iPhone 14 specs & price: Here’s everything we know so far

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On 7th September, the iPhone 14 will be released. Over the past year, we’ve compiled the most recent speculations and anticipations, and now it’s almost time for a formal announcement. The iPhone 14 lineup will feature four versions in two screen sizes, as well as modifications to the design and improvements to the camera. What is known so far is discussed below.
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The Apple iPhone 14 and a number of other devices are expected to be released on September 7 at Apple’s major annual event at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Apple Park Campus. The basic iPhone 14 could resemble the iPhone 13 almost exactly. Nevertheless, we anticipate some advancements over the present versions.

Here’s a quick summary of all we know so far about the iPhone 14 while we wait for official confirmation and additional information.

iPhone 14 Design

image 23 1160x653 - iPhone 14 specs & price: Here's everything we know so far
image 25 - iPhone 14 specs & price: Here's everything we know so far

According to reports about the new iPhone 14 series, Apple will be extending the difference between Pro and regular models. The new processor, design, and cameras might be held back for the pro lineup only.

With the same notch and camera bump as its predecessor, the regular iPhone 14 is anticipated to have a very similar appearance. The iPhone 14 Pro versions, meanwhile, are rumored to get a makeover this year. They supposedly get rid of the unattractive cutout for a pair of pill holes.

According to a recent leak, the Pro models might not only have two cutouts but also one capsule-shaped hole. Additionally, it is said that a privacy indicator for the cameras and microphone will be placed in the space between the selfie camera and the Face ID module.

Returning to the iPhone 14, it is anticipated that it would have a notch that is shorter and smaller than the iPhone 13. The phone will have two rear cameras on the back that are diagonally positioned. It probably has an aluminum frame and flat corners.

iPhone 14 Features & Specifications

- iPhone 14 specs & price: Here's everything we know so far

The iPhone 14 will have the same 6.1-inch screen as the iPhone 13 from the prior year. Along with True Tone, Haptic Touch, and HDR capabilities, it might have an OLED panel. Additionally, it’s been said that the regular iPhone 14 model would include Apple’s ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate, though it’s possible that this feature won’t be adaptable.

Regarding the chipset, the iPhone 14 will continue to use the A15 chip from the previous model. This is undoubtedly upsetting because one of the main improvements Apple makes with each new model is a new chipset. However, a new A16 Bionic chip is anticipated to power the Pro models.

The processor will probably be combined with up to 256GB of storage and 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM. The iPhone 14 will still have more power than most other phones on the market even though it has a chip that is one year old.

When it comes to the battery, the iPhone 14 is anticipated to have a modest increase in battery capacity. The device should provide at least 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. It will probably support the same 20W charging.

iPhone 14 Cameras

According to several leaks and reports, the iPhone 14’s camera will not receive any significant improvements. It is anticipated to keep the dual rear camera system used on iPhone 13 models. Additionally, the phone might use the same 12-megapixel sensors.

Apple, though, might enhance the device’s camera and processing with the aid of some software updates. With the release of the IOS 16, it might also get some camera upgrades.

The device is said to include updated front cameras for better selfies and video calls. Overall, the iPhone 14’s photography capabilities will be very similar to those of the previous model.

However, this year will see some significant camera enhancements for the iPhone 14 Pro versions. According to rumors, Apple is developing a 48-megapixel camera with superior light control that can take photographs that are more detailed and high-quality.

iPhone 14 Expected Price

There have been suggestions that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro versions may rise by about $100. It’s unclear, though, if prices for the regular versions would increase or not. According to reports, the iPhone 14 would cost the same as the iPhone 13, which was released at a price of $799.

The price of the smartphone’s 256GB model could reach $899. Given that the product doesn’t offer any significant improvements over its predecessor, the pricing seems reasonable.

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