they work and adapt to the state in which they are.

Also, the iPhone 14 Pro will also operate as that of the Apple watch since it works with this mode of function. The wallpaper automatically changes to standby mode as soon as the operator locks the screen, and this manual action leaves the wallpaper to be seen on the smartphone.

This same wallpaper returns to a higher level of brightness immediately the user unlocks the screen this time around without manually changing the brightness level.

However, most lovers of iPhone devices still wonder how many of these kind of live wallpapers the Apple brand seeks to offer in the future or even if the always-on screen will apply to all wallpapers and images.

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