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IsMyGirl Mod Apk 2022 V1.2 (Premium Unlocked) Download Latest Version

IsMyGirl Mod Apk 2022 is the perfect “one-stop-shop” social media platform for models who want to turn their fans into paying fans and monetize their brand and content. Followers of IsMyGirl Mod Apk pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to exclusive model material as well as other services such as tipping, Premium, and Private content sharing, pay-per-minute Live Streaming, Premium Snapchat Management, and more. Models have complete control over their content and how they interact with their followers, therefore they determine all of the price points themselves.

IsMyGirl is a social media network of over 35 million people, thanks to a partnership with Inked Magazine, which sets us unique from other platforms. Many other sites abandon you on an island with “just” your current followers, however, IsMyGirl works just as hard as our models to attract new admirers to model profiles.

IsMyGirl Mod Apk also shares its models on numerous social media channels every day at IsMyGirl, and they do everything they can to help each of them earn the most visibility and cash possible. IsMyGirl Mod Apk is filled with possibilities to boost model reach through Facebook Live features and Instagram postings, leveraging this app’s massive network of admirers ready to follow the next big model.

Yes, the IsMyGirl app allows you to make money. You can also make enough money that you won’t need to work another job. Only a few people in my life have the opportunity to make more money on IsMyGirl Mod Apk. And the majority of them are well-known people.

Description of IsMyGirl Mod Apk

IsMyGirl Mod Apk is an adult site, which means that it can only be used by those who are at least 18 years old. You must be at least 18 years old to utilize IsMyGirl. To earn money, you must first register as a creator on the IsMyGirl app. You must upload content to IsMyGirl in the same way that you upload videos to YouTube. The only distinction is that you can’t upload adult stuff to YouTube, whereas you can upload explicit content to IsMyGirl. Because this is what people have come to see on IsMyGirl.

OnlyFans has a competitor in the form of IsMyGirl. You can register an account on IsMyGirl and earn money if you are a content producer who already has an account on OnlyFans. OnlyFans has no competition with IsMyGirl because IsMyGirl is not a very popular website. OnlyFans has a lot of celebs, but IsMyGirl does not. Because IsMyGirl has fewer paid subscribers than OnlyFans, you will earn less money on IsMyGirl.

What’s the deal with Ismygirl?

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After signing up and verifying their accounts, adding their social media links, checking their i’s, and crossing their t’s, the next performers must determine what and how to post content.

Ismygirl provides a lot to the adult entertainment market—and then some—with a staggering number of revenue choices.

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that Snapchat offers a Premium function. This is a regular-everyday social media platform that’s dedicated to photographs. Anyone, especially those who are more explicit, can submit a wide range of content there.

I’m bringing this up because Ismygirl will assist you in setting up your Snapchat Premium account as part of its package. Adding to their concept of a site founded on the premise of collaborating with, rather than competing with, social media.

Back to making money—and why 20% may not seem so high—performers can offer freebies to persuade followers to pay for content, which can be on a monthly subscription basis or a one-time-for-only-this-way basis.

When it comes to subscriptions, performers can charge anywhere from $10 to $60, with special content options ranging from another ten dollars to $300 or more—putting Ismygirl on par with other adult platform sites.

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What is the best way for me to make money on IsMyGirl?

To begin, sign up for an IsMyGirl Kratos account. After that, you must enter your payment information. Your creators’ account will be approved within 24 hours.

You must now choose the cost of your thick subscription. If you’re new to IsMyGirl, you should provide your subscribers with a free trial for a few days and then charge a minimal subscription price after one month. So that you can boost the number of people who subscribe to your newsletter.

Is it possible for me to earn $100 every day on IsMyGirl?

Many models on IsMyGirl earn more than $1000 per day. Some celebrities have recently joined IsMyGirl. As a result, IsMyGirl’s popularity is growing by the day. Customers are looking for another option when OnlyFans revealed the rationale for prohibiting explicit content a few days earlier. IsMyGirl Mod Apk is a good alternative to OnlyFans, in my opinion. However, you are not required to generate material solely for IsMyGirl. Other platforms, such as OnlyFans, are also worth a look at.

You can easily earn $100 in a day if you succeed in expanding your IsMyGirl subscription count. Aside from that, some individuals are skeptical about whether IsMyGirl is a legitimate website or a fraud.

So let me inform you that IsMyGirl, like OnlyFans, is a legitimate website where you can make an account. In addition, the information you provide on this website is kept private. As a result, IsMyGirl is a secure website.

Can I set my own prices on IsMyGirl?

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Each model has the option of deciding how much its followers will pay to follow them. You can choose from over 10 options in the dropdown menu under Follow Price in the Settings section of your model dashboard. This is the monthly fee for a fan to follow you, and your followers will be automatically rebilled each month until they cancel. Decide whether you want to attract more followers for a lesser price or charge a greater price for your content when setting your price.

For pay-per-minute live streaming, models choose their own fees. You can also select $1, $3, or $5 per minute from the dropdown menu under Livestream Price in your model dashboard’s Settings.

Models can also choose the pricing for premium films on their profiles. Premium videos are optional for your viewers, and you can charge anywhere from $5 to $100 per video when you post it.

On IsMyGirl Mod Apk 2022, all following, premium videos, tipping, and live streaming generate 80 percent to 20 percent of money, while live streaming generates 70 percent to 30 percent. After 12.5 percent processing fees, you will receive 80 percent.

How are my fans going to find my IsMyGirl page?

Your unique IsMyGirl link can be shared with your social media followers. Your URL is available as a click-and-copy link on your profile page. (For instance, jordan.ismygirl.com.) There are several methods to let your existing fans know about IsMyGirl and how they can engage with you directly. Include your IsMyGirl URL in your social network biographies, especially in areas where your admirers go to see your material, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can share links to your photographs and videos at any moment, as well as stuff you’ve already shared.

Fans who follow you will have access to your profile, while others who do not follow your IsMyGirl account will be encouraged to join and pay in order to access your information. You can gain more admirers by promoting your postings on your public social media sites.

Of course, you’ll earn new admirers as a result of our massive promotion machine, which reaches millions upon millions of people. We view gaining new followers as a collaborative effort.

Additionally, as fans browse and seek for new models, they will come across you on our homepage.

You make more money the more you advertise and the more we promote you.

Can I get a tip from my followers?

Yes! Your fans can tip you as much as they want, as often as they want. Models do not see the fan dashboard, but there is an option for them to tip you on every photo, video, and message when they are viewing your work. Let them know they can tip you and how much you’ll appreciate it if they do. We’ve seen models collect tens of thousands of dollars in tips.

What is premium and free video on IsMyGirl?

A premium video on the IsMyGirl Mod Apk platform is one for which you charge your followers more money in addition to the cost of their subscription follow. The majority of IsMyGirl models keep their [email protected] and greatest videos as premium videos. Your premium videos will be locked in your content feed, and no one will be able to see them unless they have purchased them. To keep your viewers satisfied, make sure your video description is both juicy and factual.

IsMyGirl shares all of its models’ premium videos into the premium video shop, IsMyVids.com, as an added benefit to assist the models to make the maximum sales possible! Non-followers can purchase premium videos for an additional $5 to help them maximize their revenue! If you don’t want to use this feature, go to “settings” and uncheck the box.

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What is the difference between private and premium video messages?

While both premium and private movies are goods for which fans must pay a premium and for which you establish your own pricing, the fans’ access to these videos is fundamentally different. Premium videos remain locked in your content feed until your followers pay for them. Premium videos are also available at IsMyVids.com’s premium video shop

Private video messages are password-protected videos that can only be delivered through direct messaging. Many IsMyGirl models create and sell premium videos that are solely intended for a select group of fans and are not available to the general public. Instead of sending this unobtrusive movie as a premium video, they may charge more and send it as a private video message. You can choose which of your fans you want to send this private video message to when you set your fee for private video messages. You can even share a movie with all of your followers at once using our function. Always personalize your message so that your viewers believe you created these films, particularly for them.

On Ismygirl, how do you get paid?

Ah, yes, the all-important question: I’m looking for my money! Performers receive their reimbursements from Ismygirl two weeks after requesting them, with the money split into two periods: the first from the 1st to the 15th, and the second from the 16th until the end of the month. They also have a $50 minimum payment, which is lower than some of their competitors.

On the banking side, you can obtain your money via ACH (Automated clearing house), have a cheque addressed to your actual address, or have it all sent to you via wire transfer once you generate anything over $1000.

Features of IsMyGirl

Any adult entertainment platform’s meat and potatoes—or bread and butter, if you prefer—is a performer’s ability to reach their followers.

And here, Ismygirl delivers, not only with the expected but also with a few surprises up its sleeve, including 10 various ways to get your products to your followers.

Videos that are made to order

Do you have a fan that is looking for something unique? Ismygirl, on the other hand, can manage these kinds of requests, allowing you to ask for a lot more than you could with pre-made content.


Although it’s quickly becoming a regular feature across the board, it’s still nice to see it on Ismygirl.


Want to pique your fans’ interest with something else than videos or messages? You may create your own unique online store with Ismygirl and sell everything you desire.

Messaging in Private

You can lure your followers with one-on-one messaging in addition to text, audio, videos, and merchandise in your store—for a cost, of course.


This is where we get into some seriously fascinating terrain because Ismygirl allows performers to set up video chats with paying customers in addition to text messages!


Listen up, all those other adult entertainment platforms: Ismygirl is doing what you all should be doing but aren’t (at least not yet): enabling their artists to conduct live concerts for their paying customers.

When it comes to what you can—and cannot—post, Ismygirl has one hard and fast rule: everything and everyone must be over the age of eighteen. So if you’re selling BDSM f*tish play or anything else unique, you won’t have to worry about the dreaded ban-hammer slamming down on your account and obliterating months, if not years, of hard work.

You don’t have to if explicit-stuff isn’t your thing. The sky’s the limit as long as it’s not above their age restriction!

More features of Ismygirl

The fun doesn’t stop there, because Ismygirl has just as much to offer on the rear as they do on the front. This means that their performer support team is absolutely great.

The fact that they have a directory system where fans can look up performers based on who they are, what they offer, and so on is at the top of the list. As a result, being a member of it may be quite beneficial in terms of potentially growing your reach and, as a result, your prospective fans.

Ismygirl’s relationships aren’t limited to performers and their pre-existing social media profiles; as a firm, they do the same thing: bringing their content providers exactly in lines with them, such as cross-promotions with linked sites and their printed-on-paper ads.

Ismygirl also has its own newsletter, which they claim reaches a million or more subscribers, and hosts special PR events, as well as online and offline events and wild-bash parties.

If you have friends who are performers, Ismygirl offers a generous referral scheme in which you can get a 5% cut of whatever they earn by referring them to the site, making it even another wonderful method to network and grow your following.

And if something goes wrong, Ismygirl isn’t the kind of firm that takes their fee and tries to get as far away from you as possible. Instead, they brag that artists can contact one of their reps at any time, day or night, rain or shine.

Download IsMyGirl Mod Apk 2022 Premium Unlocked

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File Size:13 MB
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Updated Date:28th June 2022

You can easily Download IsMyGirl Mod Apk 2020 premium unlocked from the below link. But make so you uninstall the older version first.

IsMyGirl Mod Apk Info

  • No ADs

Pros of IsMyGirl

Ismygirl Mod Apk 2022 features everything an adult performer may want to get, keep, and earn money from their fans, with 10 various possible revenue sources, including live events.

Ismygirl is also committed to working as closely as possible with their content providers: their “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mindset is evident in their strong social media outreach, various marketing and PR efforts, and desire to be there for their performers.

Cons of IsMyGirl

Ismygirl’s cleverly-designed integration tools and renowned networking and support side of things will be partially for naught if you haven’t previously set up your Snapchat, Instagram, or whatever social media sites—thus priming the pump for when you want to start trying to monetize them.

Then there’s the fact that, while they’re comfortable with explicit content, the site’s focus is on models and modeling. Not to the point where it will make individuals who enjoy performing explicit things uncomfortable, or make them fear that the site may turn against them in the future, but if this is your favored method of reaching out to your fans, you might want to reconsider.


On the one hand, you have Ismygirl’s ten great ways to make money with your fanbase—with live streaming as a key feature once again; the energetic marketing of their brand and, thus, their performers; a 24/7 support hotline; a directory that allows for greater reach; and everything else I mentioned.

The other is their rather steep 20 percent cut; their focus on monetizing popular social media presences, making that kind of thing a requirement to get the most out of what Ismygirl is about; and their lack of explicit content (if p**n is your thing).

After flipping this coin over and over, I’d say it’s a dead-set yes that you should head over to Ismygirl and sign up.

If that’s the case, you’ve already put in the effort to build a sizable and devoted fanbase through your expert use of social media, leaving them chomping at the bit to see what else you have to offer. Please accept my apologies; I intended to say, pay what you have to offer.

Even better if your self-promotion focuses on the elegant, aesthetic side of performing rather than the revealing variety.

If you’re a social media newbie, or if what you’re about—and what your fans would expect—is explicit, despite Ismygirl’s 100% attractive money streams, it might not be in your best interests to focus just on this one site.

I’d also like to mention that, unless you’ve found your perfect platform that does everything you want or needs, there’s nothing wrong with sampling each to see what they might potentially bring to your all-important monetization party, as I did with my mini-rant about how much you might make with Ismygirl.

So, regardless of whatever side of my seemingly eternally spinning coin you identify with, consider taking Ismygirl for a spin.

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