iPhone 15 and iPhone 14: What are the similarities?

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As we all anticipate the release of the iPhone 14 models, there have been rumors that the Apple iPhone 14 will probably be a prototype for the iPhone 15 that will be released next year according to a report by Omdia. Let’s take a look at the similarities you should expect according to this report.

Both phones are expected to include a hole-punch design although the speculations suggest that only the Pro and Pro Max of the iPhone 14 will include this feature. The hole-punch design will give the camera a projected rear camera similar to the iPhone 13 models with some dummy pictures showing that they will have two rear cameras positioned in a diagonal manner with two other tiny replicates.

1 iPhone 14 Mock pill and hole thumb - iPhone 15 and iPhone 14: What are the similarities?

Omadia went further to report that the sizes of both iPhone models will also share a lot of similarities except for the usual differences in the line-up of about 0.10 inches. The Pro Motion Display will be used with OLED screens believed to have been supplied by Samsung.

It is almost certain that the two models will run on the new IOS 16 considering the latest updates coming from the company and the possible discard of iPhones supporting the IOS 13. The iPhone 15 series are probably going to support both Face ID and Touch ID with the iPhone 14 models likely to run on only Touch ID.

However, you should not expect the two models to be completely similar though, since that will make the release of a higher model to be quite unworthy. Another speculation also claim Apple will probably adopt an under-display camera in 2024 which is already in use by some other phone manufacturers.

Conversely, we do not think the company will want to delay such adoption considering the competition in the mobile phone market around the globe. Therefore, the adoption of the under-display camera might come earlier than expected especially, during the release of the iPhone 15.

Anyways, no one can tell what the company has in stock until September when it releases a new line-up for the year although rumors like this often have some iotas of truth in them since they are usually gathered from leaked internal information. Nonetheless, you should not really bank on this information as the level of truthfulness is just of the same proportion as the false ones.  

Apple might also decide to alter its plan before its releases any of the two iPhone models since the information has been leaked and to protect its reputation as one of the best phone manufacturers in the world.

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