iPhone 15 Pro models could be thicker but lighter than iPhone 14 Pro models

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iPhone 14 Pro Purple Side Perspective Feature Purple - iPhone 15 Pro models could be thicker but lighter than iPhone 14 Pro models

According to recent rumors, it appears that the iPhone 15 will maintain a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the iPhone 14, in terms of both size and weight. However, intriguingly enough, leakers in the tech community suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models might deviate from this trend. Speculations indicate that these particular variants could potentially showcase a slightly thicker profile while simultaneously shedding some weight, setting them apart from the iPhone 14 Pro.

Each year, Apple introduces subtle modifications to its iPhone lineup, often rendering previously compatible accessories obsolete for the latest iterations. With the highly anticipated 2023 collection just around the corner, it appears that those eyeing the Pro models will be faced with a plethora of options, making the decision-making process more intricate compared to their non-Pro counterparts.

According to recent findings by the reputable source “MacRumors”, it has been revealed that the iPhone 15 is expected to maintain the sleek and slender form factor of its predecessor, the iPhone 14, boasting an impressive thickness of 7.8mm. This exciting discovery suggests that Apple’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience extends beyond just technological advancements, as they continue to prioritize the aesthetic appeal and ergonomic design of their flagship devices. With this consistent approach to form factor, Apple enthusiasts can look forward to a familiar yet refined feel in their hands when they upgrade to the iPhone 15.

The upcoming device is set to undergo a subtle transformation, as it expands its width from a modest 71.5mm to a slightly wider 71.6mm, resulting in a difference of a mere 0.1mm. Similarly, in terms of length, we observe a marginal increase from 146.7mm to 147.6mm, amounting to a mere 0.9mm variation. These minute alterations may not be immediately noticeable, but they contribute to an overall refined form factor that users will appreciate.

The iPhone 15 is set to impress tech enthusiasts with its remarkable weight reduction. Compared to its predecessor, this device sheds a single gram, tipping the scales at an astonishingly light 171 grams (6.03 ounces).

Unfortunately, the data pertaining to the iPhone 15 Plus is currently unavailable.

According to recent leaks, it appears that the iPhone 15 Pro will boast some noteworthy physical changes compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro will be slightly shorter, measuring at approximately 146.6mm to 147.5mm, as opposed to the iPhone 14 Pro’s 147.5mm. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro will be narrower, ranging from 70.6mm to 71.5mm, in contrast to the iPhone 14 Pro’s 71.5mm. Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Pro will exhibit a marginally thicker build, measuring at 8.25mm, while the iPhone 14 Pro boasts a slimmer 7.85mm thickness.

These subtle alterations in dimensions are expected to contribute to the overall design and ergonomics of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is set to impress with its significantly reduced weight. Weighing in at a mere 188 grams, this next-generation device is a featherweight compared to its predecessor, which tipped the scales at 206 grams.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max follows a familiar narrative, showcasing a comparable increase in its dimensions. It exhibits a slight uptick in thickness, while simultaneously boasting a more compact form factor, measuring between 159mm to 160.7mm. Additionally, its frame has been refined to be narrower, ranging from 76.7mm to 77.6mm. In terms of weight, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been outshined by its successor, the iPhone 15. The latter boasts a remarkable reduction in weight, tipping the scales at a mere 221 grammes, compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s slightly heftier 240 grammes. This reduction in weight is a testament to Apple’s commitment to creating sleek and lightweight devices that are a joy to hold and carry.

According to reliable sources, it has been revealed that the upcoming models are set to incorporate the use of Grade 5 Titanium, a material known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This strategic move is expected to have a significant impact on the overall weight of the Pro models.

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