iPhone 15 battery capacities have been improved

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In a recent revelation by a prominent China regulator, it has come to light that the battery capacities of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 have witnessed significant improvements.
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In a fascinating turn of events, a recent regulatory filing has unveiled some attractive details about the iPhone 15 Pro Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to the filing, it appears that these cutting-edge devices will boast slightly larger batteries compared to their predecessors.

As we eagerly await the official release of these next-generation iPhones, this development adds another layer of excitement to the already fervent anticipation surrounding Apple’s latest offerings.

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 lineup has generated quite the buzz, particularly when it comes to battery life. However, it seems that Apple has left us wanting more, as the tech giant has been rather vague in providing specific details about this crucial aspect. While Apple has made claims regarding the battery life of its new devices, the lack of concrete information leaves us with more questions than answers. The battery sizes and capacities for the entire range have recently been uncovered by MySmartPrice through a meticulous examination of a Chinese regulatory filing.

The iPhone 15 lineup is set to hit the market, and eager customers can now pre-order these cutting-edge devices. What’s even more impressive is that Apple has decided to maintain the same price range as its predecessor, the iPhone 14. This move is sure to delight consumers who are seeking the latest innovations without breaking the bank. So, if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the next generation of iPhones, now is the perfect time to secure your spot and be among the first to experience the remarkable features and advancements that the iPhone 15 has to offer.

iPhone 15 LineupiPhone 14 Lineup
iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4,422mAhApple iPhone 14 Pro Max 4,323mAh
iPhone 15 Pro: 3,274mAhApple iPhone 14 Pro 3,200mAh
iPhone 15 Plus: 4,383mAhApple iPhone 14 Plus 4,325mAh
iPhone 15: 3,349mAhApple iPhone 14 3,279mAh
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